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Munson on the Issues Proposition 28

It seems politicians do not like term limits, many politicians think the idea of citizen legislator is a strange idea because they get accustomed to the perks of their position and get withdrawn from the concerns of the common people that elected them there.

Although there are flaws in the term limits system, Proposition 28 is not the solution.

Our “not as impartial” Attorney General Kamala Harris failed to tell the voters that this ballot measure does not reduce the terms for existing legislators. Existing legislators will be allowed extra time to serve.

Proposition 28 is a scam like Proposition 25. Proposition 28 is going to expand terms for 80% of current legislators. So Norma Torres will end up having 3 more Assembly terms and Gloria Negrette Mcleod would be allowed to have 1 more term in the State Senate if she wanted to. Proposition 28 may sound good, but it will have unintended consequences.

The goal is to encourage more citizen legislators while allowing institutional experience. The goal should be is to have rules that would force politicians to go back to the private industry or a non political job for a given term and come back to teach new legislators as well.

Serve three terms in the State Assembly or two terms in the state senate, be forced to take a 7 year ban from being in any elected office in the state. After you take your seven year hiatus you can come back to Sacramento.

It seems Proposition 28 is just another effort by major political players such as Bob Huff’s best friend Ed Roski to buy influence of legislators that would easily support his plans in developing a sports stadium in the city of Industry right near Diamond Bar. Grease Roski’s palms with getting his special exemptions and he will allow you to continue the perks of being a state legislator by subsidizing their lifestyle such as getting wined and dined by AT&T and spending time on the golf links with them.

My endorsement is to vote NO on 28.