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Turd Two Offering No Choice For Political Outsiders

No choice in November

The June Primary in California offers no choice for many Southern California voters in particular in the High Desert’s CA-08, Pomona’s CA-35 and San Bernardino’s CA-31.

First we go with CA-31, the district has an ethnic minority dominance while two white guys will be running against each other. This election will be an utter snooze fest for people who could care less about Gary Miller or Bob Dutton. The winning Republican Party candidate should face the reality if Democrats mobilize they are going to be in a world of hurt. This is going to be one competitive district for the rest of this decade. Unfortunately the Democratic Party has some individuals who refuse the consolidate which might give away the district to the Republicans indefinitely.

Gary and Bob have identical views on many issues, where just like in CA-35 it will be a contest of personalities. I would have to ask their views on issues such as indefinite detention of Americans and how would they deal with the drug war as issues to focus on. Non neo-conservatives are going to have a hard time determining who would be the best representative for the district.

In future columns I am going to do some investigative reporting. Voters need to know what their candidates stand on the issues. Perhaps we need a checklist and if your favorite candidate matches the positions you agree on vote for that individual. For Republicans in CA-35 and Democrats in CA-31 we need to know what these unknown individuals stand for so we can make the best choice. Due to top two, we have NO write in vote choice. We can abstain, but if we abstain we end up giving away our vote to the people who make a choice.

I am hoping to team up with Democratic Party supporters in CA-31 and Republicans in CA-35 to come up with a list of issues that they care about and see if we are going to have to vote on the superficial if our top two choices are identical? Is Bob Dutton easier on the eye than Gary Miller? Should we vote for Gloria Negrette Mcleod  because she is not as allegedly sexist as Joe Baca?

Credits: Image by Brian Ryman

Election Recap


I was correct that Ron Paul got slaughtered. Jesse Benton was a turd for sabotaging Ron Paul’s campaign.

Proposition 29

It will likely fail due to the numerous Republican voters who voted during the primary.

Congressional District 8:

Race is very tight, but I am hoping for Phil Liberatore to not make the top two.

Congressional District 31:

I was correct, It will likely be a Republican versus Republican race with Bob Dutton and Gary Miller. Democrats should support Bob Dutton because he has more of a local footprint than Gary Miller.

Congressional District 35:

This will also be a same party dog fight in November. It is very boring! Joe Baca versus Gloria Negrette Mcleod will be the race this November.

Assembly District 41:

I feel that Chris Holden will beat Donna Lowe because Donna Lowe is not a mainstream candidate. I hope Ed Colton makes a second attempt at running for office in the future. Replacing Mike Antonovich might be a good idea 4 years from now.

Assembly District 52:

This race will be a Norma Torres versus Kenny Coble race. I am not that enthused about either candidate. I need to have a discussion with Kenny Coble on certain issues before I can sustain some support for him.

Bob Dutton out polls Mike Morrell

Bob Dutton is termed out, redistricting created new maps. Musical chairs led to Mike Morrell wanting to run for the new Assembly District 40. Mike Morrell is placed in a new Democratic Party friendly district and he wanted to run in more friendlier climate.

Bob released a poll stating that high and medium propensity voters, prefer Bob to Mike.

Bob wins due to more name ID and more cash on hand to give him the advantage.

Dutton:            28% (4/4) and 33% (3/4)

Morrell:           20% (4/4) and 17% (3/4)

The district that Mike Morrell is originally from, district 41 is not a good climate for a Republican, due to the social policies of Assemblyman Morrell, it would be hard for him to win. Voting against bills such as AB 9 to make schools safe for all students from harassment and intimidation would not make him quality material. I am hoping that someone like Terry Hamilton runs against Chris Holden in Assembly District 41. Heck, David Drier would be a good fit for that district. 

Even though Bob Dutton is basically identical to Mike Morrell, I am siding with Bob Dutton.

DMV Shafts Customers in California

From Senator Dutton’s email alert:

I would like to remind constituents that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will be handling vehicle registration renewals differently this year. Because of legislation passed in May, DMV will extend a 30-day grace period for vehicle renewals occurring between July 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.
It is important to know that billing notices issued by DMV have not been adjusted to reflect the 30-day grace period. Instead, a special insert a has been included with the billing notice that indicates penalties will not be imposed until the 31st day after the expiration date.
Normally, there is NO grace period for vehicle registration renewals, but notices are sent 60 days prior to the renewal date. Penalties under the standard system are calculated based on the number of days the registration is overdue, increasing from a 10% penalty when a payment is one to ten days late to a 60% penalty is the fee is 31 days late.
Some vehicle owners have reported that they have been assessed a 60% penalty on their VLF fee on the first day after the fee was due. In other words, vehicle owners paying their fees online after the due date have not received graduated penalties based on the amount of time the fee is overdue–just the maximum penalty from the first day the fee is overdue.
Although DMV officials say they are working to correct the problem, vehicle owners need to pay attention to when their registration renewal payments are due since those that were due in early July have already begun to pass the 30-day grace period.
DMV is encouraging vehicle owners to use renewal by mail or its internet renewal program to renew vehicle registrations. These alternative renewal methods automatically waive late fees for 30-day grace period, but will assess a penalty of 60% of the VLF fee on the 31st day. DMV will refund any over-payments to vehicle owners who were unaware of the 30-day grace period if they included penalty fees in their mailed payments. However, it may take 3-4 weeks for the refund to be processed.
DMV officials also say law enforcement is aware of the registration renewal grace period and will not cite vehicles until the first day of the second month after the vehicle registration expires. For example: A vehicle with a registration expiration date of July 10th would not be cited for delinquent registration prior to September 1, 2011.

My Letter to Local State Senate Republicans Regarding AB 9

I am here to implore our local Republican State Senators to support Seth’s Law (AB 9) by Assemblyman Ammiano of San Francisco. Even though this may not make your base happy, sometimes you have to take a stand for what is right so we can have a safe place for students to learn.

Even though there are existing anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws there are school districts across this state that refuse to do anything to stop the bullying and harassment of LGBT students from other students and at times the staff of the school. This law is not just for LGBT students, but it adds strength to existing legislation for all included groups such as sex, gender, ethnicity and religion. Just because this bill was inspired by a dead gay teenager’s plight, does not mean it should automatically deserve your opposition.

If students are feeling unsafe to attend school, then they will not be able to succeed in school thus giving students low grades and the potential for more school drop outs. No matter if the persecuted are bullied because of being different, all students deserve a safe learning environment instead of giving license for bullies.


Matthew Munson

Ontario, California

Your Moment of Dutton Zen

Our local California State Senate Republican leader has submitted two very reasonable pieces of legislation. Even though I am not a big fan of him, he deserves his due once in awhile.

Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton (R-Rancho Cucamonga) introduced Senate Bill 417 that would prohibit welfare recipients from using their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards to purchase alcohol or tobacco products.

I agree with the senator that the loophole that allows these recipients to use the cash portion of their benefits for alcohol and tobacco should be closed so the money could be used for more vital purposes like food, clothing, rent and their utilities for themselves and their families.

If you live in Gloria Negrette Mcleod’s district ask her to co-sponsor SB 417. This bill does deserve bipartisan support.

Then we also have Senate Bill 446 which allows for the Ontario International Airport to be transferred to a regional airport authority instead of the city of Los Angeles so the city of Ontario and local officials surrounding the city could better run the airport.

This bill already has Norma Torres, Gloria Mcleod and other surrounding legislators from both major parties supporting it already.

And this concludes your moment of Dutton Zen.

My Response to Senator Dutton on Brown’s State of the State Address

I am taking the time to write a reply to the California Senate Republican leader to offer a response to the response.

There is a reason why Republicans are not representing the majority in Sacramento, they are just too mean to the marginalized populations in our state. From Proposition 8 to 187, the Republican Party had to use the big wedge to help gain popular support.

Although California has its problems, we should not resort to using the boogey man of the day to become the party of the majority. From Proposition 14 in 1964 to Proposition 8 in 2008, we are telling Californians that the Republican Party is not their party.

Even though Democratic Party legislators think that money grows on trees and we can pay high end retirement benefits to the public employees, people still vote for Democrats because they do not attack their communities.

Even though there may be lesbian business owners, or socially conservative black people who share traits with the Republican Party they end up still supporting the Democratic Party.

Since we have the passage of Proposition 25, budgets must be passed with majority vote. And if Senator Dutton and friends do not have a party platform or a welcome mat to the communities that the Republican Party marginalized in the past it will be hard to win those votes back.

Yes, Senator Dutton I would love to see the two million plus Californians back to work, but the party needs to be more inviting so it could attain the majority support to get business back to our state.

Recovery Without Loss of Freedom

I hear you Senator Dutton, California does need to put jobs first. However there is something the Republican Party establishment needs to do first before voters in California consider the party seriously. Republicans may have the solutions to bring back California’s economy back to life, but voters will find out there is a cost for this economic recovery.

For the voters who value equality where each Californian deserves equal rights regardless of sexual orientation they will find out that Republicans will put forth a wrecking crew ready to take down anti-discrimination laws, school safety regulation and partnership registration laws.

Yes, we do need to bring forth the private sector jobs to make California a successful place. However we need to make sure that personal and economic freedom is both respected. If we want the recovery it will take two to make it work and make it where we do not have to suffer in the name of recovery.