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An Appeal To Help a Worthy Cause

The High Desert has had it economically worse than other parts of the Inland Valley. There is one charity that is trying their best in a never ending struggle to make the lives of the homeless, low income and  unemployed of the High Desert better in the aspect of the welfare of their animals.

The efforts of the Mojave Desert Animal Rescue have been helpful in helping to reduce the unwanted animal population in their area by helping to make sure people do not have to surrender their animals due to economic duress. . Without support from people like you, they might  have to turn down a few people. Even four or five dollars would be greatly appreciated.

The organization also runs a food bank for dogs and cats to make sure the furry companions have a bite to eat in these rough times.

They also have some animals for adoption including dogs and cats.

Good News from the Mercy’s Animal Rescue Situation

From the Mercy’s K9 Page:

Ruby’s son-in Law took Josie to the Ramona shelter today and Kita, Mary and Becky have all been adopted into families. Little Bailey, Pee-Wee and Baby were the only ones left and they went home with Josie tonight.

Just as in any charitable organization there are good people and misguided people, ask questions before you invest money into an organization.

Basically the situation has a decent ending. I encouraged one of their biggest volunteers to consider supporting one of the best rescue group’s in San Bernardino County Tanya’s.

Mercy’s Rescue Closing Down

As recently covered on my blog and iepolitics.com, they are going to be evicted very soon regretfully. They have around 7-8 dogs still left, if there is any rescue groups or potential adoptees they want to see as many of them get good homes as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Sadly they got evicted, they tried to find some one else to shelter them, but it seemed that animal control in the new areas they went to protect their dogs from being captured.

Ramona Humane Society in Riverside County might have these dogs if you are looking for them, I am not sure they were adopted out or sadly put down due to the sad realities of animal control centers.

There are 8 dogs that URGENTLY need homes:

Three pit bulls Kita (female) and Hugo (male mixed / Bordeauxs) Mary (female , black pitt bull)

Bear, does not like other dogs, rather be the only dog in the house

Becky, female dog who has American Standard Bulldog heritage.

Bailey, a special needs doxy

Then we have two Doberman Puppies! One is a brown female and one is a black male Doberman.

They need permanent homes as soon as possible END of March. Else they will be clogging the IVHS in Pomona and face likely death.

Congrats To Tanya

Tanya Brandon of Phelan has helped get 58 animals adopted this year. Many of these animals came from very high kill animal control centers in our area. By adopting one of these animals these individuals did something very special.

The good thing is she took a few more dogs and cats in to make up for having her current residents adopted.

She also has some long term residents who would appreciate a home.

Here are links to some of them.

Sweet elderly dogs

Diamond and Pearl (be adopted as a pair)

She does regular visits at a local Petco if you are looking for a dog or cat to call your own.

Looking For a Few Good Friends

There is an independent animal rescue organization that needs your help badly.

Mercy’s K9 Rescue

We want to save more dogs, but we can’t unless we get some sponsors. We desperately need your help, so we can help more dogs!!!!?

Without your support they will not be able to help find homes for these dogs. And for the dogs that are currently there, they would like to see some new friends to make up for the ones who found their new homes.

Visit their Facebook Page and find out today.