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Munson on the Issues Proposition 28

It seems politicians do not like term limits, many politicians think the idea of citizen legislator is a strange idea because they get accustomed to the perks of their position and get withdrawn from the concerns of the common people that elected them there.

Although there are flaws in the term limits system, Proposition 28 is not the solution.

Our “not as impartial” Attorney General Kamala Harris failed to tell the voters that this ballot measure does not reduce the terms for existing legislators. Existing legislators will be allowed extra time to serve.

Proposition 28 is a scam like Proposition 25. Proposition 28 is going to expand terms for 80% of current legislators. So Norma Torres will end up having 3 more Assembly terms and Gloria Negrette Mcleod would be allowed to have 1 more term in the State Senate if she wanted to. Proposition 28 may sound good, but it will have unintended consequences.

The goal is to encourage more citizen legislators while allowing institutional experience. The goal should be is to have rules that would force politicians to go back to the private industry or a non political job for a given term and come back to teach new legislators as well.

Serve three terms in the State Assembly or two terms in the state senate, be forced to take a 7 year ban from being in any elected office in the state. After you take your seven year hiatus you can come back to Sacramento.

It seems Proposition 28 is just another effort by major political players such as Bob Huff’s best friend Ed Roski to buy influence of legislators that would easily support his plans in developing a sports stadium in the city of Industry right near Diamond Bar. Grease Roski’s palms with getting his special exemptions and he will allow you to continue the perks of being a state legislator by subsidizing their lifestyle such as getting wined and dined by AT&T and spending time on the golf links with them.

My endorsement is to vote NO on 28.

An Appeal For Common Sense Public Pension Reform

To my state legislators,

I implore you to support legislation written by Governor Brown’s staff to strip pensions from felons whose crimes are job related. It is only right to support this portion of the public pension reform bill that will likely be in the budget committee.

If you embezzle money from a government agency, molest children or run a motorcycle gang dealing drugs while being a university professor then it should be justified to eliminate the benefits.

To be fair, the benefits should be removed ONLY when the individual is convicted in a court of law.

Deadliest Budget Cut Ahead for Pets

California has a massive budget crisis and since our state is in a state of gridlock where Democrats refuse to concede cuts to their pet causes and Republicans failing to fund the expansive state budget, our Governor is trying to find so many small items to cut to help to provide substantive fiscal relief. The issue that has gotten thousands of animal welfare advocates mobilized is the movement to repeal the Hayden Law for shelter animals that was passed in 1998 and signed by Governor Wilson. Hayden’s legislation was intended to help reunite pets with their owners in the instance they may have become lost and also to encourage animal shelters to focus on working on adoptions instead of putting animals down.

In an effort to trim costs, the governor’s budgetary staff has stricken out particular parts of the law in their trailer bill that will likely be part of the next state budget. First, animal shelters will not be mandated to provide necessary and prompt care when an animal needs medical assistance so if an animal is in needed for treatment it will either suffer in pain or be the first one to be put down. Second, animals that are not traditionally dog or cat will not be guaranteed the new 72 hour hold period, if the shelter is in danger of running out of space they will likely be put down. Third, regulations that require accountability in our animal shelters will be repealed so we will not find out the status of any animal medically treated or impounded. Four, there will not be a six business day holding period if your animal runs out of your home. If you are on vacation and your pet is impounded on a weekend expect your animal to not see Monday. The new rule will be 72 hours from the date of impoundment including days animal control may be closed to the public.

The Hayden Law is still needed, and repealing the Hayden Law is very drastic when we can suspend relevant clauses until our state is in better fiscal health. Even so, shelters in various parts of our state have violated the Hayden Law for shelter animals and without the law expect it to happen across the state. We should be able to provide dignity and respect for the companion animals that many of us value. We should keep the law on the books to further the cause of adoption and reduce the instance of putting animals down. We need to clamp down on animal shelters that deny volunteers, refuse the acceptance of blankets to help keep animals comfortable in concrete or outdoor kennels and refuse to cooperate with rescue organizations that want to save animals from being put down due to crowded kennels.

Budget analysis’s claim that these changes will save 46 million dollars, but there are much bigger fish to fry for the state of California to have meaningful budget reform such as dealing with the looming public employee pension crisis or curtailing the spiraling costs of high speed rail. However the thousands of shelter animals do not have a lobby as viable as the SEIU or the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Organization. That is why people like you and me who live in our state are encouraged to lobby their state legislators and our governor to reject this misguided proposal. First, look up your state legislator and find out if they are a member of the state budget committee for the assembly or senate. If they are then it’s strongly encouraged to lobby them because they are able to kill the proposal before it gets to a full vote. Even if your legislator is not on the budget committee, if the misguided proposal passes, we need them to defeat it at the full floor vote.

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Two of our local State Senators Refuse to join the Taxpayers Caucus

From John and Ken:

Will they end up capitulating to Governor Brown?

These Legislators have NOT joined the Taxpayers Caucus! Call them and ask them if they intend to put taxes on the ballot!

Senator Bob Huffrefused to join
(916) 651-4029
(909) 598-3981

29th Senate District: Arcadia, Bradbury, Brea, Charter Oak, Chino, Chino Hills, Claremont, Diamond Bar, Glendora, La Verne, Mayflower Village, Monrovia, North El Monte, Placentia, San Dimas

Senator Bill Emmersonrefused to join

(916) 651-4037
(951) 680-6750

37th Senate District: Hemet, Palm Springs, Beaumont, Moreno Valley

Sharon Runner’s Opponent

There will be a special election soon to replace George Runner who is currently serving in the California Board of Equalization. The leading Republican Party candidate is Sharon Runner while there is a Democratic Party choice Darren Parker, who is a current member of the 36th Assembly District Democratic Party Central Committee of Los Angeles County.

Here is some basic information about him.

Darren W. Parker has been a resident of the Antelope Valley for more than 20 years. He is the former Political Director and International staff rep. for CWA, serving his union for more than 29 years. He is now a manager and 30 year employee of ATT.

Darren presently serves as the CA State Chairman African American Caucus, Los Angeles County Democratic Party Vice Chairman, Antelope Valley Chairman for the Antelope Valley Human Relations Commission, YouthBuild Advisory Board Chairman, as well as, numerous Boards of Directors including but not limited to; Antelope Valley Hispanic Chamber, Antelope Valley Partners for Health. Darren also served as an appointee of Commission on Children and Families, Vice Chairman, Governor Gray Davis appointee (Antelope Valley Fair Board, Citizens Planning Committee and former Chairman Lancaster Planning Commission.

During his tenure as one of the leaders in 36th AD, Darren has seen voter registration go from a 15 point Republican lead; to a even playing field of 39% Dems + 39% Republican of registered voter. Supporting the team that produced the best results of any Democratic candidate or race in the last 40 years. Darren helped create the Red Zone Program and brought Funding and Statewide elected officials such as Lt. Gov./Congressman Garamendi, Steve Westly, State Controller John Chiang, and Speaker Karen Bass to name a few.

Current Positions and Appointments Re-Elected Los Angeles County Democratic Party Vice Chairman Region 1 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th AD

President elect Obama field team Antelope Valley

Statewide Chairman California Democratic Party African American Caucus

Re-Elected California State Democratic Party Executive Board 36th AD 3rd Term

President Antelope Valley Democratic Club

Board of Directors 50th Agricultural Association State of California Antelope Valley Fair

The special election is February 15th in the high deserts of San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties. Be sure to request a mail-in ballot so you can make your voice heard.

Proposition 14, Making It Easier on Wealthy Candidates Only

Recently George Runner resigned from his 17th District State Senate Seat to take his newly elected seat on the Board of Equalization. Unfortunately Proposition 14 may make it easier for Sharron Runner, the wife of George to take his old job as State Senator, where Sharron will basically be crowned as the de facto winner if no one runs against Sharron.

Previously minor parties only needed 150 signatures to get on the ballot for State Senate, now it is the standard 3000 for all no matter if you are Republican, Democratic or Peace and Freedom.

Also due to Arnold doing this election at so short of notice, people only had 2 days to get signatures. 3000 signatures in only two days, that is crazy! I guess you would need a rolodex of a Hollywood publicist to get 3000 willing people to canvas the neighborhood.

Since we are all running together, from major parties to third parties we should adopt reforms to Proposition 14 that would make it easier for candidates of all income levels.

I was thinking 1% of the votes casted in the previous election as the number of signatures you need to run for office or the old amount 3000 for State Senate or 1500 for State Assembly, whatever is smaller.

I also should think that requiring at least five business days for petition in lieu of signatures would be another fair reform as well.

Proposition 14 is flawed for many. Democrats in Senate District 17, Republicans in Senate District 28, minor parties, and people who want to write in their choice instead of the top two.  Maybe this will give motivation for both major parties to do something to patch up Proposition 14 so it would work better for the people.

H/T: Ballot Access News

East End Loses Satellite Office for Senator McLeod

From the State Senator:

District Office Consolidation

Dear Neighbor,

In a cost cutting measure to save precious State budget dollars, effective March 1, 2010 the San Bernardino District Office for Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod will be closed and its operations merged with the District Office in Montclair.

Although we will be consolidated in Montclair, please be assured that my staff and I will continue to serve all residents of the 32nd Senate District.