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Total Legalization Now

The leading medicinal dispensary in the Inland Valley G3 Holistic got finally shut down thanks to our ‘friends’ the DEA. President Obama pledged that he would not raid these establishments, but he backfired on his pledge.

Sadly the federal government is going to give these operators of this dispensary larger jail terms than Jerry Sandusky would ever get which the federal government can not really afford to jail them.

Now is the time for us to send a message to President Obama and not vote for him this November. Gary Johnson is a friend of the marijuana community and would appreciate your vote. There is no need to worry about any ‘spoiler effects’, if we help to get Gary at least ten percent of the vote in California it will be a symbolic message to both Democratic and Republican Party leaders that the politics of prohibition should end NOW.

We need to regulate marijuana like wine and make sure that underage people do not gain access to the drug, while making sure that responsible adults can consume the product in peace. For example the office of Alcohol Beverage Control does do sting operators of retailers and servers who give alcohol and tobacco to minors and they could do the same thing with marijuana.

Proposition 215 may have had noble intentions, but it was loaded with loopholes with quack doctors giving the drug recommendation to people with less than serious ailments. Let us make it where users for recreational and medicinal use can both use marijuana in a safe and affordable manner without people having to fake their medicinal issues. States should be allowed to regulate and tax the drug for the benefit of their people. If people want to grow marijuana they could pay for a yearly permit and get inspected. If people want to sell marijuana they would get inspected and permitted just as how tobacco is sold in retail establishments.

Even if we as Californians legalized marijuana entirely, the federal government would not likely cooperate. I thought Republicans  believed in “states’ rights”, but it seems that state’s rights are only good on the issues they care about only. At least marijuana should be moved from schedule 1 to schedule 3 to begin with so we can recognize that the drug has some medicinal value.

If we want to reduce crime and make our nation great, we need to reconsider this war on drugs.

president says one thing does another
Promised that he would not raid the dispensaries, but ended up doing so for political expediency.

I am NOT Marching Down The Line

I originally was supporting Gary Johnson, but the media blackout decimated his campaign where he went to the Libertarian Party so I decided to support Ron Paul. I thought Ron Paul would be the right solution to improve the Republican Party. I was a bit uneasy supporting Ron Paul, but I got into the spirit of his campaign. I felt that Ron’s foreign policy views are refreshing compared to President Obama and Romney, I felt that we need to get our fiscal house back in order, I felt that Ron Paul would be the best choice to prevent the TSA and DEA from making the lives of Americans miserable.

However the voyage is about to end. Ron Paul was a victim of the media blackout just as with Gary Johnson. The media pretended that Ron Paul was non-existent, but he pulled rabbits out of a hat during various state conventions and party caucuses. Then the news media got puzzled and said “Romney is the one crowned”, perhaps the news media wants to get the weakest candidate against Obama nominated. Romney volunteers have behaved in such corrupt ways such as attempting to stuff ballots, threatening Ron Paul supporters and taking their ball and running away as in Oklahoma.

Sadly Ron or other higher ups in his campaign feel that his army is not behaving properly and violating the process. Ron’s supporters may be using Ron as symbol and they invested so much in him, but Ron stated that the journey is only beginning even if Ron might not make it further after the primaries. People ran to take over their state parties and even some of them are RNC committee members in states such as Maine and Nevada. The supporters of Ron Paul are running a spirited campaign based on ideas such as reducing spending, getting us out of Afghanistan, reforming the federal reserve. Romney may be closer to Obama’s views on many issues aside from social policy and that does not help much in uniting Ron’s supporters making it more like oil and vinegar.

Romney wants to solidify the base to make it where there will not be any partisan disasters as what happened with President George H.W Bush in the 1992 convention where Pat Buchanan ended up destroying the message of his campaign and it led to Clinton defeating him. However the maneuvers Romney have done during the state conventions in various states kills the dreams of unity.

Republican activists may say that, “If you do not vote for Romney, you will end up voting for Obama by default”, but honestly on various issues Paul supporters care about Romney is only Obama in white face. Romney is still going to keep us in Afghanistan until the sun does not shine, Romney is still going to sic the DEA on the dispensaries that offer the sick relief with marijuana, Romney is still going to promote the worst policies of President Obama with the drones invading American skies and indefinite detention of Americans. Perhaps leaving our ballots blank or voting for Gary Johnson may be the only rational idea. Continue reading I am NOT Marching Down The Line

There Should Be No Secrecy In Political Donations

For any successful campaign you need money. Money is the fuel for speech. However there are cases in businesses and individuals clouding their donations because people did not want their donations exposed to scrutiny. Recently a top Romney donor Frank VanderSloot had customers cancel their business relationships with him because they did not want to patronize a businessman who had views that were contrary to their principles because Frank harbors deep prejudices to the LGBT community.

President Obama’s campaign has showcased a few of the top donors to his campaign in the website “Keeping the GOP Honest”. Conservative blogs consider this as an “enemies list”, but knowing who candidates are getting funds from are a healthy indicator of what type of interest and policies candidates are getting their appeal from. However instead of crying to your compatriots about how Obama is hurting your business, scrutinize Obama’s contributors to his Super PAC and his regular campaign committees as well. I bet Obama has just as many shady characters just as much as Romney.

Individuals and businesses should be able to stand by their donations instead of hiding from them. If you did not like my donations to Ron Paul, then you should be free to patronize or not patronize me if I was a captain of industry. I think its responsible for consumers to pull out their business if business people have principles contrary to their values.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Just as how Fred Karger exposed the major players who helped to fund discrimination in California, people should have the choice not to patronize the San Diego storage business owner Terry Caster who spent over 693,000 in sponsoring Proposition 8. Even the National Organization for Marriage wants people to boycott Starbucks, but unfortunately for them their boycott targets usually get more business.

Target also received negative publicity for supporting an inequality loving candidate for Minnesota Governor as well, even though Target portrays themselves with a progressive ethos their corporate office sent money to help defeated candidate Tom Emmer which gave them negative press and even Lady Gaga dropped her deal to promote her new album with the chain. They said helping Tom Emmer was because of his economic policies, but maybe Target should of realized they need to raise a crop of legislators who may be pro-corporation, but makes sure not to treat LGBT people as second class citizens.

With the Citizens United decision, it has opened the floodgates for corporate political donations. Since corporations want their outsized influence, the American people deserve to know how our political candidates and causes are being sponsored. We should know who our political candidates are being beholden to or what they stand for. Unfortunately there is another roadblock to transparency.

Donors of a 501(c)4 should have their donations automatically disclosed, just as how it took 4 years to find out that Romney hid his donation for the Proposition 8 donations. Even though it was questionable about leaking the information, the information should be legalized in the future. If a group influences public policy, secrecy is not an option.

Even the Supreme Court stated that signatures for ballot measures are not confidential. Doe v. Reed states that disclosure of signatures on a ballot measure does not violate the first amendment.

If a political candidate wants to restrict your civil rights or ship your job to China, India or Mexico you should be aware of the implications of supporting that candidate for office.

Obama May Stink, but We Should Not Stink Ourselves In the Process.

President Obama’s presidency has made people on the right and even on the left frustrated and disappointed. However since Obama has African-American heritage, there are things you absolutely should not do to express your disgust with him or his policies.

Any alleged humor dealing with food black people typically eat. A lady in Rancho Cucamonga got nominated as worst person of the day by Keith Olberman and sparked worldwide news about this with her Obama Bucks cartoon.

This situation also happened with an email with a cartoon about Obama turning the White House lawn into a watermelon patch which caused controversy for a former Orange County city councilman.

Then recently, someone sent an email about Obama and some apes which caused an Orange County Republican Party committee member some unwanted attention. Yes, you are allowed to consider W Bush an ape in cartoons and art, but due to history depicting black people as less than human it is not cool to share emails like that.

Attack Obama on the issues, don’t become the target. Attack Obama on his love of Planned Parenthood over the Armed Forces, attack him on maxing out the nation’s deficit, attack him for his energy policy which is making working families and businesses struggle to stay afloat.

The State of the Union

I decided not to watch the State of the Union because I felt like it would be a waste of my time. One of my Facebook friends said, Matt you are politically inclined I should of saw some commentary from you by now.

Right now I am going to go read the speech from our president, one that I did not vote for even though he is still our president I am going to find out if playing video games all night was actually a better alternative instead of watching this speech.

First, there was a message about coming together. However we are still polarized from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid force feeding the health care bill whether if you like it or not, if you wanted to take Gavin Newsom’s infamous quote that the traditional values folks appropriated off of him. Then we also have Keith Olberman and Rush Limbaugh also spreading the fires of polarization as well that do not make the political culture rather healthy indeed.

The American people do want solutions, but we do not want the starving of government nor we need the expansion of government like what happened for the last two years. We already spent almost 1 trillion dollars and unemployment is still high and our president wants us to spend more money. This makes the president’s argument rather weak.

What the president did in the past was how the American public ended up borrowing under their mortgages to buy cars, vacations and big screen tv’s and then ended up sinking underwater because they bit more than they could chew.

Anyways, I do see common ground with the high priestess of the Tea Party Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann about economic policy, but the majority of the Tea Party caucus would like to treat the people who are different than them like crap and that would not expand their outreach with young people or people like me. I feel like I want to slam a cream pie from Marie Calendars on her face, like what they did to Anita Bryant.

I just wish Congressman Jim Jordan and Michelle Bachmann could just stick towards fiscal issues only, else I might end up helping to elect President Obama in 2012 if their big government intervention on social issues working to eliminate personal liberty and freedom comes to plan.