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Dumb Move for Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times has raised their prices again, I know quality reporting is not free and they have done some good investigative reporting recently. Single copies are now $1.50 and I recently saw my subscription rise another 3 dollars a billing period. This reminds me of the California state budget crisis where due to the lack of money to pay for government services they increase taxes which leads to declining revenue because people flee. Perhaps having news and editorial coverage that would be the mix between the San Diego Union Tribune and the Manchester UK Guardian and people will be pleased to pay for the content. The price increased starting December 3rd of this year and has had little or no media attention.

Let us take a brief history of price increases In 2011, the LA Times went from 75 cents a daily copy to 1 dollar. This had nationwide attention all over the media. People were used to the free material on the internet and also the declining economy did not help things most. Then in 2009 the paper rose its price from 50 cents to 75 cents. I would like to see the circulation levels of the newspaper throughout time and see how this method of pricing themselves out of the market is helping them to salvation or doom.

I do not mind paying for the paper, but there will be a price sooner or later that will make consumers cancel their paper even with discounted pricing through the customer service line. The key to success is to find the equilibrium in price that consumers and the producer wants to pay.

Road Runner becomes Pricey

New price increases for the January bill in effect, your communications and entertainment will cost MORE money. I did write previous articles since 2008 about this issue and you can see some of them here.

Expect Road Runner Standard in the Los Angeles area to cost us now $52.99 from $50.99, when will these price increases end? We cant absorb this much longer. However if they don’t cap data for the time being to a fair use standard then the price suggested for their service is still a good deal.

Update on Fatcow

I did contact the Attorney General of Massachusetts and they did not really do anything about Fatcow’s deceptive pricing.  All they did was send me to a mediation service in their state. I was just hoping that they would give Fatcow’s owners the fire and brimstone to change their advertising for the better with their actual 107.40 price.

I guess Fatcow has a right to post deceptive pricing, saying they are regularly 99, but really 107.40 in cost.

I might trying the Attorney Generals office in my state as the next resort to make sure we can get some justice.

Or maybe I should try the Federal Trade Commission.

Time Warner 2011 price increases.

Time Warner raises rates yet again. I remember when my Internet services was $42.95, then $44.95 then $46.95, $48.99 and now $50.99. I am getting tired of this bull crap. I know content providers are asking for extra money and building a quality network is not free.

But when people are facing tough times people do have to make tough choices. My relationship with Time Warner was not as stable when we first started, but the service has been pretty good.

Could there be ways we could save money like not wanting espn3 access? Maybe that could shave off 1.00 off our bill.

Problem is Time Warner and other cable providers are also competing with competors such as Verizon’s Fios service which offers the services at slightly cheaper prices. If my land lord authorized the install of fios on his home I would have been happy because Verizon is offering real good prices for phone/television and internet service which would save like over thirty bucks a month. Since I am not allowed authorization to install Fios and convert the phone system to fiber, I am at the mercy of Time Warner.

Continue reading Time Warner 2011 price increases.

Road Runner Price Increase

It was 44.95 in 2008, now it is 46.95. However in 2010 expect your internet service to rise another 2.04 with Time Warner Cable. I am seriously pondering leaving TWC and going to Verizon for my internet services. 39.95 plus 2-3.00 of federal taxes is way better than 50.00 for my internet services.

I hope Time Warner enjoys losing some customers due to this ill-timed price increase. I know companies do need to make a profit, but they need to be tactful in this economic climate.