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Restaurant Review

I decided to visit Johnson’s Hot Dogs in Upland. Previously this business was home to a smoothie shop, but since the major chains made smoothies less unique another entrepreneur decided to make a hot dog store.

I was curious to see if this business would be a winner, but for now it seems to be a weiner right now. My father and myself decided to order two of their hot dogs, The Cheesy Coney and the New York Deli Dog. We were both very under satisfied with our selections. For the Cheesey Coney it seemed like a normal hot dog with a normal sized bun covered with modest cheese and chili. Sadly you get more of a deal at Sonics for almost 1.50 less. I did decide to make my meal into a combo and the fries tasted better than the hot dog. There are ways to make it less of an underdog such as a bigger bun with the regular sized dog and slightly increased toppings for the same price.

The New York Deli Dog was the same thing, for $5 it was very over stated for the price. Normal sized bun and normal sized dog with modest sauerkraut. This first impression made me not want to make a return visit for awhile.

With this economy I do not want a restaurant to go out of business or have to face the reality of being on the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible in the next two years, but I feel like speaking out might help the Johnson family improve their business.

Positives: Good ambiance, good fries.

Negatives: Overpriced for the food offered.

Johnson’s Hot Dogs,  813-A W. Foothill Blvd. Upland, CA 91786

Are You Fed Up?

I know the economy is screwed up, but feeding the poor fast food is an utterly bad idea. I know businesses want government aid, but feeding fatty foods to people with their EBT cards seems totally against Michelle Obama’s visions for a healthy America.

My idea would be something fiscal conservatives and health and wellness advocates would endorse. Instead of allowing people to shop at 7-11 or Taco Bell, how about we sponsor high quality cookbooks people could use to cook a variety of recipies and meal plans to stretch their benefit dollars or even for those who still have gainful employment ways they could stretch their money as well.

Since many of the Food Network stars have became cultural icons my idea is to use them to help make quarterly cookbooks on how people could feed their family of 4 on $240 a month. Paperback cookbooks could be printed in government offices, and you could buy a deluxe hardcover edition to help fund food relief organizations at places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

My idea would be the ultimate public/private partnership. If we just subsidize fast food we will end up having public heath issues in the long run. Let us do it right from the beginning.

Food Talk: Maple Bacon Sundae

I decided to go on an impulse purchase at Denny’s and get the Maple Bacon Sundae and I wish I did not make the purchase. My sister and her boyfriend were talking about this twisted creation and I interjected that I wanted to try it, and now I did.

Basically it is about 3 scoops of ice cream and 2 strips of bacon spread out throughout each scoop covered in maple syrup. It started out ok at first bite, but when I got halfway done with the desert I felt like I had enough.

This desert can be found at your local Denny’s branch for $2.99 as part of their bacon promotion called Baconalia for the next 60 days. Bacon is a nice snack, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Id rather go for the six pieces of bacon added to some of their breakfast items instead.

I think if Denny’s had an encore of this infamous treat, they need to cut it down 1 scoop and reduce the price down to $2.49 because most people do not have the strong stomachs to handle this. Click the link to see a picture of the decadent treat.

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Calories on the menus

Due to California law, chain restaurants are now required to post calorie information. Although the law was passed in 2008, it only takes in effect right now. The only thing I thought that was inconsistent was that not all of the items on the menus are listed for caloric value such as Del Taco’s quesadilla, but I ended up visiting the Del Taco website to find out that the quesadilla is actually laden with calories due to its cheese content with 570 calories.

I understand that the media and politicians from California and nationwide are concerned about children becoming severely obese, but no matter how many calories are in a combo meal people will still eat whatever their hearts desire no matter how much fat, sodium or cholesterol may be.

Experts in a Scientific American article exclaimed that maybe taxes based on how many calories the foods may be might be the best way to stem people from eating too many calories, but it would be very unpopular. However if we are using taxpayer funds to pay for the medical care of those with heart problems and weight problems then the control of the state does sound evident.

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New Food at McDonalds

I decided to visit McDonalds to eat their new item that they are introducing to Southern California restaurants. The Angus Third Pounder and I decided to consume one for lunch today. For $3.99 a hamburger, similar to the Six Dollar burger from Carls Jr you get a thicker hamburger with more toppings. It pales in comparison to Carls Jr, but its a change of pace for the McDonalds chain.

There are three hamburgers:

The deluxe:
angus 1/3rd pound patty, onion, pickle, tomato, letuce and cheese

Bacon and Cheese:
Cheese, onion, pickle, bacon and the angus 1/3rd pound patty

and lastly Mushroom & swiss:
Swiss cheese, saluted mushrooms and the angus 1/3rd pound patty

I selected the Bacon and cheese, I felt the hamburger needed more toppings for it to be sufficient.

The meal was somewhat satisfying compared to consuming a 10 piece chicken nugget combo, but I felt like I would rather eat a Six Dollar Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

link: Angus Third Pounders @ McDonalds Southern California

The Utility of Food

When I go to a local restaurant establishment I wonder one thing. Will the products I select for breakfast, lunch or dinner satisfy my appetite for the day. Recently I went to Wendy’s where their 1/4 pound hamburgers felt appropriate for a fashion model not a full sized man. Sometimes you feel why did I pay $5.25 for this micro-meal?

I sometimes watch the Food Network with their show $40 a day where their host goes to a random town to find out if they can eat out for 40 usd for the days meals. Maybe we need an affordable yet satisfying guide in how to feed yourself without breaking the bank. Perhaps Inland Utopia will cover local restaurants and help the readers find some good filling eats.