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CISPA is heading to Congress

I wrote a new post at the Orange Juice Blog about CISPA feel free to visit them to read it.

Even Joe Baca, who represents me sponsored this piece of crap. UPDATE: Out of fairness Joe Baca voted against it. Thank You Congressman Baca. 

It seems that, despite the controversy over NDAA and SOPA last year, politicians still aren’t getting it.  From the people who brought you indefinite detention, 30,000 drones flying over America by 2015 and a potential crippling of the Internet by the content creators, now comes CISPA.

CISPA stands for “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act”  – H.R 3523, written by Congressman Michael Rogers of Michigan. It is currently sponsored by over 110 congress members including several OC members – Ken Calvert, Darrel Issa and Gary Miller. The bill is designed to make sure that all of the data we send on the Internet from our instant messages and rants on Facebook gets sucked into a giant database for the benefit of the government, as a voluntary arrangement by participating companies.

CISPA was going to have a section on Intellectual Property, but due to the uproar over SOPA, the bill was re-written to address many of the opponents’ concerns.  Still, privacy advocates feel these changes are cosmetic and not substantial enough to end their opposition to the bill.

(more) at the Orange Juice blog



Road Runner becomes Pricey

New price increases for the January bill in effect, your communications and entertainment will cost MORE money. I did write previous articles since 2008 about this issue and you can see some of them here.

Expect Road Runner Standard in the Los Angeles area to cost us now $52.99 from $50.99, when will these price increases end? We cant absorb this much longer. However if they don’t cap data for the time being to a fair use standard then the price suggested for their service is still a good deal.

Letter to the Los Angeles Times

Re: Privacy vs. an open Internet (November 25, 2011)

Senator Feinstein should reconsider her support of the Protect IP bill; this bill claims to protect the intellectual property rights of the owners of creative work. However Protect IP will do more collateral damage to the technology industry at the same time which helps to employ countless Californians from Facebook, Google and Twitter to name a few.

Destroying the Internet by giving the recording, movie and pharmaceutical industry veto power will not create jobs or help our economy particularly in California. Less entrepreneurs willing to take a risk online this means less jobs and opportunity to recover from the recession.

Matthew Munson

Ontario, California

Let Us Party Like It Is 1995

The BBS was my first introduction to the online world. I have been calling and using BBSs since May of 2005 when I ended up spending 4-5 hours calling Santa Monica chatting with people on a BBS called Earth Spirit, but fortunately a classmate from high school gave me a local BBS number where I was met with the BBS community.

Wab E App had like over 30 door games and message forums about Magic The Gathering, while the Screaming Electron had a UUCP link to the internet with email and newsgroups up the wazoo for people to post to.

The 909 Area code had its own little sub-cultures, bbs’s that used WWIV, which was the dominant bbs software in the western part of the area, or bbs’s that were using Renegade or Wildcat that were connected to Fidonet were also part of the mix.

I tried running my own bbs, but when I was able to have access to an income and more resources the bbs world went down due to the accession of the Internet.  This post by semi-regular commentator the Ontario Emperor made me decide to make a post my retrospective of the 909 scene. Continue reading Let Us Party Like It Is 1995