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The Political Paradox

It seems most of my positions conflict with each other, I support private sector job creation. However most of the people who are big on reducing regulations to promote private sector job creation are not really big on supporting the equality of LGBT people in our state and our nation.

While the people who support LGBT equality are not traditionally for making it easy for people to create private sector jobs in California. I hate being the official contrarian on Facebook pages or your local gathering of people. I did not vote for many Republicans in the 2010 election, but I did vote Yes on Proposition 23 because I understand that AB 32 is making it harder for California businesses to grow. I bet most right leaning and Libertarian minded folk supported that ballot measure, but I think we want to help promote job creation we should try to be more inclusive. Such as not scaring people like me who may not be socially conservative and perhaps reach out to the people of Spanish speaking heritage to state that the Democrats are not there to help you get employed when they scare off the businesses.

How can we promote freedom and opportunity, when you close off freedom and opportunity like the environmental radicals in the Democratic Party? We need to advocate for personal as well as economic freedom. It stinks when both sides only deliver one part of the equation, but if you value both you lose on one of the issues depending on who you team with.

I may not be a pure conservative or a pure liberal, but if Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Organization can not support personal freedom for all Californians then we need to find a new advocate to reach out to Californians. We need a Gary Johnson type figure to run for Governor in 2014, Carl De Maio?