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Quick Notes

Did you know that the founder of Red County is in deep trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission? Charles Hanlon, also known as Chip overstated his investment portfolio which means fraud in the SEC’s eyes.

Red County used to be a real good blog in San Bernardino County until the San Bernardino County scandals derailed the blog. Red County was the place where we had the Obama Republican Women’s club scandal unravel where Keith Olberman led to have the club’s president as his worst person of the day.

With the federal government broke, it seems we should have a website where average citizens could come up with proposals to help cut costs. I recently thought of the idea of eliminating congressional pensions for individuals such as Gary Miller of Diamond Bar or John Kerry of Massachusetts. If a retired congressional member has a net worth of less than 2.5 million then they would be able to get a congressional pension, if its between 2.5 million and 4.99 million then they would get a partial pension. After 5 million net worth, they would be on their own. However if they bottom out they could get their congressional pension restored the next calendar year.

The Question of Endorsements

As published in iepolitics.com

Endorsements, candidates go for them like a kid at a candy store. Voters look for them as indicators that candidates are for or against policy positions. However when organizations are inconsistent with their mission statements it clouds the meaning of an endorsement in an election.

There are two endorsements I would like to call into question in California’s 2010 elections, endorsement of Mary Bono by the Log Cabin Republicans and the endorsement of Chris Lancaster by the California Republican Assembly.

I know as a queer conservative, I am not going to earn any brownie points for going after the Log Cabin Republicans, but I have to openly speak out and demonstrate their absurdity by being absurd. Just as how Log Cabin California endorsed candidates who were “good on Republican issues and not good on LGBT issues” they looked like fools on the Flash Report, Red County, Queerty and other websites in the 2008 primary.

However Log Cabin California may have improved in 2010 with the endorsement of Tom Campbell for the US Senate, but they may have faltered with the endorsement of Congresswoman Mary Bono-Mack of Palm Springs.  Mary Bono-Mack is in the political fight for her life in the 2010 November election with the popular openly gay mayor of Palm Springs Steve Poughnet. Even though Steve Poughnet may not be as effective as a public official where he is struggling to maintain public safety first responders in a budget crisis, we should not give Steve the edge because Mary refuses to repeal Don’t ask Don’t Tell or co-sponsor the trans inclusive Employment Non Discrimination Act.  When many of your constituents in the biggest cities of your district are in the LGBT community giving them a reason to support your opponent would be a very bad idea.

Voters do not want fair weather friends, voters want politicians that deliver for the causes they believe in.  Compared to those living in Utah or Florida we are fortunate to live in California where you cannot be fired because of your sexuality or gender expression.  It is great that Mary Bono-Mack is friendlier than her prior husband Sonny who was congressman for a few terms, but people want results not sweet talk just as how President Obama is shafting the supporters who helped lead him into office.

Now I am going to discuss the other endorsement controversy. This one deals with the California Republican Assembly, the conservative organization that is traditionally pro-traditional values and pro-fiscal conservatism.  The 59th Assembly District is facing a competitive primary in the Republican Party and with over six candidates competing for the chance to be nearly guaranteed the office after the primary.  The CRA endorsed newspaper executive Chris Lancaster as their choice for the 59th Assembly District.  Even though Chris Lancaster may be excellent on social conservative and traditional values issues, his prior history as a city council member in Covina shows that he is the next incarnation of retiring Assemblyman Anthony Adams due to him being recalled in 1993 for raising the utility tax. So when we see the CRA scorecard for Mr.Lancaster expect him to receive low marks not for supporting gay rights legislation, but for tax increases and being very cozy to the public employee unions which helped lead to this pension liability crisis our state and local governments are currently experiencing, which explains why Chris Lancaster was endorsed by the California Labor Federation in his 2006 effort running for State Assembly.  It is ironic that the CRA attacks someone like Palmdale mayor James Ledford where he has similar economic positions as Chris Lancaster, but the CRA should have endorsed someone like Ken Hunter who would be both conservative on social issues and economics as well. Maybe the CRA is listening to my advice in a Los Angeles Times letter to the editor saying that Mike Spence and friends should maybe go for the Latino vote who is pro-traditional values and pro-big government.

Perhaps if organizations endorsed candidates who are consistent with their mission statements then there would be more credibility to the value of their endorsements in future elections.

Tom Campbell

Most of the media attention has been on Poizner and Whitman in the Conservative blog world. We have not seen politicians endorse Tom yet or Meg and Steve pounce on him with their press releases.

People who attended Tom’s events have given him critical acclaim for providing solutions instead of providing generalities. Sharon and myself will likely cover the event on Thursday and provide our readers our impressions.

I also thought of an idea to use instant messenger icons of Tom to help bring awareness of his campaign to those we chat with.

I hope he continues on his get aquainted tour and meets with groups such as the Republican Women Federated and the College Republicans.

Our Conversation

People do acknowlege my writing ability and that is appreciated. I am thinking about asking Art from the Orange Juice blog if I could join his blogpen where I would cover general California political issues.

There are vital issues that need to be discussed and I will be here to help cover them. California is now a beautiful mess and we are struggling to put the state back together again and I hope to be part of the conversation.

Leave a comment, join my twitter feed as a follower or even tell a friend about my website.

Why I am squeamish about involving churches with political campaigns

I had a conversation with another volunteer for the political campaign I am working with and I just feel somewhat disturbed about involving churches with the campaign. In 1998, I was involved with the Bob Demallie campaign, a very staunch conservative who decided to jump from the school board to the state assembly. I still thought I was straight and very conservative and I did not think their ideas were odd or eclectic at the time, but after the election of 1998 happened I finally realized how silly it all was.

However our candidate is pro-choice, and I do not know what is more vital to the social conservatives, being anti-marriage equality or being pro-life. Honestly I think our candidate should be neutral on the culture wars, its only a distraction from the important things that have been plaguing our state such as a 15 billion dollar deficit. However I am fearful that she will pander to the fundamentalists, where it might of been better to elect the genuine article during the primary such as Ben Lopez, staffer for Lou Sheldon.

It felt like all they cared about was cultural issues, but not the economic and bread and butter issues that affect all of us in our state when I was working the 1998 and 2000 campaigns. Basically the discussion when I was eating my food during the precinct walking barbeque and picnic was how to end abortion, which I still agree today and also how they wanted to restrict homosexual equality like how Joe Baca at the time was allegedly their ally in the Democratic Party.

Then I discovered the ideas that led to these individuals attaining power in our party with stealth campaigns and Christian reconstructionalism which would be similar in aspect to implementing Islamic law. Where as an example Demallie received many contributions from Fieldstead and Company, an Irvine based holding company from Howard Ahmason a follower of R.J Rushdoony.

This led me to supporting former Pomona mayor Edward Cortez because I wanted a mainstream winnable choice for State Assembly, but he did not win in the 2000 primary.

I do not mind helping to get more people involved in political campaigns, but it sounds like pandering if we are going to distribute our flyers to all the churches of the region. If pastors want some of the campaign’s literature more power to them, but blindly distributing it around town is something I am not going to participate in.

In the mood.

After the bookstore at Riverside Community College was unresponsive to my questions about the materials required for a course and decided to announce what was required on the day of the class, I decided to drop the course.

If you are taking a short term class between sessions you should be able to know what is required so you can make proper choices in choosing your course selection decisions.

I am going to use the time that would of been spent doing this course in other productive measures.

Perhaps, I’ll volunteer for a presidential candidate in the California Republican Party primary.

I got my new computer, even though it got me 1045.00 in the red. This new computer I received is pretty swell my load times are 10-15 seconds compared to over 3-4 minutes on my old box. Its a productivity enhancer

If you do not want a computer from HP or Dell and you are afraid that you will break all the parts you ordered from Newegg, then consider buying from your local independent computer store.

You get the parts you need, and generally the people making the systems know what they are doing and they put the parts in that will not likely cause problems.