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San Bernardino County Republican Party Manifesto

San Bernardino County Republican Party Manifesto for New Term

A new term awaits us as members of the county Republican Party and as how I am a man of ideas I am here to bring them out.

  1. We need more collaboration with groups such as Gro-Elect

Demographics is big, we must elect more people that look like the people we are representing. Perhaps we can have a training or mentoring seminar with the organization soon. We have many quality potential candidates and elected that could benefit.


With the California Voter Rights Act, we need to have a wide variety of candidates in all parts of the cities of the county. Districting is going to happen in cities such as Rancho Cucamonga and Upland and we must be prepared.

Since the black elected are being ran out in the Democratic Party we also should sponsor efforts to help reach out to that community as well. Many of them are quite conservative for being a Democrat.


  1. Endorsements need to be reconfigured. If a city or local agency district does not have contested races with Republicans running we should just automatically endorse the candidate if the candidate authorizes the endorsement.  Candidates and committee members should also know the rules of how we are going to vote on endorsements when the agenda for the next meeting that endorsements are going to be voted on. No more surprises. We need a consistent standard and policy. We had a representative for a candidate travel 40 miles not realizing that the committee was going to railroad another candidate thru without a vote.
  1. We should also cross-affiliate with groups such as the Lincoln Club so business owners and investors can work with our elected. Although we already do, we should work on developing the next Steinorths and Morrells that would advocate for the job creators of our county.
  2. We need to work with local affiliated clubs such as Tea Party or Republican Women in showing that we are visible in the community with market nights or summer festivals.

Speaking About San Bernardino County Republican Party Endorsement Policies

The endorsements issue is one thorny issue in our county party and we need a consistent policy that would be fair and respectful of the time of our members and guests. We should have the protocol announced in advance so we don’t deliver surprises to the candidates and our membership. It was unfair that in 2014 we were able to vote for all the races that had candidates interviewed instead of just going on auto pilot in 2016 for the majority of races.

We need to keep the system SIMPLE and FAIR. If we keep it SIMPLE and FAIR people will feel they were treated well even if they did not earn an endorsement and respect the time of campaigns and guests who may of traveled long distances as well. Angela Valles had her campaign manager travel to Ontario and felt annoyed that the establishment just railroaded the endorsement of Lovingood as an example and I also walked out in protest.

We also could consider having the endorsement votes in March and September on the weekends as another idea so we do not rush thru the duty.