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Top 2 – Destroying Voter Choice

2010 was the year when the Republican Party nominated horrific choices for Statewide Offices such as Meg Whitman who believed she could buy her election, Abel Maldonado who decided to ditch his taxpayer pledge with Grover Norquist, Steve Cooley, who believed Proposition 8 should be defended because it was passed by the voters, but if marijuana legalization passed with Proposition 19 Steve would refuse to defend it, which made Steve look foolish. Mike Villines, was bought and paid for by the insurance lobby and also backfired on his pledge to Grover as well.

Many of us ended up voting for the Libertarian Party that year because we were fed up of the choices the Republican Party gave us. And thanks to Abel Maldonado and Charles Munger Jr, they gave us the turd sandwich known as Proposition 14. If you do not like what the establishment feeds us in June we have to choose between giant douche and turd sandwich in November with no ability to write in a choice.

Because of Proposition 14, we are going to have less third parties where the Green Party, Libertarian Party and the Peace and Freedom Party will likely lose their ballot access. Minor party candidates have more roadblocks to getting on the ballot now thanks to Proposition 14 where they have to get the same amount of signatures required as Republicans and Democrats to get on the ballot for no charge at 1500 signatures for State Assembly and 3000 for congress and state senate. Before Proposition 14, minor parties only needed at most 150 signatures to get candidates on the ballot for legislative races.

Since Top 2 destroys the chance for a minor party to get nominated in a general election, getting 2% in a statewide non-presidential general election it will be harder for parties to maintain their ballot access. If we want to preserve Top 2 and preserve ballot access, it should also be based on the minor parties presidential candidate or the performance during the Top 2 primary to determine ballot qualified status.

Many of us do not want to live in a world where it is just Democrats, Republicans and opportunistic Decline to States who express no party preference. Third parties help deliver new ideas and help keep the major parties on course. If people do not like the war on marijuana or do not want nuclear power, they can take advantage of the different ideas expressed by the third parties in our state.

I may of liked Charles Munger in his quest to make the California Republican Party more electable, but Proposition 14 is more like throwing the baby with the bath water. Even though the base of the California Republican Party may believe they are the Utah Republican Party, having third party competition does help hit home that the Republican Party does need to evolve or die in California if they want a Republican revolution to hit our state in the near future.

Living in a Democratic Party leaning community, I am not pleased that I will be faced with two Democrats battling against each other for Congressional District 35 this November. Even though proponents say this will force the candidates to reach out to non Democratic Party voters aside from them sending countless political mail and robo calls, they are not doing much to find common ground with Republicans to win our vote. However political parties who are out of contention  are hoping that the fratricide ends up draining the bank accounts of their opposing party.

Top 2 is a fraud and I hope the courts end up tossing this experiment down the trash can. Forcing voters to choose a vote that they can not believe in is very dishonest, at least in Top 2 state of Washington people who do not run in the Top 2 primary can become write-in candidates in the general election.

I Guess That’s Why They Call California Blue

California likes Democrats. The rest of the nation went Republican, but California decided to be blue as an icicle where even Republican favorite Steve Cooley might even be defeated as well.

Here is what we learned:

For Secretary of State, we should get someone who has a long term history of voting. I do appreciate Damon Dunn running, but he should of ran for school board or State Assembly instead first. Damon would have been great in administering business documents, but we also wanted someone who was involved in the electoral process more.

For Insurance Commissioner and Lt.Governor

Do not violate pledges you sign.  If you sign a pledge to advocate for clean energy, do not end up taking money from Exxon. If you advocate for lower taxes in your campaign pledge from Americans for Tax Reform, follow thru with it.

That is why many of us voted for Pamela Brown. She won over 5% of the vote so far.

Also Abel, Prop 14 pissed many voters against you. Shame on you.

For Governor

Meg may be a good business executive, but she flunked in the school of politics. All Meg was to the political class was a sugar mama to their consultant firms. Meg had no consistent viewpoints and her campaign went off message often.

And 150 million does not buy salvation from the California voters.

Then, California voters elected a dead woman to be State Senator even though it will result in a costly special election that will mean money Los Angeles County does not have will be drained in order to run the special election this spring. If you are in the South Bay and you are crying that your libraries are being cut or parks are not being maintained as much as you voted for Zombie Senator, it is your own fault.

I still have more to discuss, when local election results get posted for City of Ontario and the school boards.

England Fragments Republican Party Vote

It seems the holy war between two individuals has escalated where Karen England is willing to sacrifice her goodwill within the California Republican Party by challenging the appointed Lt.Governor and dilute his vote so Mayor Gavin Newsom would have an easier chance at being elected.

Even though as an independent minded Republican, I did support State Senator Sam Aanestad because I thought Abel had no substance on fiscal issues and he forced Proposition 14 to be on the ballot to take away my choice to vote Libertarian Party when the Republican nominees are too anti-gay. Unfortunately Abel won because he won the rest of California that did not listen to the John and Ken show.

Even before this controversy which escalated with Karen running as a write-in candidate, Abel decided to back Harvey Milk Day when he was a State Senator and grilled her hard during a hearing about her opposition to Harvey Milk Day by asking her if Harvey Milk Day would really harm students. Karen and her friends expect 100% compliance with Republican leaders that their legislators will not support anything positive to the LGBT community in California and the United States.

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