Money is the Milk of Politics

I have been disgusted with the Republican Party for the last six years. The Republican Party in California has failed to recruit candidates to win for the US Senate nor has nominated mainstream candidates that could reach out to voters in all parts of our state. I wish I could be a dreamer, but former State Senator Mountjoy has no prayer of becoming our next US Senator.

Electing Cindy Sheehan to be the nominee for the US Senate for the Democratic Party is just like how the Republican Party elected Richard Mountjoy for this year’s race against the incumbent Dianne Feinstein. I believe when Barbara Boxer runs again in 2010, Secretary of State Condoleza Rice will be a very formidable opponent.

Right now I believe in giving to Republican party interests who believe in an inclusive Republican Party. You can be conservative but being inclusive of all people white, brown, black, straight or queer is the best policy. I will likely concentrate on local elections only this election cycle.


I am so tired of listening to Madge Weinstein I finally decided to unsubscribe from her feed. Too much left leaning politics can make a man go insane and I do not want to hear more about her ‘lesbian bloat’ and her facination with ‘prolapse’. It feels like a cliche when Madge talks about her bloat like a cliche.

I would like to see some new voices into podcasting. If we do not like what is being aired out in the marketplace of ideas it is our duty to produce new and quality content. I would honestly would like to see a weekly center to the right show with Boifromtroy, the two guys from The Malcontent and even Bratboy to be the opposite of Eat This Hot Show.

I have even flirted with the idea of producing my own podcast too. Poetry, Politics and culture would be the three themes I would consider airing out in the world of the internets.

Choice will be a positive approach to the world of podcasting.

Update: The Malcontent blog has published their first show. Check it out here.

Reading is fundamental

I used to be able to read books from cover to cover without any problem. But due to the age of the internet I have had difficulties reading books these days. It seems that I need to find some books that are stimulating yet satisfying.

Developing good reading comprehension skills is helpful no matter if you are a ten year old or a thirty year old. And that is my goal right now is to read at least one book a month.

A Discussion About Computing

Today I tried installing Microsoft Media Player 11 beta on my computer. Sadly the new highly lauded music service from Microsoft and Viacom  Urge will not get my business yet.  The Urge website does not mention it requires Media Player 11 and that Media Player 11 is still in beta form.  It took me over two hours to revert back to Media Player 10.

I do want a new computer, but Windows Vista does seem promising. The motion of investing almost a thousand dollars makes me want to have this investment last me for the next four years at least.

Right now my goal before the fall is to learn Microsoft Office especially the components of Excel and Word. If I am not going to go further in college I need to find a job that will pay me a fair wage for a job done.

Customer Service is a dieing artform.

I recently was viewing the boards for Microsoft’s Windows OneCare and they mentioned that the cd edition was avaliable for $9.99 which was $10 cheaper than I visited the website and they said they had copies available, so I went to the local circut city store in Montclair California. I did not see it on the shelves, and I asked if they had it on stock since their computer system said they had it. I even asked for a rain check and they refused to give me one. And they said they were going to check the back, but no! The sales associate went to process some other person’s purchase and I was tired of the bull crap they were giving me. I guess I am still an amazon customer for now.

I do work retail and I understand how vital customer service is. A customer who spends $2 is just as important as a customer who spends $200. Maybe the cheap customer may come back a month later and buy a car stereo or ipod.

UPDATE: Management at the Montclair store have given me the raincheck. Thank You, perhaps I’ll come and do something nice for them.

Congress 11th District in California

Pombo versus McCloskey

Reluctantly I would rather have Congressman Pombo represent California than former Congressman McCloskey in the June primary this year. As a Republican who supports the inclusion of all Republicans I thought McCloskey would be a bit of fresh air and I had a donation check for him, but for now he deserves to lose.

I support candidates who are pro Israel. And McCloskey seems more like a crackpot the more I read about him.
Pombo is no angel too, he wants to sell off federal parkland to developers.

Neither deserve anyone’s time or money.

Choice Voting in the Inland Valley

I invested my money in this website to use it as my platform to articulate my views and feelings about the issues that interest me.

Aside from blogging and podcasting, teaching the Inland Valley of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties about IRV and Proportional Representation will be a challenge.

There have been rumors that the CRP passed a resolution against Instant Runoff Voting and or Proportional Representation. And the group I am affiliated with Californians for Electoral Reform wanted me to investigate. I saw nothing on the search engines, and I had to use my contacts within Log Cabin to get some answers.

Heck, IRV probably would of helped the conservatives in San Diego elect one of their own to be the nominee in Congressional District 50 instead of former Congressman Billbray.

I guess I’ll need to start off with the Libertarian Party and the Democratic Party first. Then reestablish my Republican credentials in San Bernardino County.

SB 1437 passed, now what?

The Malcontent blog actually has some conservative arguments that are gay friendly why the bill is rather silly. It seems natural for the GLBT community to want their influential people in history to be included in public school history books because every racial and cultural group is included. However Malcontent stirs the point right that even with hate crime laws, “They’re stupid and pointless, but as long as we have them, gays should be protected by them.”

However people of all backgrounds should realize that, we should teach about influential Californians and their contributions to the state no matter what preferred group they come from. Amen Malcontent.

SB 1437 will likely pass the Assembly and be sent to our governor for a signature. However I think we should focus on education standards and make all kids from Compton to Beverly Hills successful despite the dogma from the evangelical Christians and homosexuals.

No one stands for anything.

Our governor has failed us in his career as a politcian. He advertised himself as socially progressive yet economically conservative. However he has done neither.

Conservatives and liberals are severely skeptical of the governor and he deservingly needs to go. Arnold’s recent support for 40 billion worth of bonds for evreything and the kitchen sink will only mortgage the future generations of our state. Arnold’s failure to support equality legilsation is only a futile attempt to appease the base of his own party. Arnold should get back to his roots if he wants to lead.

Unless our governor can stand up against the unpopular elements of California politiocs, many voters will be tempted to look elsewhere. It seems for now the Libertarian Party offers the best candidate for governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger is truely indeed a RINO.

Life in the Inland Valley