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I Guess That’s Why They Call California Blue

California likes Democrats. The rest of the nation went Republican, but California decided to be blue as an icicle where even Republican favorite Steve Cooley might even be defeated as well.

Here is what we learned:

For Secretary of State, we should get someone who has a long term history of voting. I do appreciate Damon Dunn running, but he should of ran for school board or State Assembly instead first. Damon would have been great in administering business documents, but we also wanted someone who was involved in the electoral process more.

For Insurance Commissioner and Lt.Governor

Do not violate pledges you sign.  If you sign a pledge to advocate for clean energy, do not end up taking money from Exxon. If you advocate for lower taxes in your campaign pledge from Americans for Tax Reform, follow thru with it.

That is why many of us voted for Pamela Brown. She won over 5% of the vote so far.

Also Abel, Prop 14 pissed many voters against you. Shame on you.

For Governor

Meg may be a good business executive, but she flunked in the school of politics. All Meg was to the political class was a sugar mama to their consultant firms. Meg had no consistent viewpoints and her campaign went off message often.

And 150 million does not buy salvation from the California voters.

Then, California voters elected a dead woman to be State Senator even though it will result in a costly special election that will mean money Los Angeles County does not have will be drained in order to run the special election this spring. If you are in the South Bay and you are crying that your libraries are being cut or parks are not being maintained as much as you voted for Zombie Senator, it is your own fault.

I still have more to discuss, when local election results get posted for City of Ontario and the school boards.

election day posting

Election Day begins and I am heading to the polls now. I decided not to vote by mail because my opinions did fluctuate through this election.

I do understand that California does need reform, but the Republican Party nominees were not exactly exceptional. Where Republicans are willing to risk Gavin Newsom and Dave Jones in the general election. May the effects of violating the 2008 pledges on taxation help make prospective candidates in the future take pledges seriously or not support them.

On this day you will see expanded coverage and you are invited to comment.

This is our last election where you can vote for a third party like Green or Libertarian. I hope Proposition 14 gets repealed, but I will be voting against Abel Maldonado due to this.

I decided not to vote for any Democratic Party candidates. If the Republican made me want to lose my lunch thinking of him or her, I voted Libertarian Party. Come 2012 we will only have the dog and pony show.

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Mighty Embarrassed Defenders of Bigotry?

From the blog LGBT POV, Karen Ocamb writes that California State Assembly Candidate Andy Pugno in district 5 is so desperate for a win he is willing to scrub major portions of his life story in order for voters to support him.

Andy may be a “taxpayer advocate”, but like other fringe candidates this year in California, they are also advocates for discrimination. Such as he was the author of Proposition 8 and was paid over 200,000 dollars for his work.

I also sensed that when Ben Lopez who ran for Assembly District 61 was never advertised as working for Lou Sheldon in newspaper stories when he ran in 2006. Ben was mentioned as a small businessman, but never mentioned the fact he worked for the Traditional Values Collation.

I thought if you are making big money defending the traditionalist status quo you should be proud for what you stand for.

A Change of Plans for US Senate

This election we all will have to make difficult choices. I am still disgusted that the
National Organization for Marriage and their secretive funders dethroned Tom Campbell from
the front runner position, but there is one issue that overtakes civil rights and equality for me. National security.

Senator Boxer helped the enemies we were fighting in Fallujah, Iraq where 51 died and 560 were wounded during that time she allowed Code Pink to travel there.

National security is the reason why I voted for Bush in 2004 even though Bush and Rove used marriage bans as a way to gain popularity in the polls, I was not going to trust Senator Kerry as our next president.

National security is the reason why I am not voting for Boxer even though she does support my equality so people like me would not be considered second class in the laws of our nation.

Aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States should not reward Senator Boxer with another term.

I am reluctantly supporting Carly Fiorina even though she does not care about the people she worked under.

Munson’s Picks Part 2

My voter guide continues with this post, we cover Judicial and Non-Partisan local type offices such as boards of education and the Ontario City Council.

California State Supreme Court

YES on Cantil-Sakauye and Moreno

NO on Chin

California Court of Appeal Fourth Appellate District

YES on all, none of them earned any reason to reject them.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tom Torlakson , since the education establishment basically owns the public schools it is better to get an insider who knows them better.

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Secretary of State (California) : Christina Tobin

This year I am moving away from the Democratic and Republican Party nominees for Secretary of State by supporting Christina Tobin, the Libertarian Party nominee for Secretary of State. Christina is more qualified to become Secretary of State than the Republican Party nominee Damon Dunn who just started voting a few years ago and would do the job better than the incumbent Democratic Party nominee Debra Bowen.

Christina believes voters deserve electoral choice and has worked to defend the rights of people to have a choice in what political party they would like to support or run for office as. States have worked hard to maintain the two party monopolies where it makes it hard for parties such as the Green and Libertarian Parties to establish access to a particular state’s ballot where in Illinois third parties had to have five times the number of signatures to get on a ballot. Christina and her organization Free and Equal have worked to make sure those third parties establish or protect their ballot access from state interference.

Aside from campaigning for Secretary of State, she is helping to fight the recently passed Proposition 14 in the courts so voters will get their option to have write-in candidates and a choice during the general election of the third parties.

Independents, Greens and Libertarians have come to trust Christina throughout the years. She will work for the people, not for big business supporting Damon Dunn or George Soros supporting Debra Bowen. However she will work for you.

Candidates November 2010

Matt Munson’s List of Candidates Part 1 

Governor: Meg Whitman, I was originally for Jerry but Jerry recently opened his mouth and made me want to lose my lunch at him.
Senate: Carly Fiornia -r
Lt.Governor: Gavin Newsom, not supporting Abel due to his support of Prop 14 and his vote for higher taxes and the alternative HJTA is suggesting is much worse for me to support.
State Treasurer- Bill Lockyear 
Attorney General- Steve Cooley – r
Secretary of State- Christina Tobin
State Controller – Tony Strickland
Insurance Commissioner – Dave Jones (we need someone who will not authorize unrealistic fee increases for insurance premiums, if we want more people in the insurance pool to reduce the liabilities we need insurance at fair prices.)

Statewide, 4 Republicans, 3 Democrats and 1 Libertarian will be supported this year.

BOE District 2 – George Runner

AD 61 – Ray Moors
SD 32 – Gloria Negrette Mcleod
CD 43 – Scott Folkens – r

r- reluctant support (eg: both major candidates are unsavory, but lesser of the two evils)

19 – YES
20 – YES
21 – NO
22 – NO
23 – YES
24 – YES
25 – NO
26 – NO
27 – NO

Next part of this series will focus on local, county and judicial races.

Positions are subject to change.

Meg Whitman–Labor Union advertisement in Spanish

She talks from both sides of her mouth.

Discussing what was talked about on the John and Ken show, the labor unions of California have decided to tell the Spanish language community that they are being played for as suckers due to Meg saying one thing to the English speakers and another to the Spanish speakers.

We are living in an instant news cycle where people can easily find out for themselves the real story instead of relying on political advertisements for their information. We have John and Ken with their 25 hours of week of broadcasting, there is one major lesson as reported in the Los Angeles Times as what one member of the duo stated "Don’t get into a fight with two guys who have 25 hours to fill each week."

Many of my friends and family members are disgusted by Meg Whitman and even though the idea of a third Jerry Brown term may make long time Californians sick, at least he is honest about his policies and we will not get a third term of Arnold Schwarzenegger where he had no consistent views.

DA Cooley Should Reconsider Prop 8 Defense

I supported DA Cooley in the Republican Primary due to him being attacked by the Traditional Values Collation and the National Organization for Marriage, but it seems likely I should have just voted for John Eastman instead if they were basically the same in theory.

I am thinking of my encouragement to DA Cooley to drop the idea of defending Proposition 8 as a budget cutting suggestion. California has a massive budget deficit, and it would be better to outsource the defense of Proposition 8 to the Alliance Defense Fund and the proponents of Proposition 8 who brought the ballot measure to the ballot since they are much wealthier than the state where they can get money from the Catholic Church and the Latter Day Saints.

And if the new Attorney General wants to strike a new tone in politics since he is known to be a bit more centrist than the base of his party, he could end up not defending or opposing the proposition since active opposition as a Republican would make him pelted by stones by Lou Sheldon and Brian Brown.

I do appreciate DA Cooley’s opposition against Proposition 8, but sometimes as a matter of principle if a law is unjust you have to stand aside.

Organizations such as Equality California PAC might be supporting DA Harris of San Francisco because she is 100% on the issues concerning LGBT equality, but honestly Kamala Harris is mediocre when it deals with issues that do not concern LGBT individuals such as her prosecutorial record. So in November if I do decide to support a major party candidate I am going to have to figure out what would have the greater good for the people of our state.

No More Robo Calls

We are having many contested primaries and I have received robo calls from Meg Whitman, George Runner, Sheriff Hoops and many other candidates this week and it’s becoming a distraction. Now I wonder why a friend such as Wendy Maier was advised not to purchase robo call services in her campaign for State Assembly.

I could understand why candidates purchase robo call services; it helps reach many voters for the most effective cost. However robo calls should be used sparingly, peppering people daily will only turn off potential supporters.

Since I have not done an absentee ballot, I will be pleased to support the candidates who haven’t pestered my household with robo calls this week.