Seriously, let them be.

Nell Soto and Gloria Negrette Mcleod both serve Democratic yet culturally conservative districts. I applaud both of these legislators for standing on their principles even though GLBT equality is one of the few issues that voters may disagree with them on.

No matter how much money Ben Lopez has to run against Nell Soto, being a social conservative advocate will not serve Ben Lopez in his run for State Assembly in the 2006 elections in district 61. Unless Mr.Lopez wants to dish out socialism with his social conservatism then he may have a chance in defeating long term legislator Nell Soto. Being anti-homosexual and anti-abortion will not earn brownie points with independents, center and left leaning Republicans.

I highly support State Senator Kuehl’s bill SB 1437 to incorporate the contributions of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community be incorporated in our social science text books in our public schools. An accurate portrayal of this often marginalized group will help reduce the ignorance and prejudice that these individuals often face. Opponents may say this is going to transform our public schools into miniature versions of Castro Street in San Fransisco, but this legislation is mainly intended to eliminate bias in our school curriculum and nothing more.

And today’s committee vote in the State Senate allows me the chance to thank Senator Nell Soto for sticking up for the GLBT people of California and their straight allies.

There are other bills that both sides are eagerly anticipating for in the coming weeks.
AB 606: This piece of legislation will give the state government enforcement power to school districts who fail to enforce anti discrimination laws.

AB 1056: Adds the GLBT community in tolerance instruction curriculum.

Campaign for Children and Families may say its about forcing and indoctrinating the youth of our state, all the advocates want is for the GLBT youth to learn in peace without being beaten up.

We cant spoon feed heterosexuality nor any alternative sexuality to any youth of our state. People will turnout the way they will turn out. However we can give support to those who are outside the majority.

These legislators need your love and support because you know Randy Thomason’s legion is going to hound these legislators left and right despite their guaranteed victory in November.

And our governor needs to stop being a sock puppet for the social conservatives, else he will probally have the same fate as Congressman Lungren in 1998.

The Spirit of Radio

The Los Angeles Times has recently posted a story about how this one wealthy businessman has established a non commerical free form radio station in Arizona. The current culture of radio has poisoned many Americans interest in music radio. KCDX was how this wealthy businessman who also owns formula oriented radio stations kept the station as his private yet public paradise.

Formula driven playlists get tired and annoying, take for example KCAL and KOLA in San Bernardino County. These radio stations play the same crap over and over where familiarity brings forth burnout. This is why I have been driven towards buying music and reading websites such as Popjustice and Arjanwrites to find out the real spirit of popular music.

We need radio stations who have diverse playlists of different music, this is one way we can defeat the payola crisis the recording industry has faced. Maybe make it a requirement for radio stations to deadicate 1 hour a week to playing bands and musicians who have not charted on the Billboard charts under the 100th placing. It is unfortunate that the new Morrissey, Placebo and Goldfrapp have not been aired on KROQ compared to songs by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Matis Yahu who regularly get played on that station.

I conclude that this is the reason that ipods regularly sell well. The ipod makes you the DJ and we have control over the playlist and format of the music we like the best.

If you like new and vibrant music take the time to write and call your local radio stations. Your favorite bands need you.

Redistricting Reform Now!

The death of Proposition 77 was the death of some common sense into California politics. 2001’s party monopoly in redistricting resulted in a reduction of competitive districts and the reduction in mainstream Democrats and Republicans.

Take for example Assembly District 61, the district I ran my first major campaign for office. It was originally a Republican district, but since when Nell Soto the former city council woman of Pomona won the Democratic Party locked in the district. Aspiring Republicans of all political persuasions from left leaning Republican (myself), business conservative (Wapner), and just simply conservative (Yates) have thrown their time and money and still not able to claim victory.

Also we want politicians who are not as dogmatic towards other viewpoints. Of course George Runner and Jackie Goldberg may be full of conviction for their politics, most voters prefer pragmatic problem solvers. Where are the Pete Wilsons and Gray Davises of California? I know the party activists do not want to lose their base leaning politicians, but most centrists of both political parties do not want the dogmatic ones to dominate our government.

I just want districts that are not gerrymandered and districts not drawn up by currently serving politicians.

At least…

Although I may be a centrist Republican who is burned out by the Republican Party establishment. I am not totally against all Republicans running for office in 2006 in California.

Any Republican I disagree with will probably get a polite non vote. If conservatives in my local area could just simply not vote for Tom Campbell in 2000 when he ran against Dianne Feinstein, I could vote for someone else with enthusiasm.

Here are my Republicans of note for this June 2006 primary election.

Keith Richman – Treasurer

Inclusive Republican dedicated to the big issues that face our state as a whole. Assemblyman Richman has proposed solutions to solve our upcoming pension crisis and the numerous uninsured Californians that grow each year.

Abel Maldanado – Controller

The lesser of two evils. I am uncomfortable having Tony Strickland as the nominee. Due to the Strickland family using campaign money for their own personal gain.

Steve Poizner – Insurance Commissioner

He is the only one running in the Republican Party for this office, and if he was running against anyone else I would still vote for this man who almost won in a overwhelmingly Democratic party district in 2004.

I wish I was able to support Bruce McPherson for Secretary of State, but his certification of Diebold voting machines makes me uncomfortable to punch his name in the voting booth.

Lastly, our Governor does not deserve my support either. Governor Schwarzenegger is only a slave to the Democrats who want to put our state into fiscal peril, and to our own party who wants to restrict personal freedoms.


81 and 82 NO

Republican Party bleh…

I could understand that the Republican Party is having severe problems in the upcoming 2006 election. However they have called my home three times in the last week asking for money. None of my family is made of money and the Bush administration has failed our country.

Gas is rapidly approaching 4 dollars a gallon and our president has not implemented any reasonable solutions to lower the prices.
The insurgency still plagues Iraq, and has the mission really been accomplished? Many former generals in the Iraq conflict have said the leadership mishandled the effort.
And our president to ease his low poll numbers sells his soul to the evangelical crusaders by using wedge issues in order to win elections.
And the reconquistas want to invade our country so they could soak up the government services that their home countries have failed to provide them.

Our president is not doing anything substantial to make our nation a better place. Sadly Bush is only a lame duck now.


Welcome everyone to my website Inlandutopia, where I share to my readership the joys and frustrations of living in the Inland Valley. My specialties will be to discuss politics and popular culture. I hope by establishing this website you will be able to read on about what I experience.

Thank you for visiting.

Absurdity Runs Rampant

Originally written for the Highlander for the last issue of the school year in June 2003. Some of the situations that happened on campus have an eerie similarity with drama happening on campuses on colleges today in 2015.

UC Riverside becomes stranger by the minute with how our leadership manages affairs on our campus. Whether or not it is administration at Hinderaker Hall or with ASUCR, it is increasingly hard to keep a straight face with what happens on campus.  ASUCR senators want the Highlander to play toady and our administration is self-deprecating where they fund their own personal attackers.

The racism conference held in May was unintentionally a misnomer. It ended up promoting racism on campus. The return of the Down Low in “The Real” is no way to promote peace and harmony among the different ethnic groups on campus. There is very much spite and malice towards our administrators on campus. Jim Sandoval and David Warren are marked men according to the radical extremists on campus. These individuals helped to fund the slime and grime that leads towards libel, slander and defamation and its ironic that it came back right on their laps.  The administrators are not willing to hire an investigator to substantiate the claims from the events that happened last year.  The campus radicals do not want the truth to come out and they would rather have their own fantasyland reign supreme. They would rather have the campus investigate fantasy instead of investigating real events that have happened on campus.

Next year’s administration of ASUCR needs to build bridges due to the lousy leadership of last year’s senate. Their arrogance regarding the Highlander is immature and selfish due to their desire to make the Highlander loose their independence. It will be impossible for them to undo the referendum that gives the Highlander money from the undergraduate student community. The Highlander received almost seventy percent of the vote during the spring 2001 election with the twenty percent voter turnout. This fee helps to preserve the independence of the newspaper so the staff does not have to beg for money from ASUCR for each issue.

ASUCR needs to hire sensitivity training to the new senators to make sure they remember they represent all people not just the people of color that make up the majority of UC Riverside. Comments made by our senators last year were tactless and inappropriate during these senate sessions. Unchecked arrogance only diminishes the legitimacy and credibility of our student government. When questioned during the June senate meeting about the new mural for the new commons academic affairs director Elisa Haro remarked “I see some pilgrim invaders here” when she saw the lack of people of color in the mural. While in May Cesar-Olyervides-Cisneros remarked that people of color couldn’t be defined as racist against white people.

However, other newspapers have not been as successful because they do not serve the broad student community like the Highlander. The X-Factor tried to compete against the Highlander yet they collapsed by the end of fall 2002. I would love to see competition with student publications, but I do not believe there will be any viable competing publications with the reallocation of referendum funds. The Highlander has been the established student publication for over fifty years and has been established unlike the other publications. The Highlander has a staff of diverse backgrounds and perspectives yet they are perceived as unacceptable because they do not follow the agenda and prerogative of the senate and their allies. If the Highlander had the editorial content of The Real, they would become a niche newspaper with no broad appeal.

UC Riverside needs a culture of calm and good relations between all groups on our campus. I had enough of theatrics at UC Riverside. As a graduating senior, I will be watching from a far to find out if UC Riverside can learn from the events from previous years so we can become a unified campus community.

Empty Resolutions for Symbolism

The anti-war movement is in full swing especially with the resolutions against the war that failed in the city Los Angeles. However the machinery of war has already began. I would like to explain why these reasons are futile especially in the Inland Valley. Our federal legislators are Republican except for Joe Baca in Rialto and they would not change their position even if all ten thousand plus students of our campus came to their offices to raise hell with them. UC Riverside is a liberal oasis in a conservative town and the constituents of Ken Calvert’s district are more Republican and obviously more of a proponent of the ideas and practices of our president and the Republican dominated congress.

Resolutions are merely symbolic, they have little power to change hearts and minds of those people who make the decisions that affect the Middle Eastern crisis. I would rather have ASUCR concentrate on issues of parking, quality of food on campus, book store operations than issues that did not have importance than issues that they have very little power of. The energies should be focused primarily on legislators who speak for the side against the war, not in the territory that is a proponent for the war. For those students who are living on campus, but have residences elsewhere they should find out if a Democratic legislator represents them back at home and they should contact them to become more active for their cause.

Los Angeles City Councilman Jack Weiss mentions that he does not support either resolution because resolutions for or against the war are not relevant towards the business of the city. We have much more pressing issues despite where we live in the United States. Soldiers and their equipment have been delivered to the Middle East for the last month and it would be very pointless to send the troops home because they have been trained for action ready to serve in conflict. Despite how each of us may define if the war on Iraq is just, the Just War Theory can manipulated either for a pro or con position. We need to focus on improving our economy by providing jobs and opportunity, protecting our cities and people from external or internal threats.

Recalling Davis a Risky Impediment

By Matt Munson – Originally Published in the UC Riverside Highlander March 4th 2003

Last month the boards of the American Independent, Libertarian and Republican Party agree on one individual principle that Governor Davis should be removed from office. The opponents of a recall believe that our governor is dually elected and he should serve his time in office, while the proponents believe that our governor has committed so much fiscal errors that he nearly crippled our state government.

However, the Republican Party failed to offer a suitable candidate to beat Governor Davis during the November 2002 elections. If we only had a Republican nominee that would have had the confidence of the voters of the entire state, we may have had different leadership governing us today. The progressive reforms of Hiram Johnson give us the tools to remove negligent government officials and replace them with someone who truly represents the Californian voter. The problem with using the recall may portray the Republican Party however marginal even more irrelevant.

Notable Republicans including Assemblyman Dave Cox of Sacramento believe that a recall is merely a distraction towards the work the party needs to do such as working to construct alternatives to the Democratic Party’s budget plans. I agree with Assemblyman Cox that the recall should not be on the ballot, but if it does get on the ballot I will definitely remove our governor from leading our state. Recall is merely a gamble that may drain necessary funds from a party that is a half a million in the red. There are higher priorities of importance for the Republican Party in 2004. Defeating United States Senator Boxer and the long shot campaign to win California’s 55 electoral votes for the president should be of higher importance for the party in planning their upcoming political strategy.

Due to the low voter turnout, the requirements to recall the Governor has been easier to obtain despite the 12 percent requirement of the last vote for that respective office which is approximate to 900 thousand votes. Two proponents are organizing the campaign to recall the governor, People’s Advocate that helped to get Proposition 13 and a group organized by former Assemblyman Kaloogian of San Diego. However, People’s Advocate is the proponent who is quiet while Kaloogian’s group is the most vocal out of the bunch. Proponents must receive the necessary signatures within 160 days for an election that will be placed on the ballot during late summer if successful.

The charges filed against the governor are about how we were deceived on the condition of the state budget so the voters would not know how bad of shape our budget is. How our governor made our energy situation worse by implementing red tape in construction of electricity plants and implementing price caps that constrained the supply of energy. Gray Davis made many people unhappy including the Democratic dominated California Teachers Association where the governor has stalled the agenda of the union.

Governor Davis cannot be everything to everyone however, he will remain as the governor who came up as a prince and left as a disgraced fool. Nevertheless, I support our Governor crashing our state until it crumbles so in the future the Democratic Party would become irrelevant like the Republicans of today. Not rushing to a recall may benefit California in the end where they will realize voting for Democrats in general is not a wise move.

Mass Transit an Arduous Option

This was another column I submitted to the Highlander, but it did not make the cut.

Our campus is growing each year. Parking is one obvious factor that gets worse as the years go by. New buildings have taken away parking spaces close to campus where transportation hub number one becomes the de facto choice for parking. Not all of us utilize the mass transit system that helps to get motorists off the street. The loss of individual freedom in where you want to go is one reason why many individuals still keep on using their automobiles. We come to campus from many different places, but for those who do not live close to UC Riverside commuting with mass transit is not pretty. People who I have come across mention one word when one has to travel a long trip which is the Metrolink commuter rail system. Metrolink has done wonders for the people who wish to avoid the 91 freeway when commuting to Los Angeles or Orange County, but there is a strong bias for those suburbanites who could not afford living in those counties. Looking at the San Bernardino line which goes from San Bernardino to Los Angeles and the Riverside line which goes from Riverside to Los Angeles the trips are not evenly balanced throughout the day. This leads to some to consider the bus system, which also has it’s benefits and it’s flaws.

Mass transit has its benefits. You can unwind by reading your assignments for class and get them done by the time you get home. Environmentalists will also like the fact that Riverside Transit Agency uses Clean Natural Gas fuel. The bus stop is located near Lothian Hall or Banockburn placed near the campus compared to the majority who has to use the transportation hubs. Parking services will gladly sell students, staff and faculty the necessary passes from Metrolink and the Riverside Transit Agency. The problem with fixed route service is if you are not taking a direct connection to the destination you need to go to you may end up waiting for the difference between the other bus. You are able to attend over 75 percent of the classes on campus without the need for a car, but for some you may have to take your car to class or beg for the kindness of strangers for a ride back.
The way home is also a problem because the bus operators are not likely to make their destinations during the approximate time. Traffic congestion at night has made bus service intolerable for many. Route 16 from Moreno Valley going to Downtown Riverside on Iowa and University around 5:10pm has been consistently late ever since October 2001. Route 100, a freeway express route to San Bernardino operated by Omnitrans fluctuates like the lottery due to it’s use of the freeway. The 91 freeway makes up a significant portion of the route and during rush hour I have cringed when I have missed my connection due to bottle neck traffic.
The late bus unfortunately causes missed connections to the routes needed to finish the journey. Los Angeles County has a superior transportation operation that makes life easier without a car a better option. Unlike San Bernardino and Riverside County most of the routes in Los Angeles County have a better frequency interval that makes getting to your destination painless along with 24 hour service for a half dozen routes. Unfortunately Southern California is not New York City, a car is strongly recommended. If these inconveniences can be fixed for the rail and bus system then the university population would reconsider using their vehicles to lighten the loan on the roads. First, Metrolink needs to partner with neighboring mass transit agencies to consider bus routes to supplement service during off peak hours. Second, the Riverside Transit Agency should consider signal manipulation technology as demonstrated with the Los Angeles MTA in their Metro Rapid may be necessary for RTA’s high demand routes. If the agencies can do the above then mass transportation will become a positive option for all.

Life in the Inland Valley