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Day of Silence

I entirely support GLSEN’s Day of Silence initiative. 2015’s event is on Friday April 17th. Students participating are being silent in solidarity against bullying and harassment in our schools of LGBT students.
When students are bullied and harassed in our schools it inhibits the educational potential of countless students. Students are afraid to admit the reason why they are being bullied and that helps create the unneeded silence to help provide an affirming educational space.
I can remember the time during my senior year when I left my fifth period class early because my bully did not like the fact that I was perceived to be queer. Other students and the teacher were bewildered why I was so eager to bolt out of the door. My bully also had class in the same building as my sixth period class and I was bolting out so I could go to my next class without much harassment.

Traditional values advocates may not be happy about events such as Day of Silence, but if students were able to learn in peace without harassment then the school environment would not needed to be politicized. Bullied students are not able to learn their reading, writing and mathematics when they are being fearful about going from class to class, going to school or going home after class.

Break These Chains and Become Visible

Face it, San Bernardino County is not a nice place to be a gay politician. You might have a better chance with the Democratic Party, but for the Republican Party it is a very tough sell. I did write a column about the closet and gay politicians awhile back in 2007 almost five years ago.

I know its political expediency to be in the closet because people in the Republican Party base would raise a riot if a queer politician ended up living as their authentic selves. Fortunately the post Generation X crowd are becoming more accepting and by the time the older generation dies out there will be more acceptance.

I do not want to name any names out of a sense of fairness, but because of secrets there is a greater chance for extortion. Because people know your secret of being LGBT, then you are more likely to be a victim of extortion because unethical people will use your situation as bait to defeat you in the ballot box from the people who are not supportive of LGBT people.

People need to get visible and start to introduce themselves to politicians such as Bob Dutton and Gary Miller in the 31st Congressional District this election cycle. If these individuals who are traditionally not friendly to LGBT people get to know us they will likely reconsider their views. Even though they both are friends with inequality organizations such as the Traditional Values Collation, they will end up realizing that they have to tone down the inequality if they do not want to lose to a motivated Democratic Party in 2014.

If we are visible then we will likely help promote an environment where people are less likely to hide themselves. Visibility would also make sure both political parties would fight for equality and have a less corrosive environment for the youth of our communities. The rhetoric used by the opponents of equality helps to breed the blackmail bait and the youth that jump off of highway overpasses.

Upcoming Potential

I might be joining the examiner.com family and hope to start a weekly column on LGBT History of the Inland Valley and Southern California. I submitted my application and hope to receive an answer as soon as possible. I want to further expand my writing opportunities and this is one way I would like to do so.

I was thinking of doing restaurant reviews, but I honestly do not want to pony up 60 bucks a month to purchase my meals in order to write my reviews.  I was thinking of doing like two full on restaurants a month, one or two fast food chains and one desert restaurant to help with the minimum quota for reviews while not busting my pocketbook.

If I prove my worth on the history column, I hope to add the restaurant reviews as part of my assignment. If selected to do the history column I will put it on my blog roll for people to visit and each new column will be promoted here.

Maybe Russia Needs Some Loving

It is unfortunate that Russia clamps down on freedom of speech than what the United States and Canada would permit. Civil rights used to be good for the gay and lesbian community for Russians after the fall of the Communist Party, but Vladimir Putin and his friends in the Russian Orthodox Church do not agree.

Americans are lucky people, we can protest almost anything except when you are participating in Occupy Wall Street demonstrations when you question the robber barons that dominate the American economy that make law enforcement behave like their cousins in China and Russia.

In Moscow they have tried for almost ten years to get authorization to have a gay pride parade in their city, but law enforcement has struck them down.  In St.Petersburg Russia, the government has made a law that any gay promotion would either cause jail time, a fine or both that Russia’s famous equality activist Nikolai Alexeyev got fined almost $170 for stating that homosexuality is not a perversion.

Luckily most of America is fair minded to make sure we do not turn into Russia, but we have to carefully be cautious to make sure we do not elect a congress that would promote laws against freedom of expression. I have a solution that would help send the message to the Russian people is that we need to send our pride parades in the United States and other western nations such as Canada and the United Kingdom to send their marchers to the Russian embassies and consulates to tell their government enough is enough.

Pride parades are not just for a good time, it is also for political action. It is time for Russian authorities to receive some  loving. Russia needs some fierce demonstrations.

Questionable Remarks

If you are wondering why Republicans will never get elected for the office of Superintendent for Public Instruction here is a whopper right here.

REMEMBER: 96% of “Bullying Issues” are against NON-Gay issues. Most Bullying is perpetrated against students and staff for their “RELIGIOUS or POLITICAL BELIEFS” and/or for being “smart..a nerd,” or over-weight, wear glasses, or look different. Here’s what to do:…ID the “bullying behavior, and report to the principal or district Superintendent and insist on a consequence for the perpetrator(s). If nothing is resolved, inform the news and radio shows. – Dianne Lenning

However Dianne how many times have you seen students actually committing suicide because they wear glasses, wear a hijab or because they are fat? Unfortunately we see many kill themselves due to the stigma of one’s sexuality or gender non-conformity in many places in our state. This is why LGBT issues have dominance in the media despite claims of media bias.

We need to make sure all issues have priority and not selectively enforce school safety policies. If we want students to learn, we must have an affirming environment. There is a reason why we have regulation’s such as Seth’s Law (AB 9), it gives teeth to the school safety regulations to benefit all children straight and LGBT. Problem was that many school districts just say to the bullied child and their parents, “kids will be kids, ignore them and it will go away”. Most of the time the bullying and harassment does not go away and problems get worse.

I can equally agree that the teacher who threatened a child for his opposition to President Obama should be dealt with just as much as what happened with the children who caused Seth Walsh to end his life. If a student insults another person’s faith then I would recommend the child spends a hour visiting the faith and attending one of their services so they could gain some understanding. Maybe we can see Republican conservative establishment politicians breaking bread with the Log Cabin members in the future. Maybe we can see Bob Huff getting some dialogue with the LCR members during the next Republican convention.

We need to make it where bullying should not remain a tool to get above the popularity ladder and have people earn their social status through different means. No matter if one does not like someone because your best gal pal took the boy you wanted, because Billy likes art more than sports or Susan is 50 pounds overweight we need to work together.

I do recognize Dianne wants safe schools for our students, without fear students will do their best. Unfortunately political leaders are helping to create the climate that makes schools a gauntlet for those who are not popular or part of the crowd.

Many of us have been the bullies, many of us have been the bullied and a few of us have played both roles. We can not replay the past, but we can make the future better for those who are involved with the education system. We may have different values, we may have different traditions. However we need to learn to agree to disagree. Personally I could care less what a particular faith believes in as long as that particular faith leaves me alone.

Unfortunately people on the other side want to make sure we do not talk about the issue, but if we do not identify the issue then how are we going to address the issue to help improve school safety?

Thankfully we live in America, where we can say stuff without thinking twice before hitting the send button.

Romney Could Care Less About LGBT People

I thought it was a great sign for former Governor Romney to invite someone of LGBT status to be a spokesman and advisor on foreign policy, but after a firestorm from the far left and far right Richard Grenell decided that it was not worth taking the opportunity.

Richard Grenell does have ties to the local area, he severed as spokesman for one of the developers from the Colonies Partners during the investigation and likely trial of the 102 million dollar settlement that was reached thru questionable means. Grenell did work for the state department in the Bush administration, but right now he was working for a communications firm in Los Angeles.

Richard had tweeted snarky comments about Democratic Party figures that caused him to be in the news recently, but Romney and his campaign leadership did not mind. However it shows that the main cause of him being let go is due to the rancor of the Paleo-Conservative sect from people of the American Family Association. Because they were telling Romney if you hire Grenell it’s the endorsement of the homo agenda because he personally does not feel comfortable with President Obama’s reluctance to support marriage equality and he attacked the Bush administration’s position where they were against the resolution speaking up on the issue of human rights abuses of LGBT people. Groups such as the American Family Association and the Family Research Council believe that religious liberty means we should discriminate against people based on their content on their character and behavior, but should we just beat up people and treat them as pariahs for who they are?

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The Class Act Is Not Exactly FAIR

I bet the San Bernardino County Democratic Party would love to have me instead of Ray Moors in their party right now. However, I will cringe hard in either major political party. I honestly may agree with the Republicans half the time, but when it comes to civil rights issues I have to be chugging the antacid pills when I attend the meetings at the San Bernardino County Republican Party. I bet Ray is feeling like an outcast in the Democratic Party right now.

I do not feel enthusiastic in participating in my local county and state Republican parties because they do not understand how to deal with groups such as Latinos and the gays. Even though the Democratic Party does not know how to balance a budget to save their lives in Sacramento, the Republican Party alienates more voters than they attempt to reach out to in California. The Republican revolution of 2010 failed in California. If Steve Cooley only refused to defend Prop 8 and supported marijuana users we would have had our only victory.

I am writing this column today in response to a letter the San Bernardino County Republican party issued in their support of the CLASS Act to repeal SB 48.

Republicans may be concerned that teachers and students are prohibited from using examples or language that would be not be adverse about the individual being studied. However we have to be tactful about what language we use because it can affect the students because they may be part of a demographic group discussed.

Being LGBT is not like switching religions or catching the flu, either you are or you are not. Watching a KD Lang concert will not make young girls want to drive Subaru and play in softball leagues. The goal of SB 48 is to show that there are LGBT people in history and many of them did great things such as save a president’s life from assassination, help Martin Luther King in his quest for civil rights for African Americans and to help in the formation of computer science. Maybe with a more holistic presentation of history it would help make students worldlier, so we can have respect for all students no matter what group or culture they may belong to.

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Choose The Proper Direct Action

Direct Action is great for activists, but the wrong type of direct action can set us back. Disturbing the peace is one charge that is acceptable if you want an arrest record, but assault could hurt you more in the long run.

I previously wrote on this issue. But since the secret service is going to be used for most of the campaigns now, I strongly recommend people abandoning the glitter bomb.

There are ways we can overcome Santorum and Romney big time. Here are some ideas.

Overpower them like how Chicago union members took over a Scott Walker luncheon.


Sing songs like ‘I Want it All’ or ‘A Little Respect’ and make sure to bring a massive number of people to make it hard to get thrown out of the ballroom or event area.

Or do what OWS did to President Obama.

The Non-Secular Chino Unified School Board

I am deeply disturbed by many members of the Chino Unified School District, they seem to believe that they are school board members of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills not the school district per say. Our school boards are there to represent all students and their families no matter what religion or sexuality they are.

We are having reports of student suicides happen across the nation because students are not experiencing a friendly school environment and when school board members have a cavalier attitude against students who are not following the norms of heterosexuality it does not help with the education of our students.

When schools are facing shortages in their budgets, students not attending school because they are fearful of violence or harassment which does not help with school revenue where schools are paid by daily attendance of students. Even if students are attending while they are fearful of violence and harassment that also leads to low test scores on the California STAR tests which schools cannot afford low scores either.

Religiosity may be an important factor for the majority of this school board, but it should not be force fed to the students of the school district from the curriculum to the graduation speeches at the end of the year. This school board is a perfect example why bills such as AB 9 (Seth’s Law) and SB 48 (FAIR Education Act) are written. Brandon Blanchard fails to recognize that even with his opposition to SB 48 and as a black man, without a gay black man such as Bayard Rustin. Martin Luther King would have not been able to put on the March on Washington in 1963 which led to the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

School board elections are typically low information affairs compared to races for US Senate and President. However voters should take the responsibility to ask questions of candidates on how they stand on the issues so they do not end up becoming stealth candidates advocating issues you may not agree with when they are elected.

It Must Be Obvious California Republicans

Want to know how the Republican Party can reach out to the areas that used to vote for Republicans such as Silicon Valley and the Central Valley? It is quite easy, stop being bigoted towards LGBT people. As someone who was bullied for being perceived as LGBT in high school, I find it disgusting that the political party I was weaned on has throw the raw meat on the balcony instead of expanding our political appeal.

Hearing the rhetoric that led to 97.5% of the Republican caucus to vote no on SB 48 and AB 9 makes me embarrassed to be a Republican. SB 48 and AB 9 is not about indoctrination of our children, it is about making safe and affirming learning environments so our children can learn. Is that too much to ask for, Mike Morrell and Jean Fuller? When I thought the only major hostile legislators were Joel Anderson and Bob Huff, learning that most of the caucus does not care about the marginalized in our school house walls makes me fight harder despite the odds.

When students are in fear of being beaten up and harassed where they take their lives in the instance of Seth Walsh who lived in Jean Fuller’s district or the ongoing harassment by students and staff in Bill Emmerson’s district in Menifee you know that these laws are absolutely needed where a school district failed to provide equal access to a gay straight alliance for gay history month when they allowed the black students association to do a presentation for black history month.

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