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Munson on AB 398

Republicans ended up getting the raw deal in July’s controversial #ab398. Eight Republicans attained exceptional outcry and grief due to what they did with their votes that enabled its passage. Republicans across the board from the ones who voted for Obama to the Republicans who are part of the Tea Party movement are disgusted at the support our legislators gave to this bill.

Minority Leader Chad Mayes and Assemblyman Marc Steinorth may state that if we did not pass this bill legislators such as Senator Connie Leyva and Assemblywoman Eloise Reyes will be ready to pass an even crippling bill at first chance. Even if AB 398 is the best thing since sliced bread, this bill is not static. Democrats can still undo this agreement.

Not all of us are wealthy like Assemblyman Steinorth. We can’t afford to absorb these new economic regulations that are driving people to Texas.