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Catching Up With Joe Baca – Baca News

Are you one of the few who is signed up to Joe Baca’s email list? If not, feel free to catch up on your Joe Baca News fresh from the office of Congressman Joe Baca.

This will likely be a regular feature so you can find out about all the new initiatives Joe Baca is supporting.

Joe Baca wants to put an amnesty for assimilated smuggled children called the PROUD Act.

America is the land of opportunity; we are blessed to live in a nation where people of diverse backgrounds can come together as one. This is why I continue to work to provide all our children with an equal opportunity at success.  My legislation, The People Resolved to Obtain an Understanding of Democracy (PROUD) Act puts our most responsible and successful immigrant students on a streamlined path for citizenship, and at the same time motivates all our students to do their best and to stay out of trouble.

This bill would allow motivated immigrant high school graduates to apply for United States citizenship after meeting certain academic requirements, which would replace the naturalization exam, and paying a reduced fee.  The Proud Act, mandates that any high school graduate who can furnish transcripts proving completion of grades 6 through 12, displays an understanding of United States history, government and civics, and can prove they are of good moral character be allowed to apply for U.S. citizenship. 

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Turd Two Offering No Choice For Political Outsiders

No choice in November

The June Primary in California offers no choice for many Southern California voters in particular in the High Desert’s CA-08, Pomona’s CA-35 and San Bernardino’s CA-31.

First we go with CA-31, the district has an ethnic minority dominance while two white guys will be running against each other. This election will be an utter snooze fest for people who could care less about Gary Miller or Bob Dutton. The winning Republican Party candidate should face the reality if Democrats mobilize they are going to be in a world of hurt. This is going to be one competitive district for the rest of this decade. Unfortunately the Democratic Party has some individuals who refuse the consolidate which might give away the district to the Republicans indefinitely.

Gary and Bob have identical views on many issues, where just like in CA-35 it will be a contest of personalities. I would have to ask their views on issues such as indefinite detention of Americans and how would they deal with the drug war as issues to focus on. Non neo-conservatives are going to have a hard time determining who would be the best representative for the district.

In future columns I am going to do some investigative reporting. Voters need to know what their candidates stand on the issues. Perhaps we need a checklist and if your favorite candidate matches the positions you agree on vote for that individual. For Republicans in CA-35 and Democrats in CA-31 we need to know what these unknown individuals stand for so we can make the best choice. Due to top two, we have NO write in vote choice. We can abstain, but if we abstain we end up giving away our vote to the people who make a choice.

I am hoping to team up with Democratic Party supporters in CA-31 and Republicans in CA-35 to come up with a list of issues that they care about and see if we are going to have to vote on the superficial if our top two choices are identical? Is Bob Dutton easier on the eye than Gary Miller? Should we vote for Gloria Negrette Mcleod  because she is not as allegedly sexist as Joe Baca?

Credits: Image by Brian Ryman

Joe Baca Decimates Negrette Mcleod

Joe Baca Postcard

Even though the main event does not start in November, Joe is not resting on his laurels. My family received over four postcards explaining how regressive Gloria is on the issues and Gloria can not afford to snooze on this campaign if she expects a chance to have a fighting chance against Joe.

Sadly with Top 2 there is no opportunity for a write-in vote in the November election so voters will be forced to choose the best Democratic Party representative. Joe has sent ads explaining Gloria’s cuts on education spending, Gloria accepting health insurance money to kill rate reform to make health insurance more unaffordable in our state and Gloria allowing infant formula and baby food to be sold after the use by date risking the health of our children and grandchildren.

With Gloria’s campaign on auto-pilot it is going to make it very hard on her to gain to momentum to control the message. In politics the goal of the game is whoever defines the issue or the message first usually is the winner.

I guess this seat might be Joe Baca’s for the next fifteen years at best unless we get a new younger Latino leader to run for the seat in the future.Even though I lean progressive on certain issues, I just feel maybe if we meld Gloria and Joe into the perfect political love child we would have the ideal candidate.

I feel like burning an effigy of Charles Munger for creating these political situations where Republicans have to vote for Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I would of been happy to see even having to vote for Ben Lopez or Scott Folkens to register my disgust with the Democratic Party choices.

Anthony Vieyra on Why Not to Vote Baca

On Facebook, Anthony wrote some reasons why not to vote for Joe Baca in the June Primary, hopefully this campaign will help Joe Baca realize his errors which he is slowly correcting in time for November. Free thinking individuals in the 35th Congressional District (Pomona to Fontana) should make a protest vote for Anthony Vieyra.

8 Reasons Anthony Vieyra is better than Joe Baca
1. Joe Baca was listed as one of the 10 Worst Member of Congress, one of the very worst.
From the 2008 Election – Esquire article, – When he was chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Joe Baca steered funds to the campaigns of his two sons. When Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez called him on it, he did the mature thing and called her a “wh-re?”
Wow, how desperate are the Democrats to endorse someone like him?
Anthony will never be one of the 10 worst, and it doesn’t matter if the Democrats endorse me or not.
2. Joe Baca can’t even get along with Democratic party members, how can he get along with others in Congress? He’s worse than Rush Limbaugh, what was that word he called Loretta Sanchez? I wonder what he calls Gloria Negrete Mcleod? , and what is the real reason he won’t support fellow Democrat Josie Gonzales?
Being a Green democrat, Anthony gets along with everybody! Can’t we all get along?
3. Joe Baca is like an aging baseball player who can’t get on base. Joe Baca never got a bill passed in 2010-2011.
His rankings: 0 Bills Made Into Law (Ranks 18 of 440), 31 Sponsored Bills (Ranks 24 of 440) No wonder San Bernardino is passing him off to another district. Joe Baca is the most expensive congressman with the least amount of results.
The 35th district needs to pass on this overpaid, lame duck Congressman.
4. In 2011, Rep. Baca became a co-sponsor of Bill H.R.3261 otherwise known as the Stop_Online_Piracy_Act. This bill would have censored the internet and give control to the government; allowing them to shut down sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Gmail, and allows users to be sued.
Thanks Joe Baca, I guess it is good none of your bills made it into law.
5. Joe Baca supports the ill fated Keystone XL Pipeline. On Oct. 19, 2011, a letter was sent to President Obama asking him to support the Keystone XL Pipeline Project. Twenty-one Democrats also signed on to the letter requesting that the President grant a Presidential Permit to move forward with construction, including yours truly – Congressman Joe Baca.
With Congressmen like Joe Baca, who needs enemies.
Anthony will not support a pipeline that uses foreign labor and materials. If it’s going to be used on American soil, it’s going to be built by Americans !
6. Joe Baca represented San Bernardino in having the highest Foreclosure and Unemployment rates in the nation. Now he wants to represent us? No wonder he’s not running in his own district. I’m sure they wouldn’t vote for him again.
Pomona, Ontario, Chino, Montclair, Fontana, Bloomington and Rialto, if you want a Congressman who will support you by bringing back jobs and stopping foreclosures, Anthony is your choice!
7. Joe Baca’s true supporters; Bank of America, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae – can you say Bailout. Show Joe the money ! Joe Baca leads this race with the most funding, he has already spent about $390,000 compared to my $3,000. I would like to see where that money went !
Somebody is a big spender, and it won’t be Anthony. If you want to return a big spending Congressman to Washington then vote for Joe, but remember we will end up paying higher taxes in the end.
8. I think Joe Baca is over budget.
Speaking of big spending, House spending data prepared for USA Today by the Sunlight Foundation shows that 45 House members spent more than 95 percent of their 2011 budgets as of Dec. 31, exceeding what they can spend this year. Of those, 38 were Democrats.
Hey Joe Baca, tell us if you are over budget and how much you spent for staff, wouldn’t be over a Million dollars would it?
Anthony will not overspend your money and do more work himself. If we the people have to cut back, so should government!
When voting, remember your ABC’s – Anthony’s the Better Candidate!

Win Three Votes In Congressional District 35 AND More! [updated]

There is an opportunity for the two leading candidates for the office of Congress member of California’s 35th District to win the votes of my family and perhaps my readers of my blog in November. I earlier mentioned that Anthony Vieyra is running and is going to be my vote for June since Gloria Mcleod’s campaign manager failing to return my emails and postal letters.

Due to Proposition 14, we are not having partisan nominations for the primary and the top 2 get selected for the November election. Problem is both Democratic Party candidates are virtually identical.

I am not expecting these politicians to behave like Republicans, but I expect a reasonable standard in a Democratic Party leading district. Will these legislators advocate for civil rights including the rights of LGBT people, will these legislators stand up for civil liberties such as reforming the Transportation Safety Administration?

Republicans and Libertarians should fight hard to make sure we elect the best candidate. We can determine the fate of a political career of two Democratic Party Latino stalwarts.

What issues would Republican voters want to see from Gloria Mcleod and Joe Baca realistically address that would be sensible yet progressive like retiring congressman Dennis Kucinich.

1. What would your position be on prohibition on marijuana? Would you agree to reschedule Marijuana to Schedule III?

2. How would you protect travelers while respecting the civil liberties of the traveling public due to the overreach of the Transportation Safety Administration?

3. Would you support bills such as SOPA, which places restrictions on the Internet to protect content owners or would your support bills such as OPEN which tries to protect innovation on the Internet while trying to protect intellectual property creators?

4. Would you support the bill to call for  auditing of the Federal Reserve? Which is currently HR 459 and this bill has received around 100 sponsors from the Democratic Party.

5. Would you support a compromise on the DREAM ACT to allow for young people who have been assimilated into our society to get a green card, but not instant citizenship in order to get bipartisan support?

6. The NDAA did receive negative attention due to the provisions for indefinite detention, would you support a bill to modify these provisions either to have a minimum period one could be held by the government or total repeal of the said provisions?

If anyone has any other questions, I will have them ready to send to their campaign addresses.I would like to see a maximum of ten questions overall for them to be answered.

Decline to State Voters should come home to the Republican Party

Recently there has been debate on allowing Decline to State Voters to vote on our delegates for the California Presidential Primary. Moderates and liberals in the Republican party may think this may be a better way for us to elect a pragmatic nominee for president. However the system has changed in 2008 where our delegates are awarded by congressional district. This solution seems to be the best way to make sure the Republicans who are running for president could choose the right amount of congressional districts that best fit their campaign strategies. Moderates and conservatives both benefit by having the delegates awarded by congressional districts.

However the party establishment decided to close the primary off to the Decline to State voters as where the Democratic Party welcomes them with open arms. Unfortunately voters will have to jump through more hoops if they want to vote for Ron Paul in next month’s primary election.

The Republican Party has gone a bit far beyond the mainstream of California. Voters in California identify with our governor more than the Republican leaders in the State Assembly and State Senate. If we want to control the state legislature we have to understand we have to be a bit pragmatic to help restore the California dream.

The Democratic Party knows what they need to do to be the legislative party, but the Republicans fail to understand what they need to control the legislature. If you want to bring some sunshine back into the Republican Party, re-register today and get active in the party.

I understand that the establishment does not want insurgent candidates to win the delegates in future contests, but people born in Generation X and beyond do not like partisan affiliations and would rather vote for the person not the party.

Individuals have until May 21st to get their ballots postmarked to become temporary Republicans so they can vote for Ron Paul in California’s primary election. And due to Proposition 14 you can still vote for your favorite Democratic Party candidates such as the two Democrats running for Congressional District 35 Joe Baca and Gloria Mcleod.

Unless you have a burning interest to vote for who will serve in the executive board of the county Democratic Party of where you are living, there is nothing to lose by becoming a Blue Republican. Who knows you might make the Republican Party better by staying.

Feel free to grab a second registration form so you can change back a month later.

Working Joe Violates Personal Liberty

If you are wondering who to vote for in the 35th Congressional District you may see the signs for our incumbent Congressman Joe Baca around our neighborhoods, but aside from the incumbency and symbolism of our congressman you should investigate his voting record on the issues of liberty.

I am not expecting a Ron Paul to represent our district, but I am at least hoping for a liberty loving Democratic Party congress member who may be a progressive, but at least respects our individual rights and freedoms like Jared Polis of Colorado or Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.

Joe Baca has sponsored such infamous bills such as SOPA, which leads to cripple the innovation of the Internet at the expense of the consent providers which would cripple one sector of the economy at the expense of another. NDAA is the infamous one passed last year that allows for the government to indefinitely detain American citizens even when it’s not due to armed conflict. CISPA helps to eliminate privacy rights of Internet users for the benefit of the government where the government or a private entity can get your data from website operators without a warrant in the name of cyber security.

Lastly, I could state that Congressman Baca may have redeemed himself on his NO vote to allow for 30,000 drones to invade our skies. However I recommend for the congressman to have lunch with either Jared Polis or Senator Wyden so he can be enlightened with new ideas.

Content Nanny Strikes Again Part III

Congressman Baca submits his bill for the third time to add another warning label for parents about content in video games. The question we should ask the congressman is, Do we need another layer of regulation on an industry that already self regulates itself well?

I previously written about this issue twice already. However the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin has published a new article about his third attempt.

Baca’s bill, opposed by an industry trade group, would mandate the following message be printed on video game packages: “WARNING: Exposure to violent video games has been linked to aggressive behavior.”

The odd fact about this bill is that it will apply to cartoon games such as Mario Kart as well as violent realistic games such as Grand Theft Auto. Maybe our congressman rarely plays video games to know the difference.

Baca’s new bill is H.R. 4204 for this current session of congress.

Responding To: New laws take effect in California

Since the Facebook commenting software is either not displaying my comments or the staffers at the Daily Bulletin are censoring comments even though they were quite tame I would like to address my views on the issues here at my personal blog.

How can this be bigotry when we are allowing ILLEGALS a chance to get financial aid? They need to become legal…then they can get all the aid they want! – David Serbin

David, I do agree. Its bigotry when we give them education and they find out they can not get employed due to their illegal status. When money is hard to come by for public services, we should not be throwing good money away. Gil Cedilo the author of AB 131 should of only authorized the funds when Joe Baca’s PROUD act gets approved in congress.

For Blue County editor Patrick Kahler, he posted a message also that I tried to reply to.

Greg Pierce Bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, bad spelling and grammar, I am so glad you have found a home in the Tea Party. Why is it the Republicants are so concerned about what goes on in the bedroom, call themselves Christians, yet hate people? So much for loving thy fellow man at Christmas lecture they heard. God Bless…

I can agree with you when it deals about the Republican Party fetish about making the lives of LGBT people with misery and using Latinos as wedge issues. Republicans are doing their best to make themselves irrelevant in California when my party should do their best in attracting voters, not chasing them away. Our state is getting less pale skinned and more young people believe LGBT people should be treated with respect.

I appreciate the fact that there are thousands who want to enter our borders each day, but we do not have the infrastructure or the money to accept any or all of the tired masses. However if people want to do something for the nation such as serve in the armed forces or do agricultural work for 3-4 years then I have no qualms about people earning a green card.

Joe Baca wants to be your Content Nanny.

I guess this is the week that Congressman Baca is announcing his legislation for this congressional session. First, it was amnesty for the smuggled children who enter our country. Now it is a return of Congressman Baca’s warning label for violent video games bill that is looking to be passed this year.

News of his violent video game label bill was also mentioned on my blog previously, and I guess we are sounding the alarm again to make sure this bill sinks in committee.

This bill is only designed to make the congressman look good in the press and there is already a video game content labeling system and it has been around for the last fifteen plus years and it is called the Entertainment Software Ratings Board and they have ratings so parents could choose the best content for their children and devices such as the XBOX or Nintendo Wii have parental control devices as well. So, if a child brings forth Grand Theft Auto 5 or Call of Duty, the family XBOX 360 will not play the game.

Also, we are facing a huge budget deficit to add new federal employees from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to monitor this proposed law and if the private industry can enforce their content successfully with retailers and content producers working together in harmony we should just let this successful partnership continue.

Although Joe Baca is my congressman, and I did call his office to express my displeasure last time he submitted this bill he probably could care less about my two cents. But if you do live in the 43rd Congressional District feel free to call his office.