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Saving Taxpayer Money with CATS

As a constituent of Supervisor Hagman I wanted to ask for his help in improving animal services in our county in particular when it comes to cats. I asked my supervisor to work with his colleagues to make their animal control centers work as effectively as Pomona’s Inland Valley Humane Society which services many cities in our district.

After waiting a week, I got an answer that was not helpful back. The letter only regurgitated what the Inland Valley Humane Society does and did not discuss what the county could do to reduce the number of cats that populate the animal services facilities. I was asking for the county to do a trial on trap, neuter and return so we can reduce the endless population of unwanted felines and reduce the number we have to put down which would help save taxpayer’s money.

I thought a supervisor like mine would value the idea of saving taxpayer money. Or maybe Greg Devereaux is not letting my supervisor be the supervisor he can be for the people of our district.

To be fair to the supervisor, some of the shelter managers in the county system are entrenched which makes implementing reforms very difficult and some of these managers are beloved by some of the other supervisors. I am not expecting instant salvation, but we need to acknowledge the problem and do solutions that could make a horrendous problem not as horrendous.

Senior Animals Deserve Respect Too

Elderly animals deserve a pernament home too.

Saw a heartbreaking photo on my Facebook feed. An owner surrendered a 16 year old dog to the Carson Shelter because they did not feel that they could take care of an elderly dog. Owning a dog or cat is a huge responsibility for up to 18 years at the most.

This dog will likely be adopted by a photographer who takes pictures of animals at shelters and since older dogs have medical needs just like humans, it will take some philanthropy to make sure this dog can have the best few months to a few years of life.

If you adopt an animal it might be a good idea to set up a savings account to prepare for any major medical expenses if possible so you can enjoy your animal from its journey from life to natural death without having to worry much about the aftereffects that may cause people to do irrational things.

New Legislation Needed for Animal Cruelty in San Bernardino County

After Judge Larry W. Allen gave a slap on the wrist to the 17 year old miscreant that had arson and animal cruelty charges on the pit bull puppy known as Valentine, people are wondering what solutions we would need to make sure situations like this would not happen again.

New county code should be added to make it where some jail time should be required. I understand our jails are overcrowded due to the state and local budgets being constrained, but giving that 17 year old even 1 week in jail would be better including the probation.  County laws should ask for jail time if any limbs get removed, death of the animal and medical care ends up costing over a given amount of money. However for someone that young, perhaps paying retribution for Valentine’s medical care should have been required even if it has to take five or ten years for the individual to pay the money back.

People who abuse animals usually end up abusing humans. Take for example the porn star from Canada who is an international fugitive after he killed a person and sent its body parts to Canadian governmental officials. He started off making snuff films about kittens being killed by snakes and now he is murdering people.

Write and call your local San Bernardino County supervisors to ask for reforms in relation to this issue.

Judge Makes Bad Move on Animal Cruelty Case

No Justice For Valentine

Recently in February there was a dog from the High Desert named Valentine due to being found around that time that was severely abused. The dog ended up losing one paw due to the abuse that a 17 year old boy ended up giving this dog. Sadly animal cruelty does lead to abuse on humans and the judge responsible for the case ended up giving this young man a very light sentence.

1 year probation, no ownership of any animals for a year and 40 hours of community service which was a literal slap on the wrist. I would of at least seen 6 months in jail, 5 years of no animal ownership and 400 hours of community service at least. And the judge did not let the volunteer group Sounds of Silent Spirits that took care of the tortured dog testify on the dog’s behalf to explain what did the boy actually do to the dog.

The San Bernardino County Superior Court  judge Larry W. Allen who made this verdict sadly is unopposed where he is not on the ballot this June and if you want to boot him you will need to recall him or find a new judicial candidate to run against him in 2018.

There is an event in Lucerne Valley if you want to share your support for the dog and her supporters.

Pioneer Park in Lucerne Valley just west of Barstow Rd. on HWY 247. Everyone is welcome to attend. Come and meet Valentine.

Congrats To Tanya

Tanya Brandon of Phelan has helped get 58 animals adopted this year. Many of these animals came from very high kill animal control centers in our area. By adopting one of these animals these individuals did something very special.

The good thing is she took a few more dogs and cats in to make up for having her current residents adopted.

She also has some long term residents who would appreciate a home.

Here are links to some of them.

Sweet elderly dogs

Diamond and Pearl (be adopted as a pair)

She does regular visits at a local Petco if you are looking for a dog or cat to call your own.

Dogs in South Ontario Need Help

Update to any one who read this post recently, an updated version is here.

Mercy’s K9 Rescue needs help badly due to losing their property. Their property got sold and they are looking for people to either adopt one of their dogs or donate if they can. For the last 30 years they ran a kennel and dog training business in South Ontario, but due to the economy the status of their operation is in danger.

They do not know what will happen due to the terms of the sale and after the deal was closed with the new owner.

There are over 20 dogs to consider, and the owners want as many of them adopted so nothing unfortunate happens such as having to take them to the overburdened humane society. The owners of the rescue deeply care about their dogs and work with them so they can be well mannered for your home.

If anyone knows any affordable place where they could relocate and house their dogs, or know of an attorney who can negotiate with the new owners for low cost it would be highly appreciated.

Welcome Back Mountain Avenue Animal Hospital

The previous owner Dr.Carey died and the operation was out of service for most of the year, but two veterinarians decided to open up a practice on the facility on 1155 N. Mountain Avenue, Ontario California.

They are now able to establish more services compared to when the previous owner had the practice. Digital x-rays, and updated laboratory equipment.

If you were once a customer of this business, the new owners would like you to consider coming back.

Same telephone number at 909-986-4548

You can look them up on Facebook.

Guardian Angels Need Your Support

Animal rescue volunteers need your aid to help take care of some critically ill animals in our back yard of San Bernardino County.

Animal rescue is a thankless and money draining activity and for these volunteers there has been so many sad cases money is getting very tight to get these animals taken care of and stabilized.

5 pups in danger of dying

We pulled 5 pups from Devore on Thursday. Everyone of them are extremely sick. We had to bring Tejava the parvo pup home because we don’t have the money to pay for him to be in the ICU. We have 2 others with pneumonia, 1 with kennel cough and Gracie the 6 mo pit bull girl with severe brain damage. Please help us save their lives, we have no money. We are doing the best we can, we can’t save these orphans without your help. We have had so many sick and injured dogs this year that we are totally broke. We want to continue rescuing but won’t be able to do it without your help. Please help us, for them.

If you want to help out please visit their site.

Thanks to Coty from the Patrick Community for the lead.

Dumb $#!+ of the Day

leave the helpless inside a hot car alone = broken windows

Hot weather does not mix if it is with children or animals. Recently a stupid woman spent three hours at the Ontario Mills mall and left her now dead puppy in her car because she was too lazy to take it home. The dog was rescued, but it had severe heat stroke and had to be put down.

The woman who owned the car where the incident occurred will face felony animal abuse charges.

Maybe we should make it legal for people to break the car window to rescue a young child or an animal on a very hot day, as long as you have a witness and call the police in advance.

However there are some informative tips in this article from the Animal Planet Pets blog.