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SAY NO to the SBX West Valley Connector

As someone who utilized public transportation as my main mode of transportation for almost two decades I stand opposed to the West Valley Connector. I am worried about several aspects of the project, the removal of lanes on Holt Boulevard, Foothill Boulevard, Haven Avenue and Milliken Avenue. The other issue is even if the service is only Monday-Friday, the lanes would be blocked off 7 days a week to the general public even if bus service is not being utilized on the weekends as shown in San Bernardino. I am worried about the removal of left turn lanes and the difficulty for people to access businesses along the major streets.

There is a better option for the residents, taxpayers and business operators of the corridor. We should utilize the OCTA Bravo system for limited stop service. Instead of running 60 stops, we would just run 5 or 6 stops this could be cheaper without the construction of new bus stations, road construction on the major streets and would be friendly to taxpayers and the transit dependent. So for route 61 we would have route 161 which would be the express route and route 61 would serve all the stops.

The board members for Omnitrans are listed here.

Thank You

A Really Twisted Transit Reality Show

Since there is a big push for sustainable development and stack and pack housing there is one thing we should ask our local elected officials in particular the ones who sit on boards such as SANBAG, SCAG, Omnitrans and its High Desert counterpart Victor Valley Transit.

I know there is a desire to get people from not relying on their cars, but could our elected officials could spend a day with just using mass transit to get from place A to place B. This could help our elected officials explain why when mass transit customers have means to own their own cars they are not likely to use the bus to go to work or go shopping.

Developers such as the Lewis Companies with their plans to transform the Empire Lakes Golf Course across the street from the Ontario Mills into a master planned apartment complex with shops nearby so people would not be relying on their cars, they said there would be a shuttle called “The Vine” to take people from the shopping opportunities nearby so they would not be driving. However what happens if you want to go to Kaiser Hospital in Ontario or Fontana or need to go to the drug store to get some cold medicine at 3:30 in the morning, will Omnitrans or the Vine take those people to the places they need to go?

When you are relying on mass transit you are constrained by the schedule of the agency. Some people may work graveyard shifts in the warehouses of the Inland Valley. If they want to work they have to drive for better or worse. It feels like Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage when the last bus of the day is over and you have to wait for 5am for the next day’s service to begin. Service has to be frequent, convenient and in some cases 24/7 on routes 1, 14, 61, 66, 84 as examples with Omnitrans. 

I would like to be humane for this experiment. For the Board of Supervisor members they would just go from their residence to their district office. City council members would just go from their home to their city hall or even their primary workplace if applicable. I think if our local elected did use mass transit for at least one day a year they would have a better understanding of the issues when it comes with Omnitrans and Victor Valley Transit or even development plans when it comes to city or county planning issues. Its only wishful thinking to try to satisfy the mind of SCAG executive director Hasan Ikhrata.

Its illogical to expect people in the Inland Valley to give up their cars. Its like mom and apple pie. We want smart growth, but we want fiscally responsible and environmentally friendly growth at the same time. We want transportation that people will use by choice not by the edict of a government planner.

Omnitrans Route Changes

Yes, there will be significant bus changes to the San Bernardino County bus agency that covers Montclair to Yucaipa starting September 8th. I was mostly pleased with some of the changes, but sadly the social media page only wants cheerleading responses to the announcement of their new bus book.
Ergo this leads towards me writing a blog post on my personal blog about the new changes. As how I am a semi regular user of public transportation in our region this does make some impact for myself.
Even if I do earn my long delayed drivers license there will still be times when I will need to use the bus system. Since I live in Ontario I will be mostly focusing on the west valley changes to the bus system.
The major complaint is that for many people you will not be able to rely on a single ride up or a single ride back for many destinations. It seems like the way the routes were made it led to a design where you will need to transfer to a second route to get to your destination. For me personally I would have to transfer to get to Montclair Plaza or Chaffey College compared to before. This is perceived as an indirect fare increase.

I think some of the problems could be alienated if the frequency in Route 84 was changed. I understand that Omnitrans will be looking at the passenger totals with these new routes to decide if any new realignments or frequencies have to be adjusted.
I was hoping for an expansion to Eastvale where people can transfer to Riverside (RTA Route 29) or Corona/Norco (RTA Route 3) so people can go to work to that part of Riverside easier. I appreciate the new Route 290 to San Bernardino which would be good for county employees and people who are needing to use county services such as the hospital. Hopefully the frequency for the route would be 30 minutes in the prime time and 60 minutes standard in the near future. Perhaps increase the price for that route by 50 cents for standard fare or 25 cents for senior/disabled to help pay for this new service.
Problem is we have limited money for public agencies, but laws such AB 32 (Cap and Trade Tax) and SB 350 (Ration Gasoline) are happening we have to promote comprehensive public transportation. If these two taxes are not able to provide transit funding, then why are we having these taxes on the public? Is it just for environmentalism or is it just to gouge the general public at the same time?

As a practitioner of public policy, it makes me wanting to become a city council member in the next decade.

Omnitrans Route Idea

This is one of the route ideas I would like to propose to Omnitrans.This route serves destinations people value. Ontario Mills, Colony High School, East Ontario Metrolink and connection to Riverside Transit Agency with Routes 3 and 29 so you can go to Corona, Eastvale, Norco or Riverside.


It would take around 25 minutes to go through this route, but with extra stops I could foresee a route like this to be a 45 minute frequency route. Not quite 30 minute nor hourly service.

This would be contingent on funding of course. I sometimes wish I studied transportation planning as my subject in college.

Transportation Options Should Expand For More Students

The Go Smart campaign has been a successful effort to help get cars off the road and help encourage new customers when the subsidy wears off when students graduate. When I was reading a flyer promoting the Go Smart program it did not openly advertise that in 2013, that college students will be paying full price if they do not belong to a Go Smart program participating campus.

There is one issue that Omnitrans transportation planners and the board fail to recognize that there are students who attend schools such as Cal Poly Pomona and UC Riverside which would still appreciate the student price or some savings in their fare. Perhaps we could do what Riverside Transit does and offer a youth fare that would be the
current student pass and keep the college fare at five bucks more than youth monthly pass. So I would suggest 35 for student, 40 for college (adult student).

Providing opportunity to help people get to their school or workplace is an investment. Discontinuing the student fare for non participating go smart institutions would be a huge disservice. Encouraging more people to utilize Omnitrans services would be a better goal. Offering passes to those who have a valid course of study at San Bernardino County private colleges such as University of Redlands or public colleges that Omnitrans customers travel to such as University of California Riverside would be a plus. I remember traveling from Ontario to Riverside three times a week going to school without express bus connections like the RTA Route 204 which could of made my life easier.

I hope that an Omnitrans executive or a board member from the agency reads this posting.

No Thanks TSA

Recently when waiting for the bus near Chaffey College, I saw a new announcement from Omnitrans which made me think of what might happen in the future for what was announced. The TSA is going to invade our bus systems no matter if its MTA in Los Angeles to Omnitrans in San Bernardino County.

Omnitrans is participating with the Transportation
Security Administration (TSA) to help ensure that
our public transportation systems are kept safe
for everyone. Our world changed on Sept. 11,
2001.  We learned that our country and its transit
systems are not immune from terrorist attacks.  
Omnitrans already regularly cooperates with local
law enforcement and first responders to enhance
the safety and security of our system.  Soon we
will begin partnering with TSA and the
Department of Homeland Security.
A program known as VIPR (Visible Intermodal
Prevention and Response) will deploy teams
of government law enforcement officers at
Omnitrans transit centers.  VIPR teams will
conduct random searches at transit centers
including at passenger waiting areas and on
board Omnitrans vehicles.  Some officers will
be in uniform and others will not.  In some
cases bomb-sniffing dogs may be used.  The
VIPR program will help detect and deter
potential threats to our customers, our
employees and our community.
Thank you for your cooperation as we work with
TSA to help secure your ride. 

More information is available at tsa.gov

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New Transportation Options For Local Students

Free rides will be open for students of the Cal State San Bernardino, Chaffey and San Bernardino Community College Districts. This is an initative brought to you by the schools, the air quality agency and local governments.

For those in Riverside County, UCR and Riverside College students were given the option to get rides on RTA buses. Now San Bernardino County college students are given the chance. This experiment will last for one year, but if you are interested in this service beyond the year students will likely have to invoice themselves a fee to cover the bus service. RCC students currently pay around 6 dollars a quarter, but expect it to cost as much as a parking permit. However that would be a bargain.

Only bad thing is that Omnitrans will likely need to increase the frequency on some of the routes if ridership actually picks up due to the offer. I did post on the Omnitrans wall on facebook stating that instead of 60 minute frequencies for Route 80 and 81, we should have 45 minute frequencies to help meet the demand for the services.

For more information visit here.