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Issues Matter Most in 2018 Local Elections

I do not believe that we need to dethrone a city council member by personal attacks like what happened in 2014, but the issues matter more in how Ontario Council Member Alan Wapner has conducted himself in regional organizations such as the Southern California Association of Governments and San Bernardino County Transportation Authority should be the main and only factor.

In the high desert, two members of SBCTA did get dethroned in 2016. However, we must be careful in who replaces people such as Alan Wapner if the opportunity arises. Blanca Gomez replaced Ryan McEachron in Victorville and she has become an opposite in what we want in a council member. Even though a growing number do not want toll lanes or easier passage of transportation taxes, we do not want radicals either where Blanca is an advocate for open borders and wants unqualified people to be planning commissioners.

The minimum we should ask for from our SBCTA members is the following:

Toll roads should be voted on by the residents of the counties involved.

Transportation taxes should not become permanent and continue to ask for voter re-authorization.

Threshold to lower passage of tax increases should not be lowered nor advocacy should be encouraged. The merits of transportation projects should be the main factor if voters want to increase their taxes with the 2/3rds requirement.

Bus Rapid Transit should be prohibited if lanes of traffic are blocked off from regular use.

Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen

People fail to understand the mechanics about the political system in the state of California where political campaigns are won and lost in a jungle primary called the Top 2 system.  Democrats were shut out in 2012 in Congressional District 31 and Republicans were shut out of the 2016 US Senate race. Yes, it is nice that people want to participate in the political process, but the more people entering in a race such as for California Governor then Republicans will risk a race between two Democratic Party candidates.

I recognize that 11 months prior to the primary people want to start their exploratory committees and I can understand that. However, we had around 13 candidates running for US Senate which diluted the vote share in 2016. We must have the discipline to cut it down to 2 or 3. People need to decide by November if they have the feasibility to seriously contend for a statewide race.

There are also numerous state legislative, statewide and even Board of Equalization races one can consider running for as well. For example, Assembly District 52 had no Republican running for the race and we had to endure a 2 Democratic Party candidate campaign. I know people want the bully pulpit of running for major office, but there are other ways one can get the attention desired to get their issues out in the open as a state legislative or congressional candidate.

The problem is Republicans undervote instead of voting for Loretta Sanchez in 2016. I do recognize that Republicans want a choice, not an echo however we have to fully understand the mechanics of the Top 2 primary system. The factions in the California Republican Party need to become more united than the Democratic Party in our state and figure out how to fairly divvy up the statewide slate so we can work together instead of working against each other. It would be tragic if we end up in a condition like the Hawaiian Republican Party where Charles Munger Jr. would be a king of a crumbling castle.