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Hey Verizon! Leave Our Copper Wire Alone

Verizon wants all of us to move to their fiber service and would not have to worry about maintaining customers on copper phone service. I remember when the son of the land lady of the house I reside said he had a miserable experience with FiOS and he would not of done it if he knew more about the issue. Unfortunately like a good snake oil sales man Verizon misled my father about what they were going to do to the wires, they said they were going to “work on the wires”, but they were actually installing FiOS which I had to stop because my landlady refused authorization. There are people who prefer the benefits of copper phone service such as using modems for dialup bulletin board calling or the emergency power the copper lines offer when there is no power in an emergency to make a phone call.

Margaret Serjak, I would love to have FiOS, but you might need to bribe my land lady before we can have FiOS. Because until my land lady allows for FiOS service, your technicians are not welcomed or invited to my home. I am only a renter and I have no authority to authorize FiOS installation at my residence. If you want renters to get FiOS, maybe giving the property owners 1 year free service in their personal home, might be the best sweetener.

Verizon should contact the property owner first before wanting to switch a rental residence over.

Is It a Conspiracy?

Woke up this morning and found out that I have no dial tone. Was it an unpaid bill? No, the bill was paid. Maybe it was the cats on the roof chewing the wires. Maybe it was Verizon’s crack team of ninjas hacking into our wires to force us on to FIOS.

Sadly the Verizon service technicians visits come in long obscene windows which makes you prisoner in your own home from 8am to 8pm which I find very unacceptable. Instead of a 12 hour window, an 8 hour window would be more acceptable.

I like copper wires because in case of an emergency you still can use your phone, but with FIOS and cable you only get eight hours of backup power. With copper phone service we can use fax machines and dialup modems easily, with FIOS you can not as well.