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Responding To: New laws take effect in California

Since the Facebook commenting software is either not displaying my comments or the staffers at the Daily Bulletin are censoring comments even though they were quite tame I would like to address my views on the issues here at my personal blog.

How can this be bigotry when we are allowing ILLEGALS a chance to get financial aid? They need to become legal…then they can get all the aid they want! – David Serbin

David, I do agree. Its bigotry when we give them education and they find out they can not get employed due to their illegal status. When money is hard to come by for public services, we should not be throwing good money away. Gil Cedilo the author of AB 131 should of only authorized the funds when Joe Baca’s PROUD act gets approved in congress.

For Blue County editor Patrick Kahler, he posted a message also that I tried to reply to.

Greg Pierce Bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, bad spelling and grammar, I am so glad you have found a home in the Tea Party. Why is it the Republicants are so concerned about what goes on in the bedroom, call themselves Christians, yet hate people? So much for loving thy fellow man at Christmas lecture they heard. God Bless…

I can agree with you when it deals about the Republican Party fetish about making the lives of LGBT people with misery and using Latinos as wedge issues. Republicans are doing their best to make themselves irrelevant in California when my party should do their best in attracting voters, not chasing them away. Our state is getting less pale skinned and more young people believe LGBT people should be treated with respect.

I appreciate the fact that there are thousands who want to enter our borders each day, but we do not have the infrastructure or the money to accept any or all of the tired masses. However if people want to do something for the nation such as serve in the armed forces or do agricultural work for 3-4 years then I have no qualms about people earning a green card.