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Top 2 – Destroying Voter Choice

2010 was the year when the Republican Party nominated horrific choices for Statewide Offices such as Meg Whitman who believed she could buy her election, Abel Maldonado who decided to ditch his taxpayer pledge with Grover Norquist, Steve Cooley, who believed Proposition 8 should be defended because it was passed by the voters, but if marijuana legalization passed with Proposition 19 Steve would refuse to defend it, which made Steve look foolish. Mike Villines, was bought and paid for by the insurance lobby and also backfired on his pledge to Grover as well.

Many of us ended up voting for the Libertarian Party that year because we were fed up of the choices the Republican Party gave us. And thanks to Abel Maldonado and Charles Munger Jr, they gave us the turd sandwich known as Proposition 14. If you do not like what the establishment feeds us in June we have to choose between giant douche and turd sandwich in November with no ability to write in a choice.

Because of Proposition 14, we are going to have less third parties where the Green Party, Libertarian Party and the Peace and Freedom Party will likely lose their ballot access. Minor party candidates have more roadblocks to getting on the ballot now thanks to Proposition 14 where they have to get the same amount of signatures required as Republicans and Democrats to get on the ballot for no charge at 1500 signatures for State Assembly and 3000 for congress and state senate. Before Proposition 14, minor parties only needed at most 150 signatures to get candidates on the ballot for legislative races.

Since Top 2 destroys the chance for a minor party to get nominated in a general election, getting 2% in a statewide non-presidential general election it will be harder for parties to maintain their ballot access. If we want to preserve Top 2 and preserve ballot access, it should also be based on the minor parties presidential candidate or the performance during the Top 2 primary to determine ballot qualified status.

Many of us do not want to live in a world where it is just Democrats, Republicans and opportunistic Decline to States who express no party preference. Third parties help deliver new ideas and help keep the major parties on course. If people do not like the war on marijuana or do not want nuclear power, they can take advantage of the different ideas expressed by the third parties in our state.

I may of liked Charles Munger in his quest to make the California Republican Party more electable, but Proposition 14 is more like throwing the baby with the bath water. Even though the base of the California Republican Party may believe they are the Utah Republican Party, having third party competition does help hit home that the Republican Party does need to evolve or die in California if they want a Republican revolution to hit our state in the near future.

Living in a Democratic Party leaning community, I am not pleased that I will be faced with two Democrats battling against each other for Congressional District 35 this November. Even though proponents say this will force the candidates to reach out to non Democratic Party voters aside from them sending countless political mail and robo calls, they are not doing much to find common ground with Republicans to win our vote. However political parties who are out of contention  are hoping that the fratricide ends up draining the bank accounts of their opposing party.

Top 2 is a fraud and I hope the courts end up tossing this experiment down the trash can. Forcing voters to choose a vote that they can not believe in is very dishonest, at least in Top 2 state of Washington people who do not run in the Top 2 primary can become write-in candidates in the general election.

Voters Were Defrauded on Prop 25

California voters got bamboozled thanks to a recent appeal of the decision of State Controller John Chang which withheld the pay of our state legislators for failing to submit a balanced budget on time due to the provisions of Proposition 25.

California voters may be frustrated that state budgets are never passed on time and our state budgets are always filled with bloat to be passed on to next year’s legislative session. Yes, state budgets no longer need a 2/3rds vote for passage. However the revenue gimmicks make our budgets not balanced and filled with kabuki tricks. If Democratic Party legislators want to be truly honest they should have asked voters to change the state constitution to make tax increases 50 percent plus one as well so they can legislate without Republican input.

Relying on the state legislature to determine if a budget is balanced is rather dishonest because they will say that their bloated budget filled with accounting tricks is balanced because they do not want to forsake their paychecks or want to compromise with the Republican minority to pass a truly balanced budget.

I highly recommend that voters sign the petitions asking for a part time legislature sponsored by Assemblywoman Grove because our state legislators do not deserve to be full time legislators because many of them only care about the power than the responsibilities of their job.

Hello new Decline To State Voters

New voter registration statistics are published early in April and it shows that voter registration is making our county quite blue indeed. Oddly decline to state did increase, but voters should recognize that they should become temporary Republicans in order to vote in the primary.

For the 4,354 new voters if you want a choice in this year’s presidential election there is still 20 days plus as of date of posting to register to vote again to become a temporary Republican.

No matter if you are wanting Ron Paul, or deciding to go out of the blue and vote for Fred Karger we would appreciate your vote in the Republican Primary.


San Bernardino County voter registration statistics.

Time Period Republicans Democrats Decline to State
Jan 2012 298,719 311,480 152,879
April 2012 298,059 312,257 157,233
Change -660 +777 +4354

For $200 I would rather spend it better.

I was encouraged to see if the San Bernardino County Republican Party was worth the commitment again, but it seemed for myself personally it was not worth the effort. California is going down the sinkhole of irrelevance, but I feel both major political parties do not fit my needs. However we live in a Coke and Pepsi society. If you drink RC cola, people think you are quite strange.

If I was a San Bernardino County Democratic Party member, I would cringe at the support for high taxation that drives the productive out of our state robbing us from jobs. Although I may feel comfortable with the San Bernardino County Democrats support of my equal rights, there will be no jobs in our communities due to their policies.

If I was a San Bernardino County Republican Party member, I would cringe when people are passing out flyers and petitions to deny me from my equal rights. However the people in the room are eagerly wanting to bring job creation and opportunity to our communities.

I wish we could bring the best of both worlds to make a perfect fusion political party. Maybe this will happen when candidates such as Gary Johnson make an impression to help make the Libertarian Party the best third party in the United States. Maybe we can bring back the spirit of the Bull Moose Party.

This year I will likely vote for Gary Johnson, leave my US Senate vote blank this November due to the Top 2 measure that deprives voters of voter choice, Gloria Negrette Mcleod for Congress and support Ken Coble for State Assembly. Maybe this explains why many people are decline to state because they never vote a straight party ticket.

In June, I will be supporting Ron Paul for President, and Rick Williams for US Senate. However I do not feel comfortable voting for either Elizabeth Emken OR Dianne Feinstein because I feel they are not within my values.

I was disgusted by the number of people who supported the regressive party platform in the California Republican state convention, maybe it will take a few more landslide Democratic Party victories until the party realizes what they need to do to get young people, Latinos, women and even moderates in the party.

I will likely set up an exploratory committee for the likely special election in 2013 for Assembly District 52. I am not likely to  accept a party label. I will be inclusive to minority groups and still promote job creation in our state.

It is Getting Worse to be Red in Inland California

Republicans thought it was going to get better in Election 2012 with Proposition 11 that changed redistricting, but since redistricting went for the worse the Democratic Party is trying to make sure that there is a party that is there for the people in the new legislative districts particularly in our growing areas of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

New legislative districts in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties will be the toughest fight for the Republican party of California.

Rancho Cucamonga and Upland will likely be represented by Joe Baca, Riverside will likely be represented by an openly gay school board member Mark Takano, Upland will likely be represented by Democrats for State Assembly and State Senate, Bob Dutton will have a toss-up in his chance to serve his last term in the State Assembly, downtown Riverside will also be represented by a Democratic Party legislator too.

Even though the 2011 redistricting was not safe for the Republican Party, it shows the problem the party has in its efforts to maintain its relevancy. I read a post by former State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore on how regulation cripples business out of California, but even if the party is right on that issue. There are still skeletons in the closet that lead towards the voters of Californians telling the Republicans  “thanks, but no thanks”.

Inland California is going to turn more blue than performers at the Blue Man Group, and I am here as your canary in the coal mine to help prevent this from happening. As what I stated previously, pro-life views and flogging the queers on a stake are not going to drive Latino voters to the party. I even told Randy Thomasson on his private voice mail line, you need socialists that dance to the beat of your fundamentalist beat like Democratic Party State Senator  Rev. Ruben Diaz of New York State if you want to reign in theocracy in California. Cutting education and social welfare funding will be a major turnoff to the Latino voter. It has been proven from a 2011 poll by Republican pollsters Moore and Wilson that only 22 percent of Latinos want to see hard core conservatism and stick to core values of the party.

The scoop is the Democratic Party is going to have a massive voting drive targeting the Latinos of San Bernardino and Riverside County and the Republican Party of California and those respective county parties will need to think fast in how to keep them in the fold. Its not about social conservatism that many Latinos have in common with the party, its not about tax cuts. It is going to be a difficult message, even in a Latino dominated assembly district a gay moderate Latino and a gay social conservative Latino both had problems against Democrats in our district.

And since many of our cities in San Bernardino and Riverside County are Latino dominated, we might have a future lawsuit on our hands with the voter rights act. So Republicans will likely need to consider the best diverse bunch they have to avoid any problems in the future.

The big wedge needs to be retired, white voters are no longer the majority in our state. People are becoming more accepting of LGBT people in our communities. We need to fight for how to make the state work for all of us. It should not matter what ethnicity, religion or romantic inclination you have. The older voter that votes Republican also will become history in California and the United States. We need to recognize the youth of our nation and treat them as equals and not as disposable pawns like what President Obama did in 2008 since they will be a major voting bloc in 2016.

We need to stop scapegoating populations for the problems in society and work as a team. Inclusion wins. If we throw away a community they will be happy to jump forces to the other side. Black people used to be decent Republican voters in the early 20th century, then today they are only less than a tenth to support the Republicans. A welcoming party leads to Republican success and if we further upset the Latino voter we will likely have an irreversible problem.

I Guess That’s Why They Call California Blue

California likes Democrats. The rest of the nation went Republican, but California decided to be blue as an icicle where even Republican favorite Steve Cooley might even be defeated as well.

Here is what we learned:

For Secretary of State, we should get someone who has a long term history of voting. I do appreciate Damon Dunn running, but he should of ran for school board or State Assembly instead first. Damon would have been great in administering business documents, but we also wanted someone who was involved in the electoral process more.

For Insurance Commissioner and Lt.Governor

Do not violate pledges you sign.  If you sign a pledge to advocate for clean energy, do not end up taking money from Exxon. If you advocate for lower taxes in your campaign pledge from Americans for Tax Reform, follow thru with it.

That is why many of us voted for Pamela Brown. She won over 5% of the vote so far.

Also Abel, Prop 14 pissed many voters against you. Shame on you.

For Governor

Meg may be a good business executive, but she flunked in the school of politics. All Meg was to the political class was a sugar mama to their consultant firms. Meg had no consistent viewpoints and her campaign went off message often.

And 150 million does not buy salvation from the California voters.

Then, California voters elected a dead woman to be State Senator even though it will result in a costly special election that will mean money Los Angeles County does not have will be drained in order to run the special election this spring. If you are in the South Bay and you are crying that your libraries are being cut or parks are not being maintained as much as you voted for Zombie Senator, it is your own fault.

I still have more to discuss, when local election results get posted for City of Ontario and the school boards.

Caught In Another Budget Bind

Crossposted from iepolitics.com

Senator Dutton has written yet another eloquent column about why we should pass Republican Party budget solutions, but Democratic Party legislators want to do it their way no matter how many more Californians will become unemployed or how massive the state’s budget problems will become in future years.

Even though Republicans may have the winning issues on the state budget and law and order, our state is so gerrymandered where the Democratic Party will likely be able to pass their state budgets in a veto-resistant manner after the next two elections. The Democratic Party has State Senate District 12 and 15 in the cross hairs so they can be ready to pass budgets without Republican Party influence.

Unfortunately we will have to see California collapse before voters ever do consider the Republican Party as a viable choice, but even so there are many demographic groups who would rather vote for a dog instead of a Republican. Republicans are going to have to build a relationship with these demographic groups that Republicans used as wedge issues in order to adapt to the demographics of our state today.

Yes, it would be nice for California to live within its means. However we already maxed out our credit cards for us to do a Keynesian economic solution so we have to rely on the economic theories of Hayek. Maybe with a majority vote budget and Proposition 14 that already passed, Republicans would have to learn to develop mainstream candidates that could get elected in places such as Santa Clara, Glendale, Torrance and Ontario instead of having to rely on the fringe for popular support where they can comfortably sustain being in the perpetual minority.

I do not want California to end up like Illinois where they have gave up on paying their schools, medical providers and other agencies that rely upon state assistance. Unfortunately political power blinds both political parties where it is impossible for our legislators to come up with a solution because Republicans are zealots for no taxes at any cost and Democrats must feed the labor union beast. It is going to take sacrifice shared equally from both sides for a solution to happen.