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Turd Two Offering No Choice For Political Outsiders

No choice in November

The June Primary in California offers no choice for many Southern California voters in particular in the High Desert’s CA-08, Pomona’s CA-35 and San Bernardino’s CA-31.

First we go with CA-31, the district has an ethnic minority dominance while two white guys will be running against each other. This election will be an utter snooze fest for people who could care less about Gary Miller or Bob Dutton. The winning Republican Party candidate should face the reality if Democrats mobilize they are going to be in a world of hurt. This is going to be one competitive district for the rest of this decade. Unfortunately the Democratic Party has some individuals who refuse the consolidate which might give away the district to the Republicans indefinitely.

Gary and Bob have identical views on many issues, where just like in CA-35 it will be a contest of personalities. I would have to ask their views on issues such as indefinite detention of Americans and how would they deal with the drug war as issues to focus on. Non neo-conservatives are going to have a hard time determining who would be the best representative for the district.

In future columns I am going to do some investigative reporting. Voters need to know what their candidates stand on the issues. Perhaps we need a checklist and if your favorite candidate matches the positions you agree on vote for that individual. For Republicans in CA-35 and Democrats in CA-31 we need to know what these unknown individuals stand for so we can make the best choice. Due to top two, we have NO write in vote choice. We can abstain, but if we abstain we end up giving away our vote to the people who make a choice.

I am hoping to team up with Democratic Party supporters in CA-31 and Republicans in CA-35 to come up with a list of issues that they care about and see if we are going to have to vote on the superficial if our top two choices are identical? Is Bob Dutton easier on the eye than Gary Miller? Should we vote for Gloria Negrette Mcleod  because she is not as allegedly sexist as Joe Baca?

Credits: Image by Brian Ryman

Election Recap


I was correct that Ron Paul got slaughtered. Jesse Benton was a turd for sabotaging Ron Paul’s campaign.

Proposition 29

It will likely fail due to the numerous Republican voters who voted during the primary.

Congressional District 8:

Race is very tight, but I am hoping for Phil Liberatore to not make the top two.

Congressional District 31:

I was correct, It will likely be a Republican versus Republican race with Bob Dutton and Gary Miller. Democrats should support Bob Dutton because he has more of a local footprint than Gary Miller.

Congressional District 35:

This will also be a same party dog fight in November. It is very boring! Joe Baca versus Gloria Negrette Mcleod will be the race this November.

Assembly District 41:

I feel that Chris Holden will beat Donna Lowe because Donna Lowe is not a mainstream candidate. I hope Ed Colton makes a second attempt at running for office in the future. Replacing Mike Antonovich might be a good idea 4 years from now.

Assembly District 52:

This race will be a Norma Torres versus Kenny Coble race. I am not that enthused about either candidate. I need to have a discussion with Kenny Coble on certain issues before I can sustain some support for him.

Gary Miller Wrong for CD-31

Gary Miller was announced as the consensus choice, but the Republican Party made a foolish decision to have him as the anointed. Congressman Miller needs to either run against Royce or discover the private sector again.

Thanks to Top 2, if people knew Gary Miller’s policy positions, he will do just as bad as former Senator Santorum.

What is Congressional District 31 (2011)

41% Democratic, 37% Republican, 18% Decline to State with a history of people voting for Democratic Party candidates for President and Governor.

I think this will be a suicide run for Gary Miller, and I thought he was a prudent businessman and knew when to pull in and pull out.

56 Obama, 41 McCain, 49 Brown 42 Whitman

If he wanted to waste money, it would be better to give money to the local food bank or animal shelters.

Congressman Miller does deserve scruitiny

Ethics has been an important issue that has dominated the political debate since the 2006 election. We deserve to have representatives that conduct themselves professionally in their public and private lives. Congressman Miller does have a right to earn a profit outside of congress, but the way he has conducted his transactions for the land for his developments has caused scrutiny.

There is a reason why the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and the Los Angeles Times have published stories about the congressman’s real estate dealings. Congressman Miller manipulates the system by making cities buy out his properties under eminent domain where he avoids paying capital gains taxes. Congressman Miller also has done what defeated Congressman Pombo of Northern California was rightfully criticized for by writing earmarks to benefit properties that he owns such as the Diamond Bar Village.

Unfortunately due to California’s abhorrent redistricting the voters of the 42nd Congressional District are stuck with him until we have new legislative maps in 2012. One should be celebrated for making money by playing by the rules, and rightfully criticized for not following the rule of law.