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Saving Taxpayer Money with CATS

As a constituent of Supervisor Hagman I wanted to ask for his help in improving animal services in our county in particular when it comes to cats. I asked my supervisor to work with his colleagues to make their animal control centers work as effectively as Pomona’s Inland Valley Humane Society which services many cities in our district.

After waiting a week, I got an answer that was not helpful back. The letter only regurgitated what the Inland Valley Humane Society does and did not discuss what the county could do to reduce the number of cats that populate the animal services facilities. I was asking for the county to do a trial on trap, neuter and return so we can reduce the endless population of unwanted felines and reduce the number we have to put down which would help save taxpayer’s money.

I thought a supervisor like mine would value the idea of saving taxpayer money. Or maybe Greg Devereaux is not letting my supervisor be the supervisor he can be for the people of our district.

To be fair to the supervisor, some of the shelter managers in the county system are entrenched which makes implementing reforms very difficult and some of these managers are beloved by some of the other supervisors. I am not expecting instant salvation, but we need to acknowledge the problem and do solutions that could make a horrendous problem not as horrendous.

Undo The Mess In San Bernardino County

When the Board of Supervisors hired Greg Devereaux as to be the next Chief Executive Officer, the board gave up some of their responsibilities and obligations to him. Public employee unions and governmental reform advocates felt that was offensive where if they were going to modify the San Bernardino County Charter they should have the voters officially approve it. If the board wants to be beholden to Devereaux, they should have the voters approve the change.

The potential demotion in pay may be drastic from 150 thousand to 60 thousand, but it shows that voters are serious about their displeasure about the board and they will need to reform the system if they want their old wage back. Yes, the pay is going to be drastically reduced even compared to counties of our size in population. However the board can simply just restore their rights and obligations and have it where Devereaux would have to answer to the board not the board answering to Devereaux.

If the board refuses to discipline wayward high level county officials such as a county counsel and a public defender and just leave it for Devereaux and his predecessor Mark Uffer to handle it, then why give our board members full time pay when they fail to do their responsibilities.

When our county supervisors finally know how to eat with the big kids, we can restore the supervisors pay to their full wage.

Break These Chains and Become Visible

Face it, San Bernardino County is not a nice place to be a gay politician. You might have a better chance with the Democratic Party, but for the Republican Party it is a very tough sell. I did write a column about the closet and gay politicians awhile back in 2007 almost five years ago.

I know its political expediency to be in the closet because people in the Republican Party base would raise a riot if a queer politician ended up living as their authentic selves. Fortunately the post Generation X crowd are becoming more accepting and by the time the older generation dies out there will be more acceptance.

I do not want to name any names out of a sense of fairness, but because of secrets there is a greater chance for extortion. Because people know your secret of being LGBT, then you are more likely to be a victim of extortion because unethical people will use your situation as bait to defeat you in the ballot box from the people who are not supportive of LGBT people.

People need to get visible and start to introduce themselves to politicians such as Bob Dutton and Gary Miller in the 31st Congressional District this election cycle. If these individuals who are traditionally not friendly to LGBT people get to know us they will likely reconsider their views. Even though they both are friends with inequality organizations such as the Traditional Values Collation, they will end up realizing that they have to tone down the inequality if they do not want to lose to a motivated Democratic Party in 2014.

If we are visible then we will likely help promote an environment where people are less likely to hide themselves. Visibility would also make sure both political parties would fight for equality and have a less corrosive environment for the youth of our communities. The rhetoric used by the opponents of equality helps to breed the blackmail bait and the youth that jump off of highway overpasses.

San Bernardino County Amendment

The members of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors may not be popular people to those who observe the politics of our county. Unfortunately we detonated a nuclear bomb to express our disgust with the board and we need to contain the fallout from this ballot measure.

San Bernardino County is the biggest county in the continental United States for those representing some of the vast districts of the board such as the first and third districts only the independently wealthy could sustain serving the people if this amendment passes.

People may not like the managerial style of Greg Devereaux, but thanks to his tenure in the city of Ontario he led the city to fiscal health in this horrid economy. When other cities are shutting down their city libraries or firing police officers, Ontario is doing very well.

I do recognize that labor unions are there to fight for their membership. However we can not give people candy land if there is no money to sustain the desired wage increases. We can not cannibalize our public agencies for the benefit of wage increases. People are desperate for jobs and having a job in this economy is a good thing even if wages are stagnant.

Government reform advocates may not be pleased that the board added Devereaux through backdoor methods, but maybe it is time for the county to officially add him on to the county charter by the voters. A Chief Administrative Officer is nothing new. Even the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has one to serve their board.

Personally I would have no objections to our Chief Administrative Officer, but I would like to make sure our board is doing duties at or comparable to other counties who pay their board members for a full time pay which have a Chief Administrative Officer.

I think the only things I would strike down from the de facto amendment the board passed in 2010 is the non-interference clause from SECTION 8. Section 12.0103 which has the clause stating that,

“.. Except, no member of the Board of Supervisors nor any member of his/her staff shall give orders to or instruct the subordinates of the Chief Executive Officer, either publicly or privately.”

I would revise the removal clause from 4/5ths to 3/5ths. But that does not seem viable because no one would want to apply for the job if I added that revision.

Problem is many governmental reformers detest how Devereaux as CAO basically can overrule a supervisor. A supervisor should have equal authority as the CAO. I can understand why public employee unions sponsored the ballot measure from the government reformers, when the supervisors surrendered their authority to Devereaux they felt that the supervisors lost their argument that they deserve full time pay.

I predict that the amendment will likely pass this November. But it might take the supervisors to sit at the big kids table and take back control from the CAO in order to get their full time wages back. As a growing county we will need the services of a skilled CAO/CEO official, but we should have accountability where they should answer to the board.

New Legislation Needed for Animal Cruelty in San Bernardino County

After Judge Larry W. Allen gave a slap on the wrist to the 17 year old miscreant that had arson and animal cruelty charges on the pit bull puppy known as Valentine, people are wondering what solutions we would need to make sure situations like this would not happen again.

New county code should be added to make it where some jail time should be required. I understand our jails are overcrowded due to the state and local budgets being constrained, but giving that 17 year old even 1 week in jail would be better including the probation.  County laws should ask for jail time if any limbs get removed, death of the animal and medical care ends up costing over a given amount of money. However for someone that young, perhaps paying retribution for Valentine’s medical care should have been required even if it has to take five or ten years for the individual to pay the money back.

People who abuse animals usually end up abusing humans. Take for example the porn star from Canada who is an international fugitive after he killed a person and sent its body parts to Canadian governmental officials. He started off making snuff films about kittens being killed by snakes and now he is murdering people.

Write and call your local San Bernardino County supervisors to ask for reforms in relation to this issue.

Judge Makes Bad Move on Animal Cruelty Case

No Justice For Valentine

Recently in February there was a dog from the High Desert named Valentine due to being found around that time that was severely abused. The dog ended up losing one paw due to the abuse that a 17 year old boy ended up giving this dog. Sadly animal cruelty does lead to abuse on humans and the judge responsible for the case ended up giving this young man a very light sentence.

1 year probation, no ownership of any animals for a year and 40 hours of community service which was a literal slap on the wrist. I would of at least seen 6 months in jail, 5 years of no animal ownership and 400 hours of community service at least. And the judge did not let the volunteer group Sounds of Silent Spirits that took care of the tortured dog testify on the dog’s behalf to explain what did the boy actually do to the dog.

The San Bernardino County Superior Court  judge Larry W. Allen who made this verdict sadly is unopposed where he is not on the ballot this June and if you want to boot him you will need to recall him or find a new judicial candidate to run against him in 2018.

There is an event in Lucerne Valley if you want to share your support for the dog and her supporters.

Pioneer Park in Lucerne Valley just west of Barstow Rd. on HWY 247. Everyone is welcome to attend. Come and meet Valentine.

Super Senior May at the San Bernardino County Animal Services Centers

During the month of MAY, senior citizens can adopt a mature pet from one of the county’s three animal shelters, at little or no cost (licensing fees do apply). Mature pets are two years or older.
Help homeless pets to find loving homes and seniors to find great companions in this wonderful adoption event sponsored by the Animals aRe First Fund (ARFF).

19777 Shelter Way  San Bernardino, CA 92314 909-887-8055 *

* This facility is traditionally the final stop for the county’s homeless animal population so if you find an animal you want go get it as soon as possible.

42080 N. Shore Drive  Big Bear City, CA 92314  (909) 866-4943

19575 Bear Valley Road Apple Valley, CA 92307 (760) 961-7535

So if you know of a senior who would like a furry friend of their own please let them know about this opportunity.

There are plenty of pets who would urgently love to have a home of their own!

Hello new Decline To State Voters

New voter registration statistics are published early in April and it shows that voter registration is making our county quite blue indeed. Oddly decline to state did increase, but voters should recognize that they should become temporary Republicans in order to vote in the primary.

For the 4,354 new voters if you want a choice in this year’s presidential election there is still 20 days plus as of date of posting to register to vote again to become a temporary Republican.

No matter if you are wanting Ron Paul, or deciding to go out of the blue and vote for Fred Karger we would appreciate your vote in the Republican Primary.


San Bernardino County voter registration statistics.

Time Period Republicans Democrats Decline to State
Jan 2012 298,719 311,480 152,879
April 2012 298,059 312,257 157,233
Change -660 +777 +4354

For $200 I would rather spend it better.

I was encouraged to see if the San Bernardino County Republican Party was worth the commitment again, but it seemed for myself personally it was not worth the effort. California is going down the sinkhole of irrelevance, but I feel both major political parties do not fit my needs. However we live in a Coke and Pepsi society. If you drink RC cola, people think you are quite strange.

If I was a San Bernardino County Democratic Party member, I would cringe at the support for high taxation that drives the productive out of our state robbing us from jobs. Although I may feel comfortable with the San Bernardino County Democrats support of my equal rights, there will be no jobs in our communities due to their policies.

If I was a San Bernardino County Republican Party member, I would cringe when people are passing out flyers and petitions to deny me from my equal rights. However the people in the room are eagerly wanting to bring job creation and opportunity to our communities.

I wish we could bring the best of both worlds to make a perfect fusion political party. Maybe this will happen when candidates such as Gary Johnson make an impression to help make the Libertarian Party the best third party in the United States. Maybe we can bring back the spirit of the Bull Moose Party.

This year I will likely vote for Gary Johnson, leave my US Senate vote blank this November due to the Top 2 measure that deprives voters of voter choice, Gloria Negrette Mcleod for Congress and support Ken Coble for State Assembly. Maybe this explains why many people are decline to state because they never vote a straight party ticket.

In June, I will be supporting Ron Paul for President, and Rick Williams for US Senate. However I do not feel comfortable voting for either Elizabeth Emken OR Dianne Feinstein because I feel they are not within my values.

I was disgusted by the number of people who supported the regressive party platform in the California Republican state convention, maybe it will take a few more landslide Democratic Party victories until the party realizes what they need to do to get young people, Latinos, women and even moderates in the party.

I will likely set up an exploratory committee for the likely special election in 2013 for Assembly District 52. I am not likely to  accept a party label. I will be inclusive to minority groups and still promote job creation in our state.