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LG G4 Review

It seems that the T-Mobile JUMP Program has its use. I have been paying the 10 dollar a month fee for the last year and a half and went thru three phones during that time. I went from a Sony Xperia Z1S to a Z3 and now I am going to LG for the first time after using HTC and Samsung in the past.
The LG G4 is on sale with T-Mobile until the end of July for a real nice price of 479.76 which was around the same price I still owed on the Xperia Z3 which made it a no-brainer for me to consider the upgrade.
There are a few things I was giving up from going to this phone, but it was worth the risk. The Z3 has a bigger battery and the build quality was more glass and metal compared to the LG G4 plastic body and 10% less battery capacity. G4 does not have the water resistance as most recent Xperia phones, so be careful with water getting on your phone.
The LG G4’s newest trend is leather back covers. With T-Mobile they have the exclusive brown color while the other leading providers have a black leather cover. If you are a vegan or prefer not using leather you can use the plastic cover. The covers are nice I like how the brown one fits with my phone.
The phone also has real good resolution and just like Samsung and Sony they are also into the screen technology as used in monitors and television screens.The screen resolution eclipses the iPhone 6 Plus.
I may not like how the speakers are placed in the back, but if you care deeply about sound I would recommend headphones or a good Bluetooth speaker.
I wish T-Mobile restrained themselves with their own software baked in with the operating system. Mobile money should be an optional feature that users could uninstall with no problem. Also Google is increasing the number of apps baked in the operating system such as Google’s word processor. Forced applications will make people want to consider either Apple or using One Plus as their next phone.

I am liking some of the added features such as knocking on the screen to turn it off or on. The volume switch and power switch on the back of the phone will take some getting used to, but I am basically content with my new phone.

Technology Review Sony Xperia Z3

Since I am paying money for the T-Mobile JUMP program which allows me to trade in a phone I have not yet paid off for a newer phone after six months (newer program requires 50% to be paid), I decided to splurge on the Sony Xperia Z3 last month after realizing my paid off Z1S in 2016 would basically have no resale value.

I am in the in between time between the newer devices that would be announced around March, but I did not feel like waiting for them to be released around April or May.

I am a previous owner of a Sony device having used the previous incarnation the Z1S. The Z3 has many of the features that make Sony phones different from the competition from the water resistance features and the PlayStation interactivity where you can use your Sony phone as a portable device to play the games from your PlayStation 4 remotely.

What is different in the Xperia Z3 that would make someone want to switch devices? There is modest processor speed bump from 2.2ghz to 2.5ghz and an increase in memory from 2gb to 3gb. It makes the device run more smoothly. Instead of a square shaped device, there is rounded edges which helps the device to have a better feel.

Some of the things I do not like in the device is the new carrier bloat such as T-Mobile Name ID, there should be a bundle deal where you get voicemail to text and Name ID for a slight discount. That is the only peril of getting a carrier branded device where you do not have the flexibility to uninstall certain programs off your device. 32gb storage not including the micro sd storage helps out where there is still plenty of room for your new applications, photos and music.

Should you get this device? If you are already a Sony user, I would recommend this. If you are looking for an Android device not made by Samsung or HTC this is the device to consider. If you are not able to wait for the Galaxy S6 or the HTC M9 the Xperia Z3 is the device for you. $630 is a bit high for the device, wish it was knocked down to $549 and I think more people will jump aboard to the Sony train.