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Dumb Move for Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times has raised their prices again, I know quality reporting is not free and they have done some good investigative reporting recently. Single copies are now $1.50 and I recently saw my subscription rise another 3 dollars a billing period. This reminds me of the California state budget crisis where due to the lack of money to pay for government services they increase taxes which leads to declining revenue because people flee. Perhaps having news and editorial coverage that would be the mix between the San Diego Union Tribune and the Manchester UK Guardian and people will be pleased to pay for the content. The price increased starting December 3rd of this year and has had little or no media attention.

Let us take a brief history of price increases In 2011, the LA Times went from 75 cents a daily copy to 1 dollar. This had nationwide attention all over the media. People were used to the free material on the internet and also the declining economy did not help things most. Then in 2009 the paper rose its price from 50 cents to 75 cents. I would like to see the circulation levels of the newspaper throughout time and see how this method of pricing themselves out of the market is helping them to salvation or doom.

I do not mind paying for the paper, but there will be a price sooner or later that will make consumers cancel their paper even with discounted pricing through the customer service line. The key to success is to find the equilibrium in price that consumers and the producer wants to pay.

My Letter to Los Angeles Times Executives

This was sent to Tribune President AND the Chief Operating Officer of the newspaper.

To the operating officer and publisher of the Los Angeles Times

The Times is still one of the best newspapers in the west coast of the United States, but many customers are livid on how your distribution partners for home delivery have basically screwed the pooch big time. I know that your owners the Tribune Company wants to improve their circulation numbers, but with this madness your partners have perpetrated I don’t know how the paper can stay in business in an increasing online society.

I don’t know how the other leading Los Angeles County newspapers from the Media News Group are being co-mingled with the Los Angeles Times, but would it be easier if your carriers just threw one company’s newspapers so they would not make so many mistakes that make the lives of your customer service agents miserable?

Your publication’s carriers haven’t made this many mistakes until this month, and even when I gave them a chance after I called your hotline the first time they still kept on making these mistakes. The second call I called to cancel, but I know you are trying to save circulation and rebound your business for the Tribune Company. But your account specialist says the same old canned line that we will get this resolved, but it will not get resolved from prior experience.

I have emailed myaccount and social media service addresses at your newspaper, and I honestly want out. I want the unused portion of my subscription refunded to my American Express account and maybe you can win my business in the future when your team reforms your customer service center and your delivery carriers.

My father was once a newspaper carrier twenty years ago and if he got all these complaints he would be fired. Even though I am getting bill credit, it is the matter of principle. Maybe you guys need to apologize in print in the editorial page to your subscribers who help keep your circulation levels high for your advertisers and be frank and honest like what the Netflix guys did recently.

Where is my $#@! Paper!

I have been paying for my newspaper subscription off and on since I started at UC Riverside in 2001. Unfortunately for the last three days my newspaper has not been on my driveway for the last three days. Even though its nice not having to pay for the newspaper you never received, its very disturbing when the company fails to notify their customers about problems they may have had particularly in the 91762 and surrounding areas.

I currently have the Thursday thru Sunday plan since I do not really read the paper all the time and why waste precious trees for a newspaper you barely read aside from the increasing cost of taking the subscription on. Not getting the Sunday paper from delivery will be sadly the death knell of my patience.

I do like the Los Angeles Times for the advertisements, coupons and the occasional articles. However with the increased price of service, customers expect better service for the increased money you have to pay for the newspaper.