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Going Through The Archives Open Thread

There is a letter I wrote to the Chaffey Breeze that was never published back in September of last year. I decided to backdate it to the time I sent it to them for our readers to read. This is one of the many issues I would cover in a reform campaign for Chaffey College board member.

Also, is it a good idea to get a second opinion when you go to the dentist? My sister said she needed like 3-4 doses of the deep cleaning medicine when she last went to the dentist I currently go to, but this other dentist she went to said she was in decent dental health. Its hard to trust medical practitioners these days. I know dentists want to make money like anyone else, but there should be a balance between raping their clients pocketbooks and only offering what people honestly need.

Also feel free to visit my twitter account @thinktank79 for any random asides I may be sharing.

Consider this posting an open thread. If you have any suggestions of topics to cover let me know.

Upcoming Potential

I might be joining the examiner.com family and hope to start a weekly column on LGBT History of the Inland Valley and Southern California. I submitted my application and hope to receive an answer as soon as possible. I want to further expand my writing opportunities and this is one way I would like to do so.

I was thinking of doing restaurant reviews, but I honestly do not want to pony up 60 bucks a month to purchase my meals in order to write my reviews.  I was thinking of doing like two full on restaurants a month, one or two fast food chains and one desert restaurant to help with the minimum quota for reviews while not busting my pocketbook.

If I prove my worth on the history column, I hope to add the restaurant reviews as part of my assignment. If selected to do the history column I will put it on my blog roll for people to visit and each new column will be promoted here.

Another Round of Appreciation

At 10:50pm my blog has received 414 visitors, we beat our record from last night. I appreciate the readers who found my blog in their quest to get information about the June election.

Tomorrow I will reflect on the election results and compare it to some of the predictions I made previously about the election. Two of them are coming true or it seems that they are coming true.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments feel free to reply here or via twitter.

Thank You Readers

June 4th was our best day at Inland Utopia with over 230 hits of visitors excluding my own visits of course. We beat our record of 151 visits back in January 21 of this year. I hope to share good content with my readers for the indefinite time. People are invited to interact with me with Twitter @thinktank79 or thru the comments section on the blog.





Look At The Bottom

I added more widgets at the footer of my blog so you can get more features such as the latest headlines from other local blogs around our area such as iepolitics.com and Orange Juice blog. I am making sure that my blog is full of function and information for each visit you make at Inland Utopia.

Thank You for your continued readership. I am getting over 50 hits daily now and traffic has increased three fold since the last few years. With your support I hope to invest in some new features in the next few months such as licensing one of the pro editions of the mobile word press theme so you can read my site in your mobile phone better.

It Takes Money To Make Money

I have taken a more serious approach to this blog recently. I have decided to up the ante in my writing abilities. I realized that I need to create engaging content to get people to read my blog and be part of the community. Without fresh content, there is no readership.

I am offering accounts to several people to be correspondents for various parts of the readership area of my blog. I am likely to offer an account to a Facebook friend in the high desert very soon.

I do not really want to invest an excessive amount of money on a Google ad campaign, but  I was thinking of making bumper stickers, buttons and even some t-shirts to wear so people will know about my website. I may need to take advantage of my sister and have her make some designs people can buy. I will likely have to take her out to Los Portales in Montclair after she makes the logo for the website.

I am wondering if there is any good plugins for me to perhaps serve local advertisements. I was thinking $10 for 3 months of display ads for each moderately sized banner ad of the size around 300×250.

My vision is to get the blog to an unofficial non-profit type of status. I do not want to make a profit at this time, but I want to be able to cover a budget to cover my web hosting, domain fees, wordpress plugins to make the user interface better, and perhaps someone to make a custom theme for Inland Utopia to celebrate our sixth year!

It has been SIX years and I hope to continue Inland Utopia for at least a decade more.


The stiches are not fun, but one more week until I can get them removed. Having a scar is slightly better than having a flat mole that itches and might grow and get more unsightly.

Skin cancer awareness is a good thing. Check yourself at least monthly if possible.

I also got mentioned on a radio station in Manchester England today helping to talk about notable baby making celebrities. Since Take That singer Gary Barlow made over four children, the presenter was talking about other notable action stars who might of made children. I sent a twitter comment and it got mentioned on the air. That was cool.

The State of the Utopia

The blog gets renewed for another season and we moved to a new web hosting provider after almost two years with Fatcow. Arvixe is the new webhost and I hope we both can work well with each other. I hope to be modestly popular so I do not end up having to upgrade to the next tier of service. Right now aside from blogging I am trying to get an education so I could end up going back to school to get the degree you need to make full use of a BA degree. My personal BA degree does not work well alone unless you have the connections such as being a field director to a city council member, county supervisor, congress member or state legislator. So I am trying to get the five classes I need passed before I can enter Western Governor’s University.

Update: Arvixe is a bad idea to be a part of, they got absorbed to the same collective that owns Fatcow.

Right now I am taking course one out of five, an introduction to Sociology class, it may be a three hour lecture class, but it can be informative and rather fun. Sad thing is the state budget crisis might make it harder for anyone who wants an education who does not have money or connections to advance up on the ladder of life. We might not even have summer classes in most of our public higher education facilities no matter if it is Chaffey College or UC Riverside. And I should of used my knowledge of Political Science to realize I should of just signed up for a Cal Poly Pomona Summer extension course at $400 because the doors of Chaffey College and Riverside College might close down until the Fall. Republicans do not want the kiss of death from Grover Norquist or John and Ken if they allowed the voters to decide that tax increases should be decided on the voters.

My new web host has fair pricing, and I hope I have a good experience with the company. And I do thank my sister for her partial sponsorship of my website.

The Beginning of a Year

2011 begins another chapter at Inland Utopia. Where my goal is to try to increase my readership and make the blog self-supporting where my hosting fees would be at least paid for.

Don’t forget you can read my blog at your convenience with services such as Google Reader.

My goal is to live blog events of note with my Blackberry.

Do periodic reviews of concerts and new music.

Cover issues that are neglected in the news media such as ballot access reform.

If you are running for office, have a business or anything like that you can sponsor my blog.

$5 for a month or $25 for 6 months. That is my charter sponsor rate for anyone who wants to take part in advertising.

Feel free to follow my twitter feed as well.

Thank You for reading my blog.

Site News

Google Analytics was messing up for the last two months, I adjusted my settings. I hope to see the true traffic levels of my site and see what I need to do to improve my traffic for my blog. My goal until my webhosting subscription ends is to get at least 500 visits a month for my readership.

Feel free to comment on any of the posts you find relevant to talk about.