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Measure U is an Unintended Bad Idea

I am no drug warrior, but if a ballot measure is written badly I am always ready to challenge bad ideas. I would like reasonable safe access for marijuana in all cities in our state, but Measure U is no free market and will be just as destructive as prohibition.

Measure U is going to establish a monopoly where one business interest will control marijuana in the city of Upland. Namely the people who own T&A Video in Upland. Maybe they are thinking the digital market is killing adult video and they need to branch out in  the marijuana business.  They will want to concentrate the marijuana sector near Cable Airport in the city, but its going to lead to negative externalizes such as crime in the north west part of the city.

If the proponents wanted to try again, they should limit it to 1 marijuana business per individual or corporation. Also they could make set asides for ethnic minorities and even veterans to add some diversity to the marketplace.  Maybe establish 2-3 stores in each quadrant of the city instead of just three owned by one owner. The San Bernardino County Republican Party is located above a marijuana dispensary and it leads to vandalism, loitering and other crimes around the business park where its located. I think a private security officer should be employed by the landlord to help facilitate the customers to get in and out of the business.  I think when Proposition 64 happens, marijuana is going to be super saturated where the price of the product is going to be reduced which will hopefully kill down the value.

Monopolies suck, spreading the brunt of the establishments in one part of the city is also wrong.

I oppose U.

More Asian Food Choices in Upland

To replace the school uniforms store in Upland, a Vietnamese restaurant serving traditional dishes such as Ph? is being added to the shopping center line up at Mountain Green. Sadly its not another Mexican food restaurant, where I would like to have some nachos each day I work at one of the stores there. Personally I like to go across the street to Connals.

When the restaurant gets opened I will be pleased to report on it.

good food, crap service

Recently I went to Albertos Mexican restaurant in Upland and although I like the food they serve the service is rather horrible.
I ordered mini nachos at 5.20 and the medium drink at 1.65 and that was 6.85 and with tax at 60 cents it was 7.45, then we factor the 55 cent atm/charge fee that was 8.00 and then the clerk had the audacity to charge me 8.05.
I knew something was fishy, but I might have to take this up with weights and measures.

Or the Carne Asada Plate for 6.70 and the medium drink at 1.65, and she rang it up as 9.14 after tax and it should have been 8.35 before tax but when you add tax to it it should of rang as  9.08.