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The Politics of Personal Destruction

Yes its that time of year again. The politics of personal destruction awaits Ontario voters with a smear campaign against Jim Bowman and Alan Wapner to high propensity voters in the city of Ontario. I dont find either side of Ontario politics innocent. I know that the reform side and the business side of Ontario politics have done their smear mailings throughout the years.

The Wapner side of the smear mailer is mainly a fake press release with accurate facts according the Orange County Register in . I also wonder if the San Bernardino County Republican Party pulled Wapner’s endorsement, why is he still endorsed on their website? While the Bowman side is true, but not as horrible as the other side’s of the photocopied annonymous mailing.

What should we do? Maybe vote for city council candidates with no experience or history in city government. So we could clean the city from the politics of personal destruction.