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None of The Above for California

Californians should be able to express their displeasure for Top 2. We should be able to vote for a non-binding None of the Above as our choice in November. If you are in Duncan Hunter Jr.’s district in rural San Diego, or if you live in my congressional district in Pomona we should be able to vote for None of the Above. When your two candidates who win the top 2 are basically virtually the same, why vote?

Since we are not allowed for a write-in vote in November, this would be the best compromise. This would be a non-binding NOTA process, where this would not lead to a re-vote or a new election process. If Joe Baca got 25,360 votes, Gloria Negrette Mcleod got 39,550 votes and NOTA got 16,350 votes Gloria would still win the election.

In Nevada you must give up your vote for a candidate in order to vote for None of the Above and I would expect the same process to happen if we did it in California.