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Empty Resolutions for Symbolism

The anti-war movement is in full swing especially with the resolutions against the war that failed in the city Los Angeles. However the machinery of war has already began. I would like to explain why these reasons are futile especially in the Inland Valley. Our federal legislators are Republican except for Joe Baca in Rialto and they would not change their position even if all ten thousand plus students of our campus came to their offices to raise hell with them. UC Riverside is a liberal oasis in a conservative town and the constituents of Ken Calvert’s district are more Republican and obviously more of a proponent of the ideas and practices of our president and the Republican dominated congress.

Resolutions are merely symbolic, they have little power to change hearts and minds of those people who make the decisions that affect the Middle Eastern crisis. I would rather have ASUCR concentrate on issues of parking, quality of food on campus, book store operations than issues that did not have importance than issues that they have very little power of. The energies should be focused primarily on legislators who speak for the side against the war, not in the territory that is a proponent for the war. For those students who are living on campus, but have residences elsewhere they should find out if a Democratic legislator represents them back at home and they should contact them to become more active for their cause.

Los Angeles City Councilman Jack Weiss mentions that he does not support either resolution because resolutions for or against the war are not relevant towards the business of the city. We have much more pressing issues despite where we live in the United States. Soldiers and their equipment have been delivered to the Middle East for the last month and it would be very pointless to send the troops home because they have been trained for action ready to serve in conflict. Despite how each of us may define if the war on Iraq is just, the Just War Theory can manipulated either for a pro or con position. We need to focus on improving our economy by providing jobs and opportunity, protecting our cities and people from external or internal threats.