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1 out of 3 Is Not Entirely a Joke

I read a blog entry that was crossposted to Red State giving some time to three individuals that the media will not take seriously, but I could agree about Jimmy McMillan and Jonathan Sharkey being mostly there for the entertainment. However Fred Karger is not exactly a joke candidate and the media has given him some serious time.

Fred Karger has been profiled by New Hampshire’s leading broadcaster WMUR where voters were able to ask him questions.

Fred Karger was interviewed on the BBC’s news chat show Hard Talk.

Fred was also interviewed by leading journalist David Frost on Al Jazeera English.

If you do not feel comfortable voting for John Huntsman, Fred Karger will be happy to take your vote.

I think the author was talking about how these three will never break 1% or higher in the polls, but with the huge expansive number of challengers running for the Republican Nomination it will be so fragmented where almost anyone will have a fair chance.

However I would like to see Jimmy McMillian be profiled on WMUR and have New Hampshire voters ask him questions.

Thinking Presidential

As a registered Republican I am supporting Fred Karger for president at this moment of time. I may have my top three choices, but for the moment I am supporting Fred. Right now, I am hoping Fred gets included in the pollsters questions of who Republicans across our nation want for their presidential choice.

We need someone who will be immune to the charges that they want to eliminate Medicare for the seniors, and someone who would be pragmatic that can reach out to young people and groups that typically do not vote Republican.

Since debates are asking for candidates with popular support, I have sent an email to the PPP and Gallup pollsters to get Fred included for their polling.

Americans deserve a wide choice for their primary vote to determine who will be the Republican nominee against President Obama in 2012.