Customer Service is a dieing artform.

I recently was viewing the boards for Microsoft’s Windows OneCare and they mentioned that the cd edition was avaliable for $9.99 which was $10 cheaper than I visited the website and they said they had copies available, so I went to the local circut city store in Montclair California. I did not see it on the shelves, and I asked if they had it on stock since their computer system said they had it. I even asked for a rain check and they refused to give me one. And they said they were going to check the back, but no! The sales associate went to process some other person’s purchase and I was tired of the bull crap they were giving me. I guess I am still an amazon customer for now.

I do work retail and I understand how vital customer service is. A customer who spends $2 is just as important as a customer who spends $200. Maybe the cheap customer may come back a month later and buy a car stereo or ipod.

UPDATE: Management at the Montclair store have given me the raincheck. Thank You, perhaps I’ll come and do something nice for them.

Congress 11th District in California

Pombo versus McCloskey

Reluctantly I would rather have Congressman Pombo represent California than former Congressman McCloskey in the June primary this year. As a Republican who supports the inclusion of all Republicans I thought McCloskey would be a bit of fresh air and I had a donation check for him, but for now he deserves to lose.

I support candidates who are pro Israel. And McCloskey seems more like a crackpot the more I read about him.
Pombo is no angel too, he wants to sell off federal parkland to developers.

Neither deserve anyone’s time or money.

Choice Voting in the Inland Valley

I invested my money in this website to use it as my platform to articulate my views and feelings about the issues that interest me.

Aside from blogging and podcasting, teaching the Inland Valley of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties about IRV and Proportional Representation will be a challenge.

There have been rumors that the CRP passed a resolution against Instant Runoff Voting and or Proportional Representation. And the group I am affiliated with Californians for Electoral Reform wanted me to investigate. I saw nothing on the search engines, and I had to use my contacts within Log Cabin to get some answers.

Heck, IRV probably would of helped the conservatives in San Diego elect one of their own to be the nominee in Congressional District 50 instead of former Congressman Billbray.

I guess I’ll need to start off with the Libertarian Party and the Democratic Party first. Then reestablish my Republican credentials in San Bernardino County.

SB 1437 passed, now what?

The Malcontent blog actually has some conservative arguments that are gay friendly why the bill is rather silly. It seems natural for the GLBT community to want their influential people in history to be included in public school history books because every racial and cultural group is included. However Malcontent stirs the point right that even with hate crime laws, “They’re stupid and pointless, but as long as we have them, gays should be protected by them.”

However people of all backgrounds should realize that, we should teach about influential Californians and their contributions to the state no matter what preferred group they come from. Amen Malcontent.

SB 1437 will likely pass the Assembly and be sent to our governor for a signature. However I think we should focus on education standards and make all kids from Compton to Beverly Hills successful despite the dogma from the evangelical Christians and homosexuals.

No one stands for anything.

Our governor has failed us in his career as a politcian. He advertised himself as socially progressive yet economically conservative. However he has done neither.

Conservatives and liberals are severely skeptical of the governor and he deservingly needs to go. Arnold’s recent support for 40 billion worth of bonds for evreything and the kitchen sink will only mortgage the future generations of our state. Arnold’s failure to support equality legilsation is only a futile attempt to appease the base of his own party. Arnold should get back to his roots if he wants to lead.

Unless our governor can stand up against the unpopular elements of California politiocs, many voters will be tempted to look elsewhere. It seems for now the Libertarian Party offers the best candidate for governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger is truely indeed a RINO.

Pet Shop Boys are indeed Fundamental to Pop music.

The Pet Shop Boys have not been as popular in the last decade in the United States, but Fundamental seems to be one of the critical releases in pop music. The song writing and production with Trevor Horn have brought listeners with a return to form. Fundamental’s first single was “Im with Stupid” which had a subtle diss on the leaders of the United States and the United Kingdom which was a great taste of the cd.

Think of Fundamental as the complete Pet Shop Boys. Its anĀ  amalgamated package of their total style. It is both upbeat and downbeat. There is music for all to enjoy. Unlike Release it has more electronic elements so for those who disliked their guitar oriented sound, they have indeed gone back to their roots.

What songs from the preview will be interesting?

  • Psychological
  • Minimal
  • Integral
  • Numb (Thank god Aerosmith did not get offered the song)
  • Sodom and Gomorrah Show
  • Twentieth Century

There has been no announcement for an American release yet. I am prepared to shell out the money to import this with its bonus disc Fundamentalism

Political Realingment in California?

Can there be a political realignment towards the Republican Party? Thomas G. Del Beccaro thinks so. Californians understand that our state needs fiscal restraint and economic recovery to make sure we do not enter another fiscal crisis. We also are very law and order supporting bills such as Jessica’s Law which the Runner family has advocated this year. Lastly, we are strongly for making sure illegal immigrants do not attain benefits for living in our state illegally.

California Republicans do have a winning agenda except for the social issues. Proposition 187 was not the problem. The social issues are the problem. We should not force our candidates to adapt the stringent platform of the National and State Party when it relates to social issues. Pete Wilson is correct to explain why our state party has failed to win statewide elections compared to the Democratic party.

The Republican Party has loads of potential, just like how they do not want the Democratic Party to control our economic lives. Many of us in California do not want the Republican party to control our personal lives. Until this happens millions of Californians will trust the Democratic party instead despite the Republican Party’s superior stance on everything else.


Since I have migrated to the world of having my own hosted website with thousands of megabytes of space. I now have the personal luxury of establishing a podcast. If any of you are beginners to computing think of podcasts and video casts as media files you can download at your own leisure to enjoy.

I recently bought the Extreme Tech Podcasting book by Todd Cochrane during the Podcasting expo last November in Ontario, California. The book had loads of basic information about what type of software, technology and resources I would need to put on an effective podcast.

I admire many of the long term podcasts that have been produced. Podcasts do take time and effort to produce. You want to maintain a listenership that will faithfully tune in to each new show. I have tried to make a podcast and it is a very time consuming endevor.

My minum goal is to produce a weekly half hour show. This would allow me to practice my podcasting skills and become more effective as time goes on.

Also podcasts do eat up hard drive space and bandwith too. I have 500 gigs of traffic each month, and I am indeed afraid I would go over my allocation. I would perhaps have to buy a second account to serve my podcast. However if I am just starting out I should not fear about driving up huge bandwith bills.

Seriously, let them be.

Nell Soto and Gloria Negrette Mcleod both serve Democratic yet culturally conservative districts. I applaud both of these legislators for standing on their principles even though GLBT equality is one of the few issues that voters may disagree with them on.

No matter how much money Ben Lopez has to run against Nell Soto, being a social conservative advocate will not serve Ben Lopez in his run for State Assembly in the 2006 elections in district 61. Unless Mr.Lopez wants to dish out socialism with his social conservatism then he may have a chance in defeating long term legislator Nell Soto. Being anti-homosexual and anti-abortion will not earn brownie points with independents, center and left leaning Republicans.

I highly support State Senator Kuehl’s bill SB 1437 to incorporate the contributions of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community be incorporated in our social science text books in our public schools. An accurate portrayal of this often marginalized group will help reduce the ignorance and prejudice that these individuals often face. Opponents may say this is going to transform our public schools into miniature versions of Castro Street in San Fransisco, but this legislation is mainly intended to eliminate bias in our school curriculum and nothing more.

And today’s committee vote in the State Senate allows me the chance to thank Senator Nell Soto for sticking up for the GLBT people of California and their straight allies.

There are other bills that both sides are eagerly anticipating for in the coming weeks.
AB 606: This piece of legislation will give the state government enforcement power to school districts who fail to enforce anti discrimination laws.

AB 1056: Adds the GLBT community in tolerance instruction curriculum.

Campaign for Children and Families may say its about forcing and indoctrinating the youth of our state, all the advocates want is for the GLBT youth to learn in peace without being beaten up.

We cant spoon feed heterosexuality nor any alternative sexuality to any youth of our state. People will turnout the way they will turn out. However we can give support to those who are outside the majority.

These legislators need your love and support because you know Randy Thomason’s legion is going to hound these legislators left and right despite their guaranteed victory in November.

And our governor needs to stop being a sock puppet for the social conservatives, else he will probally have the same fate as Congressman Lungren in 1998.

The Spirit of Radio

The Los Angeles Times has recently posted a story about how this one wealthy businessman has established a non commerical free form radio station in Arizona. The current culture of radio has poisoned many Americans interest in music radio. KCDX was how this wealthy businessman who also owns formula oriented radio stations kept the station as his private yet public paradise.

Formula driven playlists get tired and annoying, take for example KCAL and KOLA in San Bernardino County. These radio stations play the same crap over and over where familiarity brings forth burnout. This is why I have been driven towards buying music and reading websites such as Popjustice and Arjanwrites to find out the real spirit of popular music.

We need radio stations who have diverse playlists of different music, this is one way we can defeat the payola crisis the recording industry has faced. Maybe make it a requirement for radio stations to deadicate 1 hour a week to playing bands and musicians who have not charted on the Billboard charts under the 100th placing. It is unfortunate that the new Morrissey, Placebo and Goldfrapp have not been aired on KROQ compared to songs by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Matis Yahu who regularly get played on that station.

I conclude that this is the reason that ipods regularly sell well. The ipod makes you the DJ and we have control over the playlist and format of the music we like the best.

If you like new and vibrant music take the time to write and call your local radio stations. Your favorite bands need you.

Life in the Inland Valley