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Blocked By Your Elected on Social Media

It is known that our local Congress member does not really like any opposition in her political office Facebook page. For better or worse we are the constituents in her district and she has to take in account our positions on the issues when bills come to the floor.
Our district does lean strongly to her political party, but there are still a strong contingent of Republican Party activists who do take the political issues of the day seriously. Compared to phone calls, written letters and e-mail many of us do like to use Facebook to communicate, but unless you are wanting to talk about making college free or raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks a hour, Norma does not really want to hear from you.
Back when Norma was an Assemblywoman I actively opposed her driving while stoned bill because it was poorly written. Even if you have a trace amount of marijuana in your system from 20 days ago, the police would have a license to tow your car. Norma did not like the opposition and made sure I could not post on her Facebook political office page and made it read only to me.

I can understand if it is a personal or a campaign page, a political figure should have the right to do what they want to do, but when it comes to a page or site when it deals with being a state legislator or a member of the House of Representatives and Senate there should be some different rules that apply. Unless someone is making threats or spamming a social media page, the individual should be welcomed in. Maybe there could be a status check from sites like Facebook to have the Constituent tag. Constituents would have more latitude to stay on the legislators page than someone who does not live in their district. I also think that the political party caucuses should have the right to overrule a legislator and their staff when it comes to moderation.

Even if I was elected last year, I would try to be fair to the constituents who have opposite opinions than myself. Unfortunately for Norma Torres the only way you will be taken seriously by her is if you run for office against her. Due to Gloria doing the office shuffle I was not able to run against Norma in 2014, but I hope someone else runs against her in 2016.

Norma Torres Not Listening

Senator Norma Torres needs to be responsive of her constituents. Our State Senator has a cavalier attitude when it deals with her political Facebook page. I could understand if it is her personal Facebook page where she might want to post pictures of her family and pets. However when you are a representative of the people, the constituents from all walks of life would like to communicate to their representative.

Elected officials should not expect a Facebook or Twitter environment to be 24/7 pep rallies. Norma represents more people than her fan club, including the people who voted for her opponents and she should be more inclusive to the ideas that her constituents may have.  Even though the ideas the constituents have may not be in line with her personal feelings, she needs to learn how to be a good listener.

Purging people off her political page may be her own personal right, but it only makes our State Senator look rather shallow.  People are getting booted from interacting because they have honest disagreements with the legislator’s legislation or policy agenda. Constituents do not want to visit politicians social media pages if it’s just a one way conversation. The constituents of the 32nd State Senate District want a dialogue, not an echo chamber.

Equality Should Be a Bipartisan Issue

Its unfortunate that Republicans basically oppose anything positive to LGBT people, even though Democrats sadly chase away businesses where they are moving to Texas and overseas for their business needs. I feel frustrated that Democrats may kill the business climate in California, but Republicans fail to understand that they do not live in Alabama.

No matter if it is Seth’s Law (AB 9), FAIR Education Act (SB 48) or Foster Youth: LGBT Cultural Competency (AB 1856) Republican Party legislators generally run from these issues like the plague even though there is more acceptance of the community in our state and nation.

Since equality organizations sadly put their eggs in one basket, it helps to create the climate where the Republicans do not want the votes from equality supporters. Due to Top 2, equality supporters can make a difference. We could vote for the less noxious of candidates when it is a two Republican race and make these candidates fight for our votes.

I am not expecting politicians to suddenly becoming allies overnight, but as what Bob Dylan wrote awhile back, “The Times They Are A-Changin”. I do not really want to vote for Norma Torres, but I feel like voting for the Republican Kenny Coble will be a tough sell for me. Sadly with no ability for a write-in vote I will leave my vote blank.

I want a politician that will help bring back business, leave our state in fiscal sanity and respect me as a person. If he or she can not support something as simple as Seth’s Law or make foster care a welcoming environment for youth who get rejected by society, then how can I trust them? I do not want to wait for California to end up declaring bankruptcy before we get Republicans embracing equality, but maybe that is what will need to happen.

As what I have stated earlier, politics is about addition. If Republicans openly want support and votes from equality campaigners and Latino voters we might see California finally shining again.

Election Recap


I was correct that Ron Paul got slaughtered. Jesse Benton was a turd for sabotaging Ron Paul’s campaign.

Proposition 29

It will likely fail due to the numerous Republican voters who voted during the primary.

Congressional District 8:

Race is very tight, but I am hoping for Phil Liberatore to not make the top two.

Congressional District 31:

I was correct, It will likely be a Republican versus Republican race with Bob Dutton and Gary Miller. Democrats should support Bob Dutton because he has more of a local footprint than Gary Miller.

Congressional District 35:

This will also be a same party dog fight in November. It is very boring! Joe Baca versus Gloria Negrette Mcleod will be the race this November.

Assembly District 41:

I feel that Chris Holden will beat Donna Lowe because Donna Lowe is not a mainstream candidate. I hope Ed Colton makes a second attempt at running for office in the future. Replacing Mike Antonovich might be a good idea 4 years from now.

Assembly District 52:

This race will be a Norma Torres versus Kenny Coble race. I am not that enthused about either candidate. I need to have a discussion with Kenny Coble on certain issues before I can sustain some support for him.

Sixteen Billion Ways to Be Ambivalent

It seems California is now in a sixteen billion dollar budget deficit instead of an expected nine billion dollar deficit and Governor Brown wants to make sure cuts are not going to be as austere so he wants voters to pass the tax increase that Republicans will refuse to approve since they have the 2/3rds veto for tax increases.

Proposition 25 was expected to be the solution to get our legislators to pass budgets that do not have kabuki tricks that have such rosy projections where the amount of legislators to pass a budget bill was going to be lowered to 50 percent plus one, but legislators still passed budgets with accounting tricks because they did not want to sacrifice their paychecks when Democrats and political consultants used the threat of not passing a budget on time with legislators not being paid.

Democrats pass a budget in 2011, State Controller John Chiang refuses to pay the legislators because the budget violates another proposition passed by the voters in 2004, Proposition 58 “The California Balanced Budget Act”. The budget legislators passed in 2011 did not balance revenues and expenditures and state legislators ended up suing the State Controller to get their money that was withheld and a judge sadly sided with the legislators to state that the legislators not the State Controller are the arbiters if a budget is balanced because Chiang overstepped his powers.

So we have a budget that gave us ten billion dollars in the red and now it is sixteen billion. Problem is we have a government dominated by the public employee unions where heads would literally be scalped if they went against the wishes of the labor unions. Voters got bamboozled thanks to a judge who gave what the Democratic Party wanted, no checks and balances to make sure legislators passed a balanced budget. Then the Democrats added Trojan horses where they could add tax increases and other revenue enhancers without the voters being able to use the referendum to overrule them such as bills that tie into the budgets.

I know the Democrats want to raise taxes to pay for the public services we value, but how much taxes is enough to feed the emaciated sow of the SEIU, CTA and CCPOA? We threaten voters by stating that the shelter animals will be culled if we don’t pay the taxes, we threaten voters by stating that state parks will be padlocked, but it might have to take some tough leadership to make things right.

I have not been comfortable voting for Republicans because I am afraid that they will want to enforce their social issues instead of focusing on the pocketbook issues such as Senator Huff’s attempts to undo LGBT youth civil rights legislation. However it might take one or two elections where we will send the legislators such as Norma Torres who represents my district out of Sacramento and if candidates such as Kenny Coble end up focusing on theocracy instead of economy I will be happy to throw him out of office.

Maybe it might take the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers association to make a proposition that repeals Prop 25 because we absolutely got scammed and since we did not prepare a proper budget, the Democrats helped to cause this misery that we will end up enduring. My idea for a compromise is a 60% vote for budgets and tax increases and a rule that we stop using baseline budgeting and make zero-based budgeting the rule of law in Sacramento. I would also add a clause that pays the legislators minimum wage instead of no pay. Lastly I would remove the Trojan horse provisions that prevents voters from overturning egregious provisions with referendum passed by the legislature as well.

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Norma’s Double Standard on Public Safety

It seems Assembly member Norma Torres (D-Pomona) has a double standard on public safety. As mayor of Pomona she was reluctant about driver’s license checkpoints in her city, but being uninsured and unlicensed is also a public safety hazard in our communities and our state which also could lead to property damage and bodily injury or death.

Now recently she has introduced a bill AB 2552 with little notice that will make driving with any marijuana in your body even if you are sober as an equivalent to “driving under the influence”. I can understand that due to her time as an emergency dispatcher she believes she is the paragon of public safety. Unfortunately taking marijuana is not like drinking beer where it leaves the system after several days. This bill states that if you have any cannabis based compound you would not be allowed to drive. Unfortunately even if you are sober, marijuana still stays in one’s system for up to a month which is one way to help clog up the judicial system and prevent people from making a living when their driving privilege gets restricted.

I am not here to excuse buzzed driving, if a police officer believes one is not concentrating properly and driving erratically like a drunk driver then yes, punish the individual. However, if Norma wants to promote public safety then she should work with physiologists to think of a fair level of marijuana in one’s system such as a young driver who might have taken some cold medicine that might have traces of alcohol as a compromise. Maybe it might take a progressive like Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Fransisco) to set Norma on the right track.

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Peepers Beware

From the office of Norma Torres:
Increased Penalties for Peeping Toms Approved by the Senate Public Safety Committee

Assembly member Norma Torres (D-61) announced the approval of her Assembly Bill 665 by the Senate Public Safety Committee, which will create a higher penalty for repeat offenders of an individual’s right to privacy.

Currently, many “peeping toms” are not deterred by existing penalties. Often they can make considerable profit selling images to internet sites. Assembly Bill 665 will allow law enforcement to lock up repeat offenders for up to one year in jail, impose a fine of up to $2,000, or both. The bill also requires a higher penalty for any violation where the victim is a minor.

For more information, click here.

Norma Torres on Redevelopment Agencies

Ontario is one of the cities in our district that has redevelopment abuse issues, since the agencies may be on the chopping block due to the budget crisis, this recent update from the Assembly woman is worthy.

(Sacramento) – In the wake of the vigorous debate over the Governor’s proposal earlier this year to eliminate redevelopment agencies Assembly member Norma Torres (D-Pomona) produced legislation to insure the redevelopment agencies do not misuse their authority. Assembly Bill 1275 clarifies the general powers of a redevelopment agency. Specifically AB 1275 declares a redevelopment agency cannot delegate its obligation to make a decision, determination, or other action to a person. The legislation cleared the Assembly on a 78 to 0 vote. Here’s more from Assembly member Torres in this Assembly Access video.

Bah Humbug Torres and McLeod

Due to the Democratic Party’s zeal to get paid, they have passed some dubious legislation that violates Proposition 25 and 26.

I do understand that we need to fund our education system and other useful public services. However the Democratic Party has violated the law.

Now I will likely have to remove my Amazon referral links because they will likely pull out so they would keep their right not to charge sales tax in California due to the passage of AB 153.

Remember Gloria McLeod wants to be one of the oldest house freshmen in 2013 at age 72. Think of how she wants to make your Amazon purchases more expensive.

Although we are obligated to pay for the out of state purchase because we are using the item in California, the use tax is obligated but the enforcement of it is rather difficult. Personally if the use or sales tax is too high people will naturally avoid it whenever possible. The goal for the use and sales tax is to make it reasonable, easier to comply with and easier for enforcement of said tax.

If the use tax was the base sales tax from California 8.25 percent or 7.25 percent depending if the temporary tax rate gets passed maybe people would be willing to fund our public services, and at least keep some money in our state. If the sales tax rate is too high people will run away like the excessive rate in Pico Rivera and South Gate.

Using the base tax rate would be a good idea because small businesses would not have to pay for expensive databases to find out the exact tax rate to invoice. Ease of compliance equals ease of enforcement.

Until Proposition 25 and 26 get repealed, Democrats have to follow the law. I know Republicans are extorting the state, but maybe we need a two year budget process so we would not have to play these stupid games each year. Because of the 2/3rds requirement there is no incentive for Republicans to have socially inclusive legislators. Maybe if the requirement was waived maybe Republicans would be there to represent all of the state not just a minor part of our state.

Norma Torres District Office Moved to Chino

Norma decided to save the tax payers of our state money by moving her district office to Chino. So any phone number you might have had for her district office has changed to reflect her new district office for Assembly District 61.

13160 7th Street
Chino, CA 91710

Her relocation helped save taxpayers 30% of what the state paid for her former office on Euclid Avenue.

(909) 902-9606 is her new office phone number.