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Smart Meters Hit Southern California Gas

If you have not heard by now, smart meters will be deployed to the customers of Southern California Gas in the near future.  Unfortunately people are worried that smart meters actually cause health problems and may not be as accurate as the meters we have right now. You can read more about the opponents of smart meters here. Electro magnetic radiation has caused problems for many people and even their pets. Even though utility companies want to save money by reducing their meter reader staffs, we need to heed carefully about the risks of this technology.

Southern California Gas is going to charge fees for people who do not want the smart meters installed, and if you object to their proposal you would be required to pay a service fee and a setup fee to continue being billed the traditional way. Those on the CARE program would have a setup fee of 10.00 and a monthly fee of 5.00 a month. Then, customers not on the CARE program would have a setup fee of 75.00 and a monthly fee of 10.00.

If you want the proposal to view you can visit the SoCalGas website.

If you want to comment about this proposal you can write to CPUC’s Public Advisor’s Office (PAO), 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco CA 94102. Please reference application no. A.12-05-016 in any correspondence.

Smart Meters Coming to Ontario, California

Recently my household received a note from the local electricity provider Southern California Edison that Smart Meters will be installed in my local neighborhood in the next few weeks.

The company expects that electricity will cost no more than 1.6% more to your electricity bill. However Edison exclaims that with the ability for customers to monitor their energy consumption easily they expect customers will be able to save on their electricity bills.

I expect that there will be incentive programs for people to run certain appliances like washing machines at 1am.

If you want to find more information about Edison SmartConnect visit their website.