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Sanctuary City Policies Will Backfire

I can understand the residents of our city who may be here illegally have a sense of fear and dread about the Trump administration. I understand that many of them are pressuring city councils and counties to ask for Sanctuary Status for their governing bodies. However, a blanket ban on calling ICE on individuals is a very reckless idea where we are hurting both legal and illegal residents who are minding their own business.

There is a difference between an illegal resident witnessing a drive by shooting and an illegal resident who commits the drive by shooting. We should not send ICE over to take away the drive by witness, but we should send ICE on a resident here illegally who commits very serious crimes.

Perhaps the rule of thumb that should be communicated to our residents here illegally is don’t rob banks, don’t murder people, don’t drive under the influence and life will be good.

Norma Torres and Immigration

Thinking about the upcoming election it makes me think about my Congresswoman Norma Torres. She has a real thin skin when it comes to facing people who disagree with her. I can understand her personal history makes the issue of immigration real personal to her where she came illegally as a child and then became legal as a teenager. However, as an elected official you have to listen to the concerns of all your constituents even the views you may find personally repugnant.

Some of my ancestors may have swam the Rio Grande to Texas, but that was a time when we had no welfare state. The borders have to be regulated and restricted if we have a welfare state. We cannot afford to be the giving tree to the world. This is one reason why I hope people consider her opponent this election.

Responding To: New laws take effect in California

Since the Facebook commenting software is either not displaying my comments or the staffers at the Daily Bulletin are censoring comments even though they were quite tame I would like to address my views on the issues here at my personal blog.

How can this be bigotry when we are allowing ILLEGALS a chance to get financial aid? They need to become legal…then they can get all the aid they want! – David Serbin

David, I do agree. Its bigotry when we give them education and they find out they can not get employed due to their illegal status. When money is hard to come by for public services, we should not be throwing good money away. Gil Cedilo the author of AB 131 should of only authorized the funds when Joe Baca’s PROUD act gets approved in congress.

For Blue County editor Patrick Kahler, he posted a message also that I tried to reply to.

Greg Pierce Bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, bad spelling and grammar, I am so glad you have found a home in the Tea Party. Why is it the Republicants are so concerned about what goes on in the bedroom, call themselves Christians, yet hate people? So much for loving thy fellow man at Christmas lecture they heard. God Bless…

I can agree with you when it deals about the Republican Party fetish about making the lives of LGBT people with misery and using Latinos as wedge issues. Republicans are doing their best to make themselves irrelevant in California when my party should do their best in attracting voters, not chasing them away. Our state is getting less pale skinned and more young people believe LGBT people should be treated with respect.

I appreciate the fact that there are thousands who want to enter our borders each day, but we do not have the infrastructure or the money to accept any or all of the tired masses. However if people want to do something for the nation such as serve in the armed forces or do agricultural work for 3-4 years then I have no qualms about people earning a green card.

Poke a Needle at the Dream

The Dream Act is just a fancy way of stating that we need another amnesty in America. To understand the objective of the ‘dreamers’ and their advocates it all begins with incrementalism, start with one small step and then go to the next step because they failed when they wanted it all at once.

In California it all began with AB 540 which began the madness where undocumented “illegal” children who graduated from California schools can take part in public higher education in the state without having immigration called on them. Due to a US Supreme Court case Plyer v. Doe, public schools are mandated to educate these individuals. The mandate required by the Supreme Court in 1982 is a costly mandate where we have to spend up to 7,000 a year on each of these undocumented children.

Due to us allowing the undocumented children in our public higher education system it starts a chain reaction where the dreamers want it all so they can have their piece of the pie. Since the dreamers are fed up that they are having to pay full price even though the state government was nice enough to let them in the schools, they are getting their advocates such as local legislators such as Gloria Mcleod and Norma Torres to use up scarce state money so they can use Cal Grants to help pay for their education. Then pretty soon we will have another bill that will also require the state to give the community college fee waivers to these individuals too, which will help clog up our community colleges since there is no funding to add new seats and sections for those students already enrolled in the system.

Then, when these dreamers have a degree and they are undocumented there is a big question we should ask, who will hire them? These undocumented students might have a snazzy new degree in environmental science or project management, but they will flunk the e-verify test. When these individuals are not able to get hired they will get their buddy Congressman Joe Baca to defund e-verify so we can say “immigration law be damned, the dream must not be deferred”. However unemployment is around 10 percent and American Citizens and those with work authorization are left in the dark. Right now President Obama is working on a jobs program for the undocumented where over 300,000 will be given work permits circumventing congress, but leaving the people who are allowed to vote for him without any consideration.

Obama and his allies want to ignore immigration laws and those dreamers making the news are not the only ones who are going to benefit, we are going to get another amnesty and with overtly broad guidelines with who not to deport we might have an amnesty of millions which will not do much to help the legal citizens of the United States.

Dream Act Part Two, We Can Not Afford AB 131

Assemblyman Gill Cedillo’s sequel to the California Dream Act AB 131 is ready to be voted on. This bill will seize needed funds for higher education from legal residents. When students are fighting to enroll for any college section such as underwater basket weaving, while fees are rising to over 50 dollars a unit for community colleges and fifteen thousand for the UC system it sends a nasty message to the blue collar citizens of California and out of state students who play by the rules.
I could understand us being compassionate, but we are broke as a state with multi-billion dollar deficits where we can not afford to be charitable. Asking us to provide aid to the undocumented is like having a city throw a parade for the local bank robber. If private individuals want to donate money to the undocumented then they should be free to do so independently where I had no problems with the first reform Cedillo proposed.
However when you ask taxpayers to pay for a lawbreaking activity then I have a problem with this.
Due to the state legislature being dominated by illegal immigrant advocates, AB 131 will pass despite any outcry from the constituents.
If I do run for Assembly District 52, I will fight against future abuses of federal immigration laws. Even though it is a very unpopular idea in a district that is 70% Latino, we are merely throwing taxpayer money down the drain to give these individuals the skills if they can not legally be employed. Taxpayer money is a precious resource and does deserve to be treated with respect and conserved like a natural resource like water.

Munson on Immigration

Immigration is a highly controversial yet important issue facing us as a nation and in our state of California.

Illegal immigration is costing Los Angeles County over one billion dollars a year, one billion that could be used for other vital goods and services such as making sure public sector pensions do not consume the county budget.

Children of the undocumented are the collateral damage from those who sneak into our nation illegally. However most of us want the rule of law applied, but as a compromise I would allow for a “DREAM ACT” type amnesty, but put a revision of the 14th amendment to state the following:

Citizenship by birth is only valid if one of the two parents are American citizens or has a legal work permit to reside in the United States. Reducing the number of anchor babies would put some order in our immigration policies and our social spending.

But the amnesty would only be valid if the constitutional amendment gets passed and ratified.

My suggestion for Congressman Baca who represents my city in congress is that you will need to offer something for the enforcement community before something gets done for the young people who got smuggled in for no fault of their own else this problem is perpetually going to happen.

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Republican Party Bed Death

Face it California Republicans, our party is dead in California. While the rest of the nation turned Republican, California and its coastal neighbors remained Democratic. California Republicans got shut out in the statewide offices from Governor to Superintendent of Public Instruction.

How do we go from last and dead to having at least a fighting chance so the party will no longer have to be the freaky uncle living in your basement?

Unfortunately the Republican brand name is the brand that turns off many voters. Liberal and far right wing Republicans got equally trampled by California voters on Election Day.

Perhaps it is because our nominees were spineless in their convictions where people avoided Abel Maldonado and Mike Villines like the plague due to them violating their no on new taxes pledges. If you added half the vote Pamela Brown from the Libertarian Party won to Abel Maldonado you would get the vote percentage that Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina won.

Maybe we need to flush both the mushy middle and the reactionary right so we can start over as a political party in California. Meg and Arnold tried to be everything to everyone and that failed miserably. Andrew Pugno in Assembly District 5 made his name and career on bashing the lesbian and gay community and he lost in a Republican district.

Arnold was right that the Republican Party is failing where “we are dying at the box office, we are not filling the seats”. We are just a party of the heartland of California, but in the big cities where the majority of the constituencies that make up seats and help get Republicans elected to statewide office we will never get a majority or get people elected for US Senate or Governor.

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Joe Baca is Scary, However we are Stuck With Him

I received an interesting email about what my congressman Joe Baca is cooking up in Congress, but despite how scary his pending legislation may be we will be stuck with him unless he’s dead like former Congressman Brown or caught with an underage boy.

Perhaps if we stopped having theocratic candidates running against him we might have luck beating Congressman Baca.


Let’s talk about the P.R.O.U.D. ACT – or H. R. 2681, Congressman Baca introduced this bill 06/03/09.  This act can be called the "People Resolved to Obtain an Understanding of Democracy Act."

This bill would amend the Immigration and Naturalization Act to provide for the naturalization of certain graduates of U.S. High Schools who are under 25 years of age on the date of application for naturalization.

Basically, if you are and illegal aliens and you attend high school, and show proof of attending U.S. Schools, for a certain number of years, and you have the good grades, you can bypass the immigration line, and go to the front of the class and AUTOMATICALLY BE ELDIGIBLE FOR CITIZENSHIP !

This bill as already been sent to the Subcommittee on Immigration on August 19, 2009.

Congressman Baca has also released H. R. 3855,  this bill is titled, "Every Person Counts Act."   This Bill was released on October 20, 2009. 

This Bill will greatly help out in New York, and California, which "benefit most from inclusion of non-citizens, including illegal aliens, in the apportionment process."  ( fairus.org ) "In his press release, Congressman Baca wasn’t shy about the fact that he wants illegal aliens to skew Congressional apportionment, Presidential elections and Federal funding in favor of his home state of California."  Congressman Baca, said that census data "determines the allotment of federal funding and is "absolutely necessary for (determining) Congressional representation and Electoral College figures."

It is important to note that Congressman Baca came out with H. R. 3855, because of Senator David Vitter’s amendment H. R. 2466.  Senator Vitter’s amendment would require the Census Bureau to ask questions about citizenship and immigration status as part of the 2010 decennial census.

"If non-citizens are used for purposes of Congressional apportionment, Senator Vitter’s office has said that nine states with lower illegal immigration and lower foreign-born populations would end up losing a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, while four states would pick those seats up."  (fairus.org)

Other reasons Congressman Baca does not want illegal aliens counted on the census, include not wanting the American people to know just how many illegal aliens actually reside in our country.  If you think it is just twelve million, think again (multiply it by four) !  Second, if everyone sat down and did some math on how much each and every state spends on Education, Incarceration, Medical services, Welfare programs, Social Security benefits, and Housing programs, we could balance every budget in every state, our federal government would not be as broke, Medicare would not be broke, neither would Social Security (Remember waste fraud & abuse) ! How low would our unemployment rate be?

Look at it this way folks, if you owned a business, and you just kept taking on new employees, even if they weren’t qualified, and you gave them benefits, and you really couldn’t afford it, but people just kept coming, and you kept paying them, and giving them benefits, you would go broke, and be out of business!  That is what is happening today to our country!  It is time to run America like a business, it is time to get it right. 

Who does not feel sorry, for people in other country’s who have it worse off than we do?  But, let’s use our head’s, if we don’t take care of our own citizen’s first, we will not be in a position to help anyone in the future!

Stand up for your rights as an American Citizen, before your rights are gone!  Call Congressman Baca, and tell him No to HR 3855 & HR 2681 ! ‘ IT IS TIME FOR JOE TO GO" 909-885-2222, or 202-225-6161.  JOE BACA IS UP FOR RE-ELECTION IN 2010, VOTE HIM OUT! 

H/T:  Jeane Rossiter from Laura Boatright