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Disneyland Is Simply Unaffordable Again

Disneyland decided to do another price increase for their park, maybe they are trying to recover money for the flop John Carter that was released earlier this year. I did lament the price increases in 2008 in an earlier blog post. However, the price will rise to $87 on May 20th. Going to Disneyland seems more of a pipe dream for me since I last visited fifteen years ago for 40 dollars a ticket. I know Disney wants to get Californians to buy a yearly pass, but for casual tourists who may want a full days visit  it does not seem like a good deal. Frequent visitors may just visit 2-3 rides and just go home, but the casual visitors who spend a whole day there end up buying food and drink and gifts which should help the bottom line just as much.

I do lament the fact that I did not visit the park during the register your birthday for a free ticket promotion, but perhaps they should have a feature where if you have a family member buy a ticket at full price, you can get in for free on your birthday where they would still make the money.

California Adventure is still under construction where a good percentage of the park is in limbo and they still ask for full price as well. Maybe as a concession, they should charge $59 for California Adventure until most of the new rides and attractions are up and maybe they could help boost attendance at the same time, while keeping customers happy.

I guess we have countless entertainment options such as sports events, music events or even going to Las Vegas for some amusement. Disneyland’s price increases remind me of Jerry Brown’s fiscal policies, raise fees to get revenue and then get less revenue in the long run.

Disneyland’s Health Care Problems

Disney should relent to the hard workers who make their park and their hotels successful. Disney constantly raises their ticket prices and parking rates year after year, but they say they cannot afford to pay for the health care for their workers by shifting the costs and dumping part timers off the health plan. If people knew that their employees were getting quality health care for their high ticket prices that go up ten percent a year maybe they would not feel burned as much. My father and sister bought yearly passes and they rose up $35 dollars per person, Disneyland is becoming unaffordable and Disney just wants to milk the money without thinking of the economic impact of their decisions.

Why I will never go to Disneyland in a long time.


It is unfortunate that I have not been to Disneyland in 11 years. The price increases of their tickets prove how less of a bargain the park will be for many people in the economic climate of today. $69 for a 1 day ticket for one park makes me want to cringe. It used to be $56 in 2005, and now in 2008 they raised it to $69. If $69 covered both parks then I would consider that a sensible bargain.

My sister and father both like Disneyland, but I do not find buying an annual pass worth the investment. The annual pass costs around 2.5x the price of a 69.00 ticket, but I find it like a gym membership where I would barely go twice a year at best.

I know Disneyland counts on the holiday vacationers, but they are out pricing the average people who live around their park in Anaheim.  Disneyland used to be affordable, but expensive when I was a child. Now it is a unrealistic luxury to many.