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My letter to the UC Riverside Chancellor

What happened at UC Davis does lead towards hostility which came to UC Riverside. Yes, there are people who helped led to these riots, but its the UC system. This activism (peaceful and violent) has happened since the days of the 1960s for better or worse.

I may not be living in an utopia like the far left folk who want free rides, but fees going upto 20k a year does frustrate us all.

From prior experiences for the last five years, I think the best idea might be web conferences. No matter what campus the UC Regents meet, it should be done via teleconference because demonstrations are going to happen until we get back to stable fees that the average Californian can afford.

It might mean we might have to pare down the layers of administration, maybe have a 30% Online, 70% in campus degree program to save on costs. It might mean begging the state legislators to be pro-business so we can bring forth the revenue to make UC affordable instead of taxing our way to salvation.