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Last Class

The last class I needed to transfer to Western Governor’s University is done. I will need to submit the promissory note and my transcripts over before I begin. It will be 3,035 a half year term where the last term will be 4,035 due to the thousand buck fee for student teaching. Due to the state budget cuts it may be the most prudent thing I am doing by going with them for the program. So for $11,105 I can get my 18 month odyssey of getting my teaching credential completed.

I may be in a sea to nowhere for the last decade, but I do recognize I need to turn my ship around. Only thing I am worried about is the lack of teaching opportunities after I complete the program. Even if I teach at a private school for slightly less wage, I will be content. The collapse of the economy and my innate desire to partake in dead industries makes my life a struggle, but struggle can make one stronger.

I know I should have been more vigilant on mathematics, perhaps Economics would of paid more than Political Science and History. However, I will likely buy some Algebra and Algebra II textbooks so I can self learn so when I eventually teach Economics to high school students I could do it in a better manner.

Mole Watch

It stinks when getting a haircut could cost you 250 bucks. I thought I had a sore, but it was actually a mole. I thought it was going to be healed with antibiotic cream, but I end up looking like Harry Potter with an interesting feature on my forehead for the next two weeks.

I was worried after realizing something strange grew on me in the last month. I knew I had to get it looked at and I visited the local dermatologist in Montclair CA. Dr. Woll is located on Central Avenue just south of the 10 freeway. Her building is not exactly on Central, but you will need to enter via a side driveway to enter. She may not be cheap for being uninsured, but she does a good job for what you pay her.

At least I got 40 minutes of service time for the money I paid for.

I thought Laurie was going to say, you will need some prescription cream and after five minutes it would be minus 125 bucks, but after my first visit the minimum cover charge will be 95 dollars so I am relieved after any future visits with her practice. At least I am getting more results than my 350 dollar visit to the ear nose and throat doctor in 2007. Continue reading Mole Watch

Life in a Nutshell

The problem in life is I have increasing debts due to my dental fees from each visit I have. The failed crown in March basically killed off my dreams of fiscal stability where over 800 dollars was blown. Because there was no contacts for the crown, the failed crown ended up infecting my mouth causing me horrible pain until I had to visit the dentist.

Then at work I find out that Memorial Day was painful due to an extremely busy store and my boss ended up watching me for almost a hour to see if I was serving the customers fast enough. I am trying to work on reducing non-work related conversation when it gets so busy. I wish I could split myself into two, but that is more science fiction to be honest.

If I get lectured on this issue again, I am going to politely tell my boss to consider other independent metrics such as the amount of items I processed per hour AND number of customers served which is available from the terminal software. Some customers had pricing issues or breakable items I had to wrap, but there is always room for improvement.

I am hoping for a stable amount of hours for each paycheck, a chance to improve my skills to meet the assistant manager’s standards and for me to complete the last four classes I need for Western Governor’s University so I could start on the teaching credential program in January of 2012.

2006 In Review

Hello. It is almost 2007. Time does fly away like a bird. I am selling my unwanted books, movies, music and electronic gadgets to make some spare change. It is delightful when you are able to clean your room or your home and make some spending money.

My Bulletin Board System has been alive since Summer 1995, but it seems BBSing is in the decline. I am giving it one more chance before I surrender.

I did do something good in 2006. I established Inlandutopia as my sandbox for Internet activity. Why pay $25 a year per blog at Livejournal when I could operate as many blogs as my traffic and storage can last for $70 a year and get a spiffy web address at Siteground.com? 40gig of space and 900gb of bandwidth what else can you ask for?

I found out that I need to visit a specialist for my allergies which have been worse by the years. It seemed visiting the Excalibur hotel and feeding the same amount to the vending machines lasted longer than my visit to the primary care doctor.

I also learned that I need to get off my duff and start looking for a full time job. The holiday season is ending and there is time for me to find a worthwhile job that pays twice what I am currently making now part time. Paying off my student loan in the next three years is my goal.