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Religious Liberty and Business

I applaud people investing their money and making products and services people want to patronize. Unfortunately there have been recent crises in the news about the religious beliefs of the owners of companies and government. Recent news have brought forth the refusal of Oklahoma based craft store Hobby Lobby to fund the morning after pill because it “leads to termination of pregnancy” and various business owners in states that opened up marriage to same sex couples not wanting to do business with them.

Unfortunately we are entering the uncomfortable topic of should we allow private business owners to object to laws on moral grounds. It is a very dangerous precedent if allowed by our courts. I certainly would not want a Jehovah’s Witness employer to refuse to cover my blood transfusion if I got in a major medical incident. I would not want a cost cutting employer to deny medicines for Diabetes if I should need them to function properly.

The irony is craft and hobby stores have a dominant female clientele and they are going to be hurting their female employee’s big time by their decision. I remember during the Sandra Fluke incident earlier in 2012, she was asking for her school’s health plan to cover contraceptives and she got major flak from Rush Limbaugh. Economically speaking, health care costs are higher when more items are subsidized and in some cases you can get cheaper prices by paying in cash. However people elected Democrats for better or worse and we got this health care “reform” and we need to learn to live with it. As long as Hobby Lobby is not covering Viagra or any other male comparable drug, that would be the only out I could see viable.

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It Takes Money To Make Money

I have taken a more serious approach to this blog recently. I have decided to up the ante in my writing abilities. I realized that I need to create engaging content to get people to read my blog and be part of the community. Without fresh content, there is no readership.

I am offering accounts to several people to be correspondents for various parts of the readership area of my blog. I am likely to offer an account to a Facebook friend in the high desert very soon.

I do not really want to invest an excessive amount of money on a Google ad campaign, but  I was thinking of making bumper stickers, buttons and even some t-shirts to wear so people will know about my website. I may need to take advantage of my sister and have her make some designs people can buy. I will likely have to take her out to Los Portales in Montclair after she makes the logo for the website.

I am wondering if there is any good plugins for me to perhaps serve local advertisements. I was thinking $10 for 3 months of display ads for each moderately sized banner ad of the size around 300×250.

My vision is to get the blog to an unofficial non-profit type of status. I do not want to make a profit at this time, but I want to be able to cover a budget to cover my web hosting, domain fees, wordpress plugins to make the user interface better, and perhaps someone to make a custom theme for Inland Utopia to celebrate our sixth year!

It has been SIX years and I hope to continue Inland Utopia for at least a decade more.