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Gold Line Extention for Ontario

I have been using public transportation for almost twenty years in the Inland Valley and beyond. I previously have been skeptical about the SBX project and not a big fan of the Rail to Redlands project. However the Gold Line extention project has some cards up its sleeve to do better things than the other two projects.

People can easily reach Ontario Airport instead of taking a taxi, park their vehichle for several days or have someone drop them off. People can reach Pasadena, Azuza Pacific University, Union Station, China Town and East Los Angeles.

The only issue is funding. San Bernardino County officials are stating that this is a pet project for the San Gabriel Valley people in Los Angeles County and why should San Bernardino County people pay for this back in 2014 in a San Gabriel Valley Tribune article which the executive director of SANBAG stated that.

Los Angeles County residents and shoppers do pay an extra cent sales tax to pay for projects such as the Gold Line. However since the Gold Line is not entirely in San Bernardino County, perhaps a fourth of a cent increase would be added to fund Omnitrans and the San Bernardino County portions of the Gold Line. To protect taxpayers, there would be a provision that increases in the sales tax would have to go to the voters.

Another option is to add a small surcharge to airline tickets. Fifty cents for flights under 200 dollars, and 1 dollar for flights over 200 dollars.

State and federal funding would also be critical for a project like this to break ground in the next decade as well. Most people would rather see local light rail over the bullet train boondoogle if we had to choose a transportation project to fund.

Personally I would rather see the Gold Line extention over toll roads.

Ontario’s Anti-Fireworks Ordinance Is a Toothless Feel Good Solution

The Fourth of July is not a fun time if you choose to stay at home instead of going to a fireworks display. For the next 8-12 hours until July 5th it becomes Fallujah reinvested. There is a 1000 dollar violation for the possession of fireworks, but people all over my six block radius could care less because the enforcement is not there or not even visible.

I think the best solution is to lift the ban and have a rule stating if children, animals or property get injured due to fireworks there would be double the penalty involved. Sparklers are tame and I am not going to nit pick on that, but it’s the airborne stuff that should be targeted. My father said it might be Munoz Park or Chaffey High School doing a show, but I do not see any of them listed having a fireworks show on Google or Bing. It is most likely the smuggled stuff from Nevada.

I recognize that fireworks are second nature to most Americans as moms and apple pie, but there is a time and a place for fireworks and that is with a licensed pyrotechnic specialist at a local park or stadium.

Unless the city of Ontario wants to enforce their laws they should scrap this law off the books and remove the signs thru the city limits.

I Ask a Favor For You

I would appreciate it if my readers visit the Ontario, California Facebook page for local control of our airport entitled Set ONTario Free. Our goal is to get around 6,000 fans by the 4th of July. We are 157 people to our goal, if you have not signed up feel free to do so now.

It is strongly encouraged to call your local city council members, state legislators and congress members especially those who have not signed up yet such as Judy Chu (representing Upland next year)  and Ed Royce  (representing Chino Hills next year) in the US House, Carol Liu for State Senate (representing Upland next year), and Pasadena City Council member Chris Holden (likely AD 41 Assembly member) to get on board for local control for Ontario International Airport.

Fireworks are NOT ALLOWED in Ontario, California

Just to let people in the community know, FIREWORKS are NOT ALLOWED in our city. Just because you can buy them in Chino or even Upland, they can not be used or possessed in our city.

Individuals can be faced with up to a 1000 dollar fine for possession and or use of them in our city. If you do not have a permit do not bother. Instead, partake in a fireworks show by a licensed pyrotechnician.

As a public service you can also visit the City of Ontario website where the fire department explains why fireworks are not allowed.

Bring Our Local Economy Back To Life

Ontario, California’s airport is on a downward spiral all thanks to its owner the City of Los Angeles which manages our local airport. Airlines are reducing flights and flights are generally more expensive than flying to LAX.

An airport helps drive the economy of a region, without a vibrant ONT we will not have the ability to improve our economy to the fullest.

Local control of Ontario International Airport is vital. Now is the time to join the movement to Set ONTario free.

Feel free to visit their Facebook page to find out more information and LIKE it.

Ontario California’s Looming CA VRA Problem.

    Ontario California will have an election for City Council this November. Problem is there are only two seats and many candidates running. With only 1 Latino on the council and a population that is highly Latino we might end up with a challenge in the near future by interest groups such as political parties or advocacy groups serving the Latino community seeking redresses.

    School boards and city councils in Ontario are facing the reality of the California Voter Rights Act, a law passed in 2002 that makes it easy for minority groups to sue when they are not being fairly represented in at-large elections. The problem with the California Voter Rights Act is that government agencies are required to pay all court and legal costs to the winning party even if they settle before a verdict is decided which cities cannot afford these days. The city of Modesto is facing an estimated lawsuit cost of three million dollars in defending their CA VRA challenge. Many of the sued governmental bodies have came across using districts as their solution for CA VRA compliance.

    Ontario has traditionally not had many Latino representatives in the past. Before Mayor Leon we had Rudy Favila as a city council member recently. Groups such as the San Bernardino County Democratic Party would like to use the CA VRA to force change in the city of Ontario.

    District elections do have its advantages where the issues of a smaller subset of voter’s political candidates have to target and campaigns would be cheaper if the city council candidates are selected by the district itself. However the problem with district elections is the representatives do not usually focus on the city itself as often where they only want to focus on what is good for their district.

    However I would suggest what Newport Beach does and elect our candidates by districts, but have them voted on by the entire city. This would make sure we would have candidates from various parts of our city instead of just the North West as an example. If candidates are voted on by the entire city then the candidates would be beholden to the voters of the entire city instead.

    Only thing I do not like about the CA VRA is that it is highly difficult to change a city’s voting system when they are a general law city. There should be an easier way to switch the governance of a city when faced with the risk of a CA VRA lawsuit. Maybe the city should consider a charter review committee to obtain blueprints for a possible city charter.

    Continue reading Ontario California’s Looming CA VRA Problem.

Dogs in South Ontario Need Help

Update to any one who read this post recently, an updated version is here.

Mercy’s K9 Rescue needs help badly due to losing their property. Their property got sold and they are looking for people to either adopt one of their dogs or donate if they can. For the last 30 years they ran a kennel and dog training business in South Ontario, but due to the economy the status of their operation is in danger.

They do not know what will happen due to the terms of the sale and after the deal was closed with the new owner.

There are over 20 dogs to consider, and the owners want as many of them adopted so nothing unfortunate happens such as having to take them to the overburdened humane society. The owners of the rescue deeply care about their dogs and work with them so they can be well mannered for your home.

If anyone knows any affordable place where they could relocate and house their dogs, or know of an attorney who can negotiate with the new owners for low cost it would be highly appreciated.

Welcome Back Mountain Avenue Animal Hospital

The previous owner Dr.Carey died and the operation was out of service for most of the year, but two veterinarians decided to open up a practice on the facility on 1155 N. Mountain Avenue, Ontario California.

They are now able to establish more services compared to when the previous owner had the practice. Digital x-rays, and updated laboratory equipment.

If you were once a customer of this business, the new owners would like you to consider coming back.

Same telephone number at 909-986-4548

You can look them up on Facebook.