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The Ballot my personal choices

Art Oliver Governor
Tom McClintock – Lt.governor
Gail Lightfoot – Secretary of State
John Chiang – Controller
Claude Parrish – Treasurer
Chuck Poochigian – Attorney General
Steve Poizner – Insurance Commissioner
Bill Leonard – BOE2
Richard Mountjoy – Senator (barf, but he was better than the others sadly)
Scott Folkens – (not enthusiastic but why not)
Nell Soto – Had personal issues with her opponent
Superior Court Office 4 – San Bernardino County Larry Roberts
Donald Williamson – Assessor San Bernardino County
Paul Leon – Ontario, CA Mayor
Tony Ballardo
Sam Crowe for Ontario City Council

Election 2006

The federal election will likely be a tossup. I am hopeful that the Republicans still attain their majorities. However I want the worst of both parties eliminated. I mean Marilyn Musgrave and  John Doolittle in the Republican party. For the Democratic party I would like Jack Murtha removed. I think voters need to clean house and make sure we have a mainstream government that represents the best of what our country has to offer.

For California politics, I am not pleased that our governor is so similar to his opponent. And for Secretary of State we have people running with critical flaws, Bowen believes you do not need an ID to vote so basically I could go to Marina Del Rey and vote as her spouse if I wanted to. McPherson believes that Diebold does not need any checks and balances with their electronic voting machines. Jerry Brown is so flawed about law and order, that I am using a clothespin on my nose to vote for Poochigian because he stands far better for law and order. For Lt.Governor, McClintock’s views on everything except fiscal issues is basically abhorrent to most Californians. However if we get rid of McClintock from the state senate maybe we could elect Keith Richman to the State Senate and that would be a plus for all of California. Treasurer I feel sorry for Claude Parish, I am going to vote for him because he has so many good ideas about improving the state’s fiscal picture and he has more experience and education about high finance compared to his opponent.

There is more to come in Election 2006.

Williamson for Assessor

The Inland Utopia announces that Donald Williamson is Matthew Munson’s official choice for San Bernardino County Assessor.

Why vote for Donald Williamson? Donald Williamson is experienced and more qualified than Supervisor Bill Postmus.
Although both candidates are not superior, Williamson is the best of the bunch despite his flaws. Postmus has sent mailers attacking Williamson about his numerous sexual harassment problems, but the county board of supervisors has failed on the Colonies development on Upland which will cost 400 times more than it cost to resolve the sexual harassment charges of the incumbent.

It sounds rather absurd that someone who is a leader of a legislative body wants to down grade to a lower grade office. I agree with the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin that it strikes suspicion that Supervisor Postmus has failed to answer the question about his reasons why he wanted to become our next assessor. All politicians deserve to be observed with an eagle’s eye about the activities they participate in government.

Postmus is just as experienced as an assessor as Jerry Brown if he would become Attorney General. Elect someone with real experience as San Bernardino County Assessor November 7.

The Politics of Personal Destruction

Yes its that time of year again. The politics of personal destruction awaits Ontario voters with a smear campaign against Jim Bowman and Alan Wapner to high propensity voters in the city of Ontario. I dont find either side of Ontario politics innocent. I know that the reform side and the business side of Ontario politics have done their smear mailings throughout the years.

The Wapner side of the smear mailer is mainly a fake press release with accurate facts according the Orange County Register in . I also wonder if the San Bernardino County Republican Party pulled Wapner’s endorsement, why is he still endorsed on their website? While the Bowman side is true, but not as horrible as the other side’s of the photocopied annonymous mailing.

What should we do? Maybe vote for city council candidates with no experience or history in city government. So we could clean the city from the politics of personal destruction.

Jessica’s Law (Proposition 83)

Jessica’s Law is inspired by a nine year old girl named Jessica Lunsford, who was murdered by a repeat sexual offender. In Florida they passed legislation to make sure sexual offenders do not harm the children of their state. There has been a nationwide effort to get similar legislation passed across our country.

In California legislation written by Republicans have been held back by Assemblyman Mark Leno, an apologist for sex offenders. This is why the husband and wife legislator team Sharon and George Runner proposed a signature gathering effort to put the collection of laws into Proposition 83.

The proposition is a worthy endeavor, however there are flaws in the system. The 2000 feet no-live restriction is one of these flaws. Are we going to dump sex offenders to rural and desolate communities where they could cause problems to the residents who live there? Also how will these sex offenders attain gainful employment so they can be productive citizens?

The legislative analysist and director of finance have stated that Jessica’s law is going to cost in the low hundreds of millions to implement. Who is going to pay for this? Our state is broke.

Will we make 18 year old boys lifetime sex offenders for having sex with their 17 year old girlfriends? Will we make streakers, mooners and other minor sex offenses lifetime punishments because they committed a sex crime. Very draconian indeed.

Many provisions of Jessica’s Law are indeed great such as making it a felony to attain underage pornography, which Assemblyman Mark Leno fought to allow.

Jessica’s law also helps to make sure sex offenders do not earn good behavior credit off their sentences, mandatory minimum sentences and other reforms to make sure the youth of our state are safe.

Obviously proposition 83 will likely be passed. However for the rural Californians lock up your doors for all the sex offenders that will be sent to your communities because they railroaded them out.

Congress 11th District in California

Pombo versus McCloskey

Reluctantly I would rather have Congressman Pombo represent California than former Congressman McCloskey in the June primary this year. As a Republican who supports the inclusion of all Republicans I thought McCloskey would be a bit of fresh air and I had a donation check for him, but for now he deserves to lose.

I support candidates who are pro Israel. And McCloskey seems more like a crackpot the more I read about him.
Pombo is no angel too, he wants to sell off federal parkland to developers.

Neither deserve anyone’s time or money.

At least…

Although I may be a centrist Republican who is burned out by the Republican Party establishment. I am not totally against all Republicans running for office in 2006 in California.

Any Republican I disagree with will probably get a polite non vote. If conservatives in my local area could just simply not vote for Tom Campbell in 2000 when he ran against Dianne Feinstein, I could vote for someone else with enthusiasm.

Here are my Republicans of note for this June 2006 primary election.

Keith Richman – Treasurer

Inclusive Republican dedicated to the big issues that face our state as a whole. Assemblyman Richman has proposed solutions to solve our upcoming pension crisis and the numerous uninsured Californians that grow each year.

Abel Maldanado – Controller

The lesser of two evils. I am uncomfortable having Tony Strickland as the nominee. Due to the Strickland family using campaign money for their own personal gain.

Steve Poizner – Insurance Commissioner

He is the only one running in the Republican Party for this office, and if he was running against anyone else I would still vote for this man who almost won in a overwhelmingly Democratic party district in 2004.

I wish I was able to support Bruce McPherson for Secretary of State, but his certification of Diebold voting machines makes me uncomfortable to punch his name in the voting booth.

Lastly, our Governor does not deserve my support either. Governor Schwarzenegger is only a slave to the Democrats who want to put our state into fiscal peril, and to our own party who wants to restrict personal freedoms.


81 and 82 NO

Republican Party bleh…

I could understand that the Republican Party is having severe problems in the upcoming 2006 election. However they have called my home three times in the last week asking for money. None of my family is made of money and the Bush administration has failed our country.

Gas is rapidly approaching 4 dollars a gallon and our president has not implemented any reasonable solutions to lower the prices.
The insurgency still plagues Iraq, and has the mission really been accomplished? Many former generals in the Iraq conflict have said the leadership mishandled the effort.
And our president to ease his low poll numbers sells his soul to the evangelical crusaders by using wedge issues in order to win elections.
And the reconquistas want to invade our country so they could soak up the government services that their home countries have failed to provide them.

Our president is not doing anything substantial to make our nation a better place. Sadly Bush is only a lame duck now.