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The Class Act Is Not Exactly FAIR

I bet the San Bernardino County Democratic Party would love to have me instead of Ray Moors in their party right now. However, I will cringe hard in either major political party. I honestly may agree with the Republicans half the time, but when it comes to civil rights issues I have to be chugging the antacid pills when I attend the meetings at the San Bernardino County Republican Party. I bet Ray is feeling like an outcast in the Democratic Party right now.

I do not feel enthusiastic in participating in my local county and state Republican parties because they do not understand how to deal with groups such as Latinos and the gays. Even though the Democratic Party does not know how to balance a budget to save their lives in Sacramento, the Republican Party alienates more voters than they attempt to reach out to in California. The Republican revolution of 2010 failed in California. If Steve Cooley only refused to defend Prop 8 and supported marijuana users we would have had our only victory.

I am writing this column today in response to a letter the San Bernardino County Republican party issued in their support of the CLASS Act to repeal SB 48.

Republicans may be concerned that teachers and students are prohibited from using examples or language that would be not be adverse about the individual being studied. However we have to be tactful about what language we use because it can affect the students because they may be part of a demographic group discussed.

Being LGBT is not like switching religions or catching the flu, either you are or you are not. Watching a KD Lang concert will not make young girls want to drive Subaru and play in softball leagues. The goal of SB 48 is to show that there are LGBT people in history and many of them did great things such as save a president’s life from assassination, help Martin Luther King in his quest for civil rights for African Americans and to help in the formation of computer science. Maybe with a more holistic presentation of history it would help make students worldlier, so we can have respect for all students no matter what group or culture they may belong to.

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Pro SB 48 Letter I Wrote

This letter may be edited in the newspaper, but this is what I submitted.

Ignorance, prejudice and fear walk hand in hand for those who want to strip out the information about the accomplishments of the LGBT community from the recently passed SB 48. The proponents for the repeal drive do not want the sunlight of information to humanize the LGBT community in our schools so they can use the community as a means to dehumanize and demean these individuals for political power and contributions.

Unfortunately the proponents believe that just knowing about LGBT people will make people become LGBT. Knowing about gay people is not going to make you want to be gay, either you are or you are not. Because of ignorance we have a lack of understanding or compassion. Fear leads to bullying and harassment in our school house walls. If we want kids to not be fearful of being beaten up or intimidated we should do our best to make our schools safe. When students are confident and happy, they perform well by giving themselves better grades.

Matt Munson

Ontario, California

It Must Be Obvious California Republicans

Want to know how the Republican Party can reach out to the areas that used to vote for Republicans such as Silicon Valley and the Central Valley? It is quite easy, stop being bigoted towards LGBT people. As someone who was bullied for being perceived as LGBT in high school, I find it disgusting that the political party I was weaned on has throw the raw meat on the balcony instead of expanding our political appeal.

Hearing the rhetoric that led to 97.5% of the Republican caucus to vote no on SB 48 and AB 9 makes me embarrassed to be a Republican. SB 48 and AB 9 is not about indoctrination of our children, it is about making safe and affirming learning environments so our children can learn. Is that too much to ask for, Mike Morrell and Jean Fuller? When I thought the only major hostile legislators were Joel Anderson and Bob Huff, learning that most of the caucus does not care about the marginalized in our school house walls makes me fight harder despite the odds.

When students are in fear of being beaten up and harassed where they take their lives in the instance of Seth Walsh who lived in Jean Fuller’s district or the ongoing harassment by students and staff in Bill Emmerson’s district in Menifee you know that these laws are absolutely needed where a school district failed to provide equal access to a gay straight alliance for gay history month when they allowed the black students association to do a presentation for black history month.

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SB 48 Likely Going To Have Nasty Ballot Fight for Repeal

The reason that they don’t want the contributions of LGBT people included is the same reason they don’t want us in the military, getting married, teaching school, etc.: It makes it much harder for them to demonize us when others learn of the contributions of LGBT people, serving our country, building a family, helping children, etc. And when you can’t convince others to hate, you can’t convince them to donate $$$ to support the hate of the Family Research Council, NOM, Traditional Values Coalition, etc. So, as usual with sleazy conservatives, it all boils down to they will do anything, say anything for a buck. –  SF Chronicle forum post

Karen England, the chairwoman of the Capitol Resource Institute strikes again, she uses ignorance, prejudice and fear to provide her meal check. When students become more knowledgeable that LGBT people are actual human beings and they do not need to be demonized then people like her will not have to make a living from her hate.

SB 48, the revolutionary bill to add the accomplishments of people who happen to be LGBT has received loads of public scorn from people who happen to live in the inland areas of our state. Parents think it’s a sensitive issue because they want to have the right to discuss this issue first and have the right to implant their children with their values no matter how ugly their beliefs may be.

Maybe if  many traditional values advocates were not taught to have ignorance, prejudice and fear of LGBT people we would not need bills such as AB 9 and SB 48. My high school bully was a raised in a home who was taught by his parents to dislike and torment people who are different than him. If students do not have to come to school or leave school in fear of being beaten up, then that would be very beneficial to academics.

I wish we all could come together in perfect harmony so we can learn to coexist. When you work in the business world such as a sales clerk at the local mall, to being a stock broker at the brokerage house you learn to respect all customers even if they are different than you.

Our public schools serve all students, the schools are not just for Christians, or even LGBT people. We have to be pluralistic to make sure they can serve all students. If you want a niche education you have to pay for it with your own money.

If the equality campaigners have to endure a ballot fight in 2012, we will need to define the issue before  Schubert-Flint who won the Yes on 8 campaign does. We need to have stories of actual students and humanize the issue so Karen England will no longer have the erasers to tell the people of California that LGBT people do not exist.