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Ontario, California Voter Guide

My election picks will be posted on the blog. I am starting with local candidates then I will do the state ballot measures and US Senate pick.

Congress District 35

Tyler Fischella

Vote for someone who has innovative ideas to bring jobs and opportunity to our area.

State Assembly District 52

Freddie Rodriguez

He may not be what most conservatives want, but he is more respectable than his opponent.

Ontario City Council

Debra Porada

She wants to improve our downtown and continue her pursuit of improving the arts scene in our city.

Richard Roybal

Veteran and business owner in our city.

Chaffey Joint Union High School District

Matthew Munson

Owner of the website, wants to promote better intervention programs to help our kids improve their English language skills.

Sue Ovitt

Longtime resident and education advocate.

Ontario Montclair School District

Paul Leon

Son of the mayor, but just as dedicated and eager to serve the people.


Primary Election 2016 Recommendations

This list will be updated occasionally until the primary in June.

Federal Offices

Congressional District 8: Tim Donnelly

Congressional District 27: Jack Orswell

Congressional District 31: Paul Chabot

Congressional District 35: Tyler Fischella


San Bernardino County Board Of Supervisors

Supervisor District 1: Paul Russ

Supervisor District 3: Donna Munoz

State Assembly 

Assembly District 40: Marc Steinorth

Assembly District 41: Casey Higgins

Assembly District 52: WRITE IN Toni Hollie

Assembly District 55: Mike Spence

State Senate

Senate District 25: Mike Antonovich

Republican Central Committee

Look at the recommendations from the Chino Tea Party or the Redlands Tea Party group for ideas.

Ballot Measures

Proposition 50: NO

The California Federation of Republican Women have something to say about it.

You will find one ballot measure on the June Primary Ballot- Prop 50. The CFRW recommends a “NO” on Prop 50! This proposition is titled, “Suspension of Legislators”, so many voters will think that this is a good measure protecting them from bad legislators. This bill was authored by Senator Darrell Steinberg in the wake of three Democrat Senators being either indicted or convicted of multiple felonies last legislative session. All three Senators were suspended with pay during the ordeal. At the time, Senator Steinberg was Senate President Pro Tem and attempted to save face with this proposed ballot measure. But Prop 50 does nothing to protect constituents, instead it perpetuates the culture of corruption by not allowing the legislature to expel indicted or convicted felons, but instead suspend them with or without pay. Californians deserve better. Prop 50 is also written so that members of the majority of the legislature could suspend a col-league just for disagreeing over legislation. This is potentially dangerous and unethical. The CFRW does not agree with this smoke and mirrors measure.
Read More At:



San Bernardino County Choices

District 2 Republican Committee

Steve C. Besunder
Adam Caberra
Jennifer Caberra
Michael Kelly
Anthony Rice
David Rice
Dan Titus
Steve W. Wells

District 3 SB County Republican Committee

Lane Schneider
Neil Derry
David Rempel

District 4 SB County Republican Committee

Roman Nava

District 5 SB County Republican Committee

D.P Gatten
Henry Nickel
Mike Rossiter

SB County Supervisor District 3

Neil Derry

SB County Supervisor District 5

John Taack

Assembly District 41

Ed Colton

Assembly District 47

Jeane Rossiter

Assembly District 52

Kenny Coble

Congressional District 35

Anthony Vieyra

Pomona Valley Liberty Candidates to Vote For in June 5th

Pomona Valley L.A County Republican Committee Candidates To Vote For

In Los Angeles County, the central committee is organized under Assembly districts and up to 7 of them can be voted for. Vote for these people first, and if you are not comfortable with adding any more people to your vote then you can always leave it blank.


R. Stan McClain
Tracey Joham
Michael Benson Cao
Noah Henry Johnson


Robert W. Vaughn
Danielle Rascon
Roxanne Douglas
David Diaz


Elliot Michael Lee
Michelle Dortlignac
Katy Lee

Guide: San Bernardino County Republican Party Committee District 4

For voters who live in San Bernardino County’s 4th district in the Republican Party committee, I have my recommendations. Only 5 of the 6 who filed will win a seat. Since none of them are really Libertarians or lovers of the ideas of Ron Paul, I was tempted to vote for the least toxic candidates, but I realized that ALL OF THEM stink in various degrees, the goal for this election is to not vote for all of the candidates possible this year.

I was tempted to vote for Nan Rider because she’s not as fundamentalist as most of the candidates, but she shares Paul Chabot’s values on marijuana. And also for this. So Nan Rider is not receiving my vote even though I appreciate the effort she made in helping me get signatures to get on the ballot in 2002.

My only vote is for Roman Nava, even though he is part of the establishment, he is fair minded.

These are two candidates I obviously NOT going to vote for.

James Na is a decent fellow and is likely one of the best members of the Chino School board, but he is not as secular as I would like him to be.

Benjamin Lopez intimidated both me and Wendy Maier in our runs for State Assembly and works for a group that fights against civil rights for non heterosexual individuals.


If you live in Chino, Chino Hills, South West Fontana, Montclair, Ontario and Upland south of Foothill Blvd and do not like the state of the county party in particular in having Assembly District 41 and 52 not leaning Republican get involved so we can have a broad selection of perspectives in the organization.

Munson’s Picks Part 2

My voter guide continues with this post, we cover Judicial and Non-Partisan local type offices such as boards of education and the Ontario City Council.

California State Supreme Court

YES on Cantil-Sakauye and Moreno

NO on Chin

California Court of Appeal Fourth Appellate District

YES on all, none of them earned any reason to reject them.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Torlakson , since the education establishment basically owns the public schools it is better to get an insider who knows them better.

Continue reading Munson’s Picks Part 2

My Choices for June 8, 2010

These are my choices for contested races and ballot measures.

Governor – Steve Poizner
Lt.Governor – Sam Aannestad
Secretary of State – Damon Dunn
State Controller- David Evans
Attorney General – Steve Cooley
Insurance Commissioner – Brian Fitzgerald
Board of Equalization District 2 – George Runner
US Senator – Tom Campbell
San Bernardino County Judge Office 11 – James Hosking
State Superintendent for Public Instruction – Gloria Romero
San Bernardino County School Superintendent – Gary Thomas
4th District Board of Supervisors San Bernardino – Ron Wall
San Bernardino County Sheriff – Mark Averbeck
San Bernardino County Assessor – Albert Palazzo
San Bernardino County Auditor – Ensen Mason
San Bernardino County District Attorney – Frank Guzman
13 – YES
14 – NO
15 – NO
16 – NO
17 – NO

Its the Candidate Not the Party

This is another year that I am not going to vote a straight ticket. Right now here is my pending choices.

Senate: Campbell

Congress: None of the above

State Senate: None of the above

Governor: Poizner

Secretary of State: Christina Tobin (My sister is registered Libertarian so I’ll encourage her to vote for her)

Lt.Governor: Abel Maldonado

Attorney General: Steve Cooley

Treasurer – None of the Above

Controller – None of the Above

Board of Equalization: George Runner (since its only about money, he’s not going to threaten my civil rights)

Superintendent  for Public Instruction: Anyone that is not a social conservative yet isnt totally a slave to the NEA/CTA.

San Bernardino County Sheirff – Paul Schrader

San Bernardino County Auditor-Recorder – Ensen Mason

Board of Supervisors District 4: Ron Wall, need to force Gary Ovitt to a runoff election.

And for the earlier candidates that were earlier mentioned in this post, I hope they have the best of success and hopefully we will see them again in 2012 and beyond.