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RNC Does Not Want Us, Time To PUMA Romney

It seems Mitt Romney and his best buddies at the Republican National Committee want to win the nomination at all costs and they could care less how they win. The behavior Romney and his supporters are advocating against the only remaining viable opponent to his nomination is only going to make it harder for Ron Paul supporters to go to the Romney campaign and even feel good voting for him this November.

The news media and party establishment are trying to lead the nation that what happens in the voting results during the primaries counts, but in most states it does not. In states like Michigan it is the state party conventions that help lead the distribution of delegates. When Ron Paul’s team decided to contest the state party conventions it led to the Romney team to fight harder in ways not as ethical.

Even though Romney is fairly winning the delegates in states such as Texas, it seems he and his friends want to make sure the coronation does not get any interference. Conventions were stopped, ballots were stuffed, and people were assaulted because they exercised their political preference for Ron Paul.

People are wanting a consistent conservative and that is why many have moved to the Ron Paul campaign. Since Romney changes his views just as much as Madonna makes costume changes, it is harder for Republican voters to trust Romney.

Since Romney wants to silence Ron Paul supporters from getting influence in their state parties, maybe we need to PUMA Romney like how many Hillary supporters PUMA’ed Obama in 2008. For those not aware of the lingo, PUMA stands for Party Unity My Ass.

The key to a proper PUMA campaign is to deprive your vote for Romney who has not openly told his supporters to behave and stop acting like jack booted thugs. The goal is to advocate voting for Gary Johnson if Ron Paul is officially eliminated in the RNC Convention.  I know there is a cult of personality where people will vote for Ron Paul even if it does not count in particular in California since Ron Paul will likely not be an official write in candidate. Voting for Gary would help measure the lost votes Romney could of received in such swing states as Nevada, New Mexico and New Hampshire.

Immature behavior in states like Oklahoma, Missouri and Louisiana should make long time Republicans very uncomfortable in associating with Mitt Romney.  Even if you are not a devotee of the ideas of Ron Paul the unethical tactics of the party establishment such as shutting the convention early in Oklahoma to make sure the Ron Paul delegates were not selected. Or the Louisiana State Central Committee leader being roughed up by security when they did not realize that the previous chairman was removed.

If Romney wants to win swing states such as Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and New Hampshire he will need to make some amends to the followers of Ron Paul if he wants his campaign to keep getting traction. Just as how Goldwater inspired the generations after him, Ron Paul is doing the same making sure that the Republican Party has a voice for the next generations today. We need to live within our means so we can actually practice fiscal conservatism and personal responsibility whenever possible so we can offer a better future for our nation.

Sorry for Being a Negative Nancy on Ron Paul

I guess I am not going to spend much of my limited resources on Ron Paul anymore. In Arkansas Ron Paul only got 13.2% of the vote and barely got second place behind Rick Santorum. I am worried that its going to be just as bad in California since Ron Paul and his campaign team decided to let us go on our own devices.

I have migrated to Gary Johnson. President Obama has a safe 27 point lead in California so a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for principle. Fed up that President Obama and Mitt Romney want to arrest people for taking marijuana because you may have cancer or HIV/AIDS? Fed up that Mitt Romney could care less about Republicans who support LGBT equality?  Tired of the Republican establishment trying to deny that Libertarians are gaining influence and decide to stuff the ballots for Mitt Romney?

There are many reasons why we need to shock the system. We need to send a message that we do not need another Punch and Judy show, we do not need a President Obama clone in white face.

On June 6 move to Gary Johnson. You will feel better for your vote.

I am NOT Marching Down The Line

I originally was supporting Gary Johnson, but the media blackout decimated his campaign where he went to the Libertarian Party so I decided to support Ron Paul. I thought Ron Paul would be the right solution to improve the Republican Party. I was a bit uneasy supporting Ron Paul, but I got into the spirit of his campaign. I felt that Ron’s foreign policy views are refreshing compared to President Obama and Romney, I felt that we need to get our fiscal house back in order, I felt that Ron Paul would be the best choice to prevent the TSA and DEA from making the lives of Americans miserable.

However the voyage is about to end. Ron Paul was a victim of the media blackout just as with Gary Johnson. The media pretended that Ron Paul was non-existent, but he pulled rabbits out of a hat during various state conventions and party caucuses. Then the news media got puzzled and said “Romney is the one crowned”, perhaps the news media wants to get the weakest candidate against Obama nominated. Romney volunteers have behaved in such corrupt ways such as attempting to stuff ballots, threatening Ron Paul supporters and taking their ball and running away as in Oklahoma.

Sadly Ron or other higher ups in his campaign feel that his army is not behaving properly and violating the process. Ron’s supporters may be using Ron as symbol and they invested so much in him, but Ron stated that the journey is only beginning even if Ron might not make it further after the primaries. People ran to take over their state parties and even some of them are RNC committee members in states such as Maine and Nevada. The supporters of Ron Paul are running a spirited campaign based on ideas such as reducing spending, getting us out of Afghanistan, reforming the federal reserve. Romney may be closer to Obama’s views on many issues aside from social policy and that does not help much in uniting Ron’s supporters making it more like oil and vinegar.

Romney wants to solidify the base to make it where there will not be any partisan disasters as what happened with President George H.W Bush in the 1992 convention where Pat Buchanan ended up destroying the message of his campaign and it led to Clinton defeating him. However the maneuvers Romney have done during the state conventions in various states kills the dreams of unity.

Republican activists may say that, “If you do not vote for Romney, you will end up voting for Obama by default”, but honestly on various issues Paul supporters care about Romney is only Obama in white face. Romney is still going to keep us in Afghanistan until the sun does not shine, Romney is still going to sic the DEA on the dispensaries that offer the sick relief with marijuana, Romney is still going to promote the worst policies of President Obama with the drones invading American skies and indefinite detention of Americans. Perhaps leaving our ballots blank or voting for Gary Johnson may be the only rational idea. Continue reading I am NOT Marching Down The Line

Not Like Father and Son

Fellow Paul supporters are pondering voting for Rand Paul in 2016 after his father runs his final campaign for president, but Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is showing that he has some slight different views on the issues of the day in particular how President Obama said he was open to marriage equality. Ron may of supported the Texas state marriage ban and does not care that New York has marriage equality, but Rand would be more likely to have an olive branch with the Santorum and the Romney camp in restricting marriage nationwide. Even though Rand decided to express his views on the issue it is not going to affect my vote for June 5th for his father. I will be more than please to take my vote elsewhere for 2016 if he believes in a marriage amendment to nullify federalism in New York and Massachusetts as an example.  However Rand’s co-sponsorship of the Human Life Amendment is a good sign he would likely consider a permanent ban on marriage equality nationwide.

I know Rand wanted to do some outreach for his father, but it might of hurt in the long run. Statements like this should have been done after the election season when he enters the spotlight entirely on his own.

So basically we might see a swap of supporters for election 2016. We might see the liberal end of the Ron Paul collation moving to Gary Johnson in the next presidential election if Rand runs next. Liberty is not liberty if liberty is selective. Rand may be Libertarian on issues such as the NDAA or economic policy, but on personal liberty he could likely be drinking buddies with former senator Santorum.

Recently the Republican Party was given a poll from one of President George W Bush’s former pollsters that shows that America and even Republicans are gradually accumulating to equality for LGBT Americans mainly due to knowing a friend or family member who may be LGBT and they are starting to realize they have to treed carefully in how they deal with the issue. Rand is indeed entitled to his beliefs, but the context of what you say matters.

There is a small problem with what Republican national party chairman Priebus stated in a Los Angeles Times article about Rand’s remarks. “People in this country, no matter straight or gay, deserve dignity and respect. However, that doesn’t mean it carries on to marriage,” But if people are not going to be considered as equal Americans then it is not going to make any difference when Priebus tried to smooth over these remarks in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press. Even if we try to provide dignity and respect to non-heterosexual relationships, politicians including Romney are unwilling to give the same 1,138 rights and responsibilities of marriage to same sex couples and only willing to give a pale fraction of them.

Rand may have some Libertarian sensibilities, but he is more in the Tea Party camp.  Personally I think he would be better as a Senate Majority Leader than President. Any Republican would rather see him than Mitch McConnell run the Republican caucus in the senate.

For $200 I would rather spend it better.

I was encouraged to see if the San Bernardino County Republican Party was worth the commitment again, but it seemed for myself personally it was not worth the effort. California is going down the sinkhole of irrelevance, but I feel both major political parties do not fit my needs. However we live in a Coke and Pepsi society. If you drink RC cola, people think you are quite strange.

If I was a San Bernardino County Democratic Party member, I would cringe at the support for high taxation that drives the productive out of our state robbing us from jobs. Although I may feel comfortable with the San Bernardino County Democrats support of my equal rights, there will be no jobs in our communities due to their policies.

If I was a San Bernardino County Republican Party member, I would cringe when people are passing out flyers and petitions to deny me from my equal rights. However the people in the room are eagerly wanting to bring job creation and opportunity to our communities.

I wish we could bring the best of both worlds to make a perfect fusion political party. Maybe this will happen when candidates such as Gary Johnson make an impression to help make the Libertarian Party the best third party in the United States. Maybe we can bring back the spirit of the Bull Moose Party.

This year I will likely vote for Gary Johnson, leave my US Senate vote blank this November due to the Top 2 measure that deprives voters of voter choice, Gloria Negrette Mcleod for Congress and support Ken Coble for State Assembly. Maybe this explains why many people are decline to state because they never vote a straight party ticket.

In June, I will be supporting Ron Paul for President, and Rick Williams for US Senate. However I do not feel comfortable voting for either Elizabeth Emken OR Dianne Feinstein because I feel they are not within my values.

I was disgusted by the number of people who supported the regressive party platform in the California Republican state convention, maybe it will take a few more landslide Democratic Party victories until the party realizes what they need to do to get young people, Latinos, women and even moderates in the party.

I will likely set up an exploratory committee for the likely special election in 2013 for Assembly District 52. I am not likely to  accept a party label. I will be inclusive to minority groups and still promote job creation in our state.