San Bernardino County Republican Party Manifesto

San Bernardino County Republican Party Manifesto for New Term

A new term awaits us as members of the county Republican Party and as how I am a man of ideas I am here to bring them out.

  1. We need more collaboration with groups such as Gro-Elect

Demographics is big, we must elect more people that look like the people we are representing. Perhaps we can have a training or mentoring seminar with the organization soon. We have many quality potential candidates and elected that could benefit.


With the California Voter Rights Act, we need to have a wide variety of candidates in all parts of the cities of the county. Districting is going to happen in cities such as Rancho Cucamonga and Upland and we must be prepared.

Since the black elected are being ran out in the Democratic Party we also should sponsor efforts to help reach out to that community as well. Many of them are quite conservative for being a Democrat.


  1. Endorsements need to be reconfigured. If a city or local agency district does not have contested races with Republicans running we should just automatically endorse the candidate if the candidate authorizes the endorsement.  Candidates and committee members should also know the rules of how we are going to vote on endorsements when the agenda for the next meeting that endorsements are going to be voted on. No more surprises. We need a consistent standard and policy. We had a representative for a candidate travel 40 miles not realizing that the committee was going to railroad another candidate thru without a vote.
  1. We should also cross-affiliate with groups such as the Lincoln Club so business owners and investors can work with our elected. Although we already do, we should work on developing the next Steinorths and Morrells that would advocate for the job creators of our county.
  2. We need to work with local affiliated clubs such as Tea Party or Republican Women in showing that we are visible in the community with market nights or summer festivals.

Spay and Neuter Awareness

I am getting fed up of seeing cowards surrendering their pets at the door steps of animal rescues or veterinarian offices.  I would like to see greater awareness of spay and neuter programs in our area.

I would like local water agencies to partner with their local animal control agency to promote those spay and neuter events or even animal care events such as any vaccines since it would be an easy way to reach out to the general public. One small flyer bundled in should not add anything except the cost to insert the flyers into the bills.

Let your city council and or water agency know about this idea so we can make this happen state wide.

For communities such as San Bernardino, I would like to see incentives such as offering fast food or grocery cards for people who spay and neuter their pets such as 15 dollars for 1 animal and 25 if you bring in more than 1. Maybe maximum of two vouchers per household, but it would lead to people wanting to do something beneficial for their animals. I do not expect the city to pay for a program like this, but if it could be underwritten by donations maybe it could lead to a meaningful impact so we can reduce the number of unwanted pets in an economically crippled city.

The Fight for 15 Backfires

The fight for 15 dollars an hour is going to backfire in the long run as how it recently flared up at LAX Airport today. I am fearful for myself and countless thousands of workers who will become casualties in this fight when business owners start to tell their employees they are no longer needed or hours get cut because labor costs go through the roof. In my small business employer, there is no longer raises because the minimum wage is going up so fast each year where the state basically determines your wage. Leading fast food chains are now implementing kiosks instead of having cashiers and other jobs will be automated as well.

Education should be the way for the majority. For those individuals over 60 perhaps give a tax credit to help boost their pay to help supplement their social security or other retirement savings. It seems unions are using the minimum wage to determine raises for their members at the detriment of nonunion workers.

Minority Political Party Political Representation for Counties

Senator Mendoza wanted to expand the Board of Supervisors in California counties with a population over 3 million to 7 members (SCA-8 [2015]), but maybe we can refine the idea to offer more representation and more diverse political opinions. Six districts and 1 district would be given to a minority political party where the minority parties would nominate their candidates for election.

For example, in Los Angeles County, the Greens, Libertarians and Republicans would nominate their candidate for vote by the voters. Most likely the Republican would win the choice giving a 5-2 margin. Yes, our local elections are non-partisan, but to most political activists all elections have a partisan edge to them.

Orange County is usually 4-1 in composition, but Republicans are 5-0 on the board, but with the extra seat it will likely be the inverse in that county where the Democrats would win the 6th district and the minority party seat.

I would lower the threshold back to 2 million where Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties would be considered for this regulation.

Cities such as Philadelphia and Washington DC do give seats to minority parties and it would be an idea worth considering.

The Trouble With Gasoline Taxes

The dream of our regional governments.
The future when auto ownership becomes cost prohibitive.

If we are unable to stop the California Super Majority to be formed, we do face an awful problem that will cripple many working families in our state with higher gasoline taxes. People need to get to work without the consequence of people having to shell out even more money to commute to work. If the Democratic Party in California succeeds after Election Day these gasoline taxes will be happening in the session after November.

I loathe the smug arrogance of billionaire activist Tom Steyner with his Next Gen Climate group who feels dirty that he made his money from the energy industry and now we must pay the price of his wealth. Instead of the saying “Let them eat cake”, it is now “Let them eat taxes”. For example, Lake Arrowhead to Upland is around 46 miles. A Ford Explorer 2011 has the mileage of 23 miles per gallon on the highway. If the proposed gas tax increase is 50 cents per gallon the commuter will expect to pay an extra 2 dollars a day to commute just to earn their daily living. This equals to 520 dollars a year that will be taken from that working family.

I thought Democrats are for the working class, but it seems that is just a marketing fallacy. In my State Senate race in 2014, I did state that my opponent is going to stab working people in the back and it seems these predictions are coming true. People choose to drive because they do not want to spend twice the time compared to driving commuting via public transportation. For some commuters, public transportation does work for example the commuter in Claremont using the Gold Line in Azusa to commute to Pasadena. However, for the commuter in Ontario going to work in Corona or the commuter in the mountains to Upland it will just be a regressive tax.

I know that regional government agencies want us to worship the bicycle and have us commute like we are living in Ho Chi Min City, but our streets and roads are not built for that. People are married to their cars and do not have time to visit the grocery store daily to pick up goods without a car that leads to being carry by hand or in their backpacks. Sustainability is just more government control over the individual and is more about lining the pockets of the government treasury to help backfill the public pensions that are eating the budgets of government agencies alive.

People will use the bus or rail when its personally convenient, not because government kneecaps consumers with higher gasoline taxes, vehicle registration fees or forces five story apartment complexes near bus and rail stations.

I understand people want clean air, my sister has asthma and I understand that. However, people need to work too. If people are not working, then how are we going to pay for those strawberry scented government checks?  If we want more people to be working locally then lets remove many of the obstacles and barriers for those entrepreneurs that create those opportunities if we want the clean air.

Ontario, California Voter Guide

My election picks will be posted on the blog. I am starting with local candidates then I will do the state ballot measures and US Senate pick.

Congress District 35

Tyler Fischella

Vote for someone who has innovative ideas to bring jobs and opportunity to our area.

State Assembly District 52

Freddie Rodriguez

He may not be what most conservatives want, but he is more respectable than his opponent.

Ontario City Council

Debra Porada

She wants to improve our downtown and continue her pursuit of improving the arts scene in our city.

Richard Roybal

Veteran and business owner in our city.

Chaffey Joint Union High School District

Matthew Munson

Owner of the website, wants to promote better intervention programs to help our kids improve their English language skills.

Sue Ovitt

Longtime resident and education advocate.

Ontario Montclair School District

Paul Leon

Son of the mayor, but just as dedicated and eager to serve the people.


Speaking About San Bernardino County Republican Party Endorsement Policies

The endorsements issue is one thorny issue in our county party and we need a consistent policy that would be fair and respectful of the time of our members and guests. We should have the protocol announced in advance so we don’t deliver surprises to the candidates and our membership. It was unfair that in 2014 we were able to vote for all the races that had candidates interviewed instead of just going on auto pilot in 2016 for the majority of races.

We need to keep the system SIMPLE and FAIR. If we keep it SIMPLE and FAIR people will feel they were treated well even if they did not earn an endorsement and respect the time of campaigns and guests who may of traveled long distances as well. Angela Valles had her campaign manager travel to Ontario and felt annoyed that the establishment just railroaded the endorsement of Lovingood as an example and I also walked out in protest.

We also could consider having the endorsement votes in March and September on the weekends as another idea so we do not rush thru the duty.

Measure U is an Unintended Bad Idea

I am no drug warrior, but if a ballot measure is written badly I am always ready to challenge bad ideas. I would like reasonable safe access for marijuana in all cities in our state, but Measure U is no free market and will be just as destructive as prohibition.

Measure U is going to establish a monopoly where one business interest will control marijuana in the city of Upland. Namely the people who own T&A Video in Upland. Maybe they are thinking the digital market is killing adult video and they need to branch out in  the marijuana business.  They will want to concentrate the marijuana sector near Cable Airport in the city, but its going to lead to negative externalizes such as crime in the north west part of the city.

If the proponents wanted to try again, they should limit it to 1 marijuana business per individual or corporation. Also they could make set asides for ethnic minorities and even veterans to add some diversity to the marketplace.  Maybe establish 2-3 stores in each quadrant of the city instead of just three owned by one owner. The San Bernardino County Republican Party is located above a marijuana dispensary and it leads to vandalism, loitering and other crimes around the business park where its located. I think a private security officer should be employed by the landlord to help facilitate the customers to get in and out of the business.  I think when Proposition 64 happens, marijuana is going to be super saturated where the price of the product is going to be reduced which will hopefully kill down the value.

Monopolies suck, spreading the brunt of the establishments in one part of the city is also wrong.

I oppose U.

Districting Is Not the Universal Solution for Electoral Justice

The California Voter Rights Act is leading towards interest groups and trial lawyers suing local governments around the state to force them to elect members by districts. Many of the opponents who are against this because it only makes the district members care about their part of the city or school district than the good of the whole.

I think the main reason why they are wanting districts instead of an at large system is that progressives are having a hard time running locally and they want to stack the local government as how they have dominated state and federal elections in our state.

It should not matter what ethnicity, gender or even sexuality our candidates have. The main focus is the ideas our candidates carry through this upcoming election. As a challenger in the upcoming election the cost of a ballot statement is over five thousand dollars in my race. Although I would like the ability to purchase a cheaper ballot statement I would not want to sacrifice the function of the board either.

Close The Two Race Loophole


The dedication is lacking when you run for more than one office.
The dedication is lacking when you run for more than one office.

Believe it or not, its legal for people to run for more than one office in California as long as you are not running for two legislative offices. Paul Vincent Avila is running for State Assembly and Ontario City Council and two members of the Galvez family Sarah is running for Ontario City Clerk and Ontario-Montclair School District,  while Richard is running for Ontario City Council and also on the ballot against me for the Chaffey Joint Union High School District this November.

When I ran for State Senate in 2014, I knew that I had to expend my energies only on that race. I could not splinter off in two directions and run for a local office as well.  I know the Galvez family wants to build some name ID, but running for two offices makes people wonder which office will the members of the family want to keep if they ended up winning both races?

The only secondary office someone should be allowed to run for in addition to the local or legislative office should be is county party committee seats and President/Vice President.

Local politics watchers should also realize that the last man Christopher Agrella  who did this in 2010 ended up being a last place finisher in Montclair City Council and Ontario-Montclair School District race.

This would be one piece of electoral reform I would like to see in the state legislature. This loophole should be closed in the next session.

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