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Top 2 – Destroying Voter Choice

2010 was the year when the Republican Party nominated horrific choices for Statewide Offices such as Meg Whitman who believed she could buy her election, Abel Maldonado who decided to ditch his taxpayer pledge with Grover Norquist, Steve Cooley, who believed Proposition 8 should be defended because it was passed by the voters, but if marijuana legalization passed with Proposition 19 Steve would refuse to defend it, which made Steve look foolish. Mike Villines, was bought and paid for by the insurance lobby and also backfired on his pledge to Grover as well.

Many of us ended up voting for the Libertarian Party that year because we were fed up of the choices the Republican Party gave us. And thanks to Abel Maldonado and Charles Munger Jr, they gave us the turd sandwich known as Proposition 14. If you do not like what the establishment feeds us in June we have to choose between giant douche and turd sandwich in November with no ability to write in a choice.

Because of Proposition 14, we are going to have less third parties where the Green Party, Libertarian Party and the Peace and Freedom Party will likely lose their ballot access. Minor party candidates have more roadblocks to getting on the ballot now thanks to Proposition 14 where they have to get the same amount of signatures required as Republicans and Democrats to get on the ballot for no charge at 1500 signatures for State Assembly and 3000 for congress and state senate. Before Proposition 14, minor parties only needed at most 150 signatures to get candidates on the ballot for legislative races.

Since Top 2 destroys the chance for a minor party to get nominated in a general election, getting 2% in a statewide non-presidential general election it will be harder for parties to maintain their ballot access. If we want to preserve Top 2 and preserve ballot access, it should also be based on the minor parties presidential candidate or the performance during the Top 2 primary to determine ballot qualified status.

Many of us do not want to live in a world where it is just Democrats, Republicans and opportunistic Decline to States who express no party preference. Third parties help deliver new ideas and help keep the major parties on course. If people do not like the war on marijuana or do not want nuclear power, they can take advantage of the different ideas expressed by the third parties in our state.

I may of liked Charles Munger in his quest to make the California Republican Party more electable, but Proposition 14 is more like throwing the baby with the bath water. Even though the base of the California Republican Party may believe they are the Utah Republican Party, having third party competition does help hit home that the Republican Party does need to evolve or die in California if they want a Republican revolution to hit our state in the near future.

Living in a Democratic Party leaning community, I am not pleased that I will be faced with two Democrats battling against each other for Congressional District 35 this November. Even though proponents say this will force the candidates to reach out to non Democratic Party voters aside from them sending countless political mail and robo calls, they are not doing much to find common ground with Republicans to win our vote. However political parties who are out of contention  are hoping that the fratricide ends up draining the bank accounts of their opposing party.

Top 2 is a fraud and I hope the courts end up tossing this experiment down the trash can. Forcing voters to choose a vote that they can not believe in is very dishonest, at least in Top 2 state of Washington people who do not run in the Top 2 primary can become write-in candidates in the general election.

San Bernardino County Republicans in a Prop 14 World

In a political party losing relevance in California and San Bernardino County in the last fifteen years where they could never reclaim Assembly District 61 or successfully beat George Brown before the seat became safely for the Democratic Party in 2001. San Bernardino County Republicans were in shock after Jim Brulte speaking to party activists recently.

Voter registration is still going down, in Supervisor District 4 we lost around 1000 voters in the last four years. It is admirable that restaurateur Ray Moors almost got 40% in District 61 in 2010. However we have to regain trust with the people of Latino heritage. No matter who we elect, a queer Latino moderate or a traditionalist Latino conservative, the majority of Latino voters do not trust us. We need a pragmatic policy in a county that’s getting brown by the next quarter century.

Also, I hear over and over like a broken record that because Latinos may practice traditional values like not believing in abortion and prefer male – female marriage to be dominant that they would want to support the Republican Party, but as like with the majority in the African American community, they will vote for candidates that support big government even though the candidates may also be against their values positions.

Just having our campaign flyers and websites in Spanish is simply not enough.

Our federal candidates should work on policies such as a guest worker program where people can earn citizenship and green cards while protecting the borders at the same time.

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Electoral Fusion

I may not be an expert on this idea, but from what I have read on New York state policies, it may be a great idea to help out third parties.

Proposition 14 is going to make it hard on ballot access for third parties in California. The survival of the Peace and Freedom, Libertarian, American Independent and Greens will be in danger. My proposal is to reintroduce fusion voting in California.

This system is similar to New York State, where third parties would be able to run their own candidate or offer their ballot line and endorsement to a major party official. Unlike what happened in California, major parties can not fusion each other. You would not see Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner on the Republican and Democratic ballot lines, but you might see him on the Green and Peace and Freedom ballot lines as an example.

Ballot access would happen as long as your candidate during the governor election receives a given number of votes on that party’s ballot line. So Dave Jones would have to receive at least 100,000 votes on the Green Party ballot line for the Green Party to stay as ballot qualified until 2018. The party who wins the most candidates would have their party listed first in the third parties you can vote for in the electoral fusion.

I think we could have it where third parties could run candidates in the Top 2 election, but endorse their favorite major party candidate within 30 days of the end of the Top 2 election so their endorsements can be mentioned in the November election.

Since top two (Prop 14) shuts out the third parties, this may be the best solution in helping to keep ballot access for these parties.

Proposition 14, Making It Easier on Wealthy Candidates Only

Recently George Runner resigned from his 17th District State Senate Seat to take his newly elected seat on the Board of Equalization. Unfortunately Proposition 14 may make it easier for Sharron Runner, the wife of George to take his old job as State Senator, where Sharron will basically be crowned as the de facto winner if no one runs against Sharron.

Previously minor parties only needed 150 signatures to get on the ballot for State Senate, now it is the standard 3000 for all no matter if you are Republican, Democratic or Peace and Freedom.

Also due to Arnold doing this election at so short of notice, people only had 2 days to get signatures. 3000 signatures in only two days, that is crazy! I guess you would need a rolodex of a Hollywood publicist to get 3000 willing people to canvas the neighborhood.

Since we are all running together, from major parties to third parties we should adopt reforms to Proposition 14 that would make it easier for candidates of all income levels.

I was thinking 1% of the votes casted in the previous election as the number of signatures you need to run for office or the old amount 3000 for State Senate or 1500 for State Assembly, whatever is smaller.

I also should think that requiring at least five business days for petition in lieu of signatures would be another fair reform as well.

Proposition 14 is flawed for many. Democrats in Senate District 17, Republicans in Senate District 28, minor parties, and people who want to write in their choice instead of the top two.  Maybe this will give motivation for both major parties to do something to patch up Proposition 14 so it would work better for the people.

H/T: Ballot Access News

How To Fix Proposition 14

Here are my ideas to keep top two.

1. Give voters a chance to have a write-in vote.

2. Use presidential elections as an indicator if a political party has popular support to be an official political party in California.

3. Truth in advertising, candidates would be required to have accurate ballot affiliation statements such as saying they are a Republican when they are really a Democratic Party member. We want voters to have accurate information about their candidates. If political candidates want to run outside the party then they could use statements like Progressive Independent or One Nation Conservative to identify their ideology.

We keep third parties alive and offer voters a choice if they do not like the top two choices in the 2012 primary.

If we fail in appealing proposition 14, we should learn to make the system hospitable for all of us.

Munson on the Ballot : No on 14

After reading the Inland Newspapers endorsement of Proposition 14 in the Bulletin and the Sun, I feel compelled to communicate why opposing Proposition 14 would be the best choice. Proposition 14 will do little to change the political climate in California where interests as such as diverse as the Green Party and the Republican Party are against this ballot measure.

Proposition 14 will take rights away from political parties where they will lose the right to select who would be their nominee for the November election. This measure will allow candidates to run under any ballot label or none at all which would confuse voters for political gain. If you do not like the candidates running in a particular contest you will only have a choice between choice 1 and choice 2, write-in choices will be prohibited under Proposition 14, just as well as third parties because people will feel they do not want to waste their vote because only two choices in the general election.

Proposition 14 is just a power grab from the corporate elites, where they are using double speak in order to get people to support their ballot measure. It is not an open primary, it is a “top two” ballot measure, it will not reduce the influence of special interests, but instead make it where only the rich and self funding will have the power, it will not “Reform Sacramento and give more voters a voice in government”. Where in fact, Proposition 14 will actually lead to the delisting of third parties because they cannot get qualified to run in a statewide election and even when we had a blanket primary in 1998 and 2000 there was still acrimonious partisanship in the statehouse where budgets were late for one month and two months consecutively from the legislators who were elected in those elections.

Proposition 14 will take the voice away from the little people and make it easier for big business to control Sacramento and our federal representatives. That is why Governor Schwarzenegger donated over 2 million, the CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings put in 250 thousand, while billionaire Eli Broad put in 100 thousand. They do not like the partisan interests of the advocacy groups that make the Democratic and Republican Parties primary political selection work such as labor unions and anti-tax groups.  These individuals resent that political candidates are not reliant entirely upon big business and moneyed interests, so if you want to win the “top two election” you are going to have to target all the voters in your constituency not just your political party which will make elections more expensive and bring more money into the political process.

I would love to see more moderate Republicans in the state legislature and in congress where they would be more socially inclusive and not as beholden to social conservatism, and I would love to see more business friendly Democrats who would like to reduce regulations and promote job creation. However, Proposition 14 will not do either of that.  The best solution while protecting the freedom of association of political parties is to have an open primary where people would be entitled to the ballot of the political party they want to participate in which would promote voter choice and voter participation.  Another solution is to implement proportional representation and expand the State Assembly to 120 members where 3 members would be elected from each State Assembly District where members would be elected based on the proportion of votes for a political party.

By reducing voter choice with Proposition 14 and limiting political power to the very few will do little to change the culture in politics. According to Richard Winger removing the 2/3rds requirement for passing a state budget might actually be the change that might actually solve California’s budget gridlock. And if the Democratic Party destroys the state of California due to this, we can always vote them out, or recall them out of office and I do agree with him. Proposition 14 is the wrong medicine for the wrong problem and will provide adverse reactions when approved.  And it is intellectually dishonest when the Inland Newspapers refused to interview the opponents of Proposition 14 to help form their opinion on the measure.

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