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Save Power Day

Treat Yourself With Savings

For Southern California Edison customers, Save Power Days is a voluntary program you can sign up for on their website.

Ready to start saving? Tomorrow, Thursday 7/12/2012, is a Save Power Day, which means if you use less energy than you normally do between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., you can earn credits on your electricity bill – up to $100 a year.*

*Savings may vary based on actual usage reductions during a Save Power Day and other factors.


I guess I will be using my laptop instead of my desktop during that time.

Friday Postings

It seems that my life experiences right now should prepare me for the potential of student teaching. If I can not handle complicated customers at my store, then how can I handle complicated students.

High Speed Rail is having another vote in the state legislature, but if we can not balance our budgets then why should we hold ourselves another 180 million a year in debt for it.

In my study of education at school I learned that education was originally formed with the churches, but with our diverse society education from one religious perspective did not work well due to the battle between Protestants and Catholics which led to the secularization of public education. In Louisiana they attempted to go back to the roots of education and give funds to religious groups for schooling children. One Louisiana state representative resents the fact that Islamic groups will also get money due to their vote. When we study history we can understand reality better.

Consider this post an open thread.

Restaurant Review

I decided to visit Johnson’s Hot Dogs in Upland. Previously this business was home to a smoothie shop, but since the major chains made smoothies less unique another entrepreneur decided to make a hot dog store.

I was curious to see if this business would be a winner, but for now it seems to be a weiner right now. My father and myself decided to order two of their hot dogs, The Cheesy Coney and the New York Deli Dog. We were both very under satisfied with our selections. For the Cheesey Coney it seemed like a normal hot dog with a normal sized bun covered with modest cheese and chili. Sadly you get more of a deal at Sonics for almost 1.50 less. I did decide to make my meal into a combo and the fries tasted better than the hot dog. There are ways to make it less of an underdog such as a bigger bun with the regular sized dog and slightly increased toppings for the same price.

The New York Deli Dog was the same thing, for $5 it was very over stated for the price. Normal sized bun and normal sized dog with modest sauerkraut. This first impression made me not want to make a return visit for awhile.

With this economy I do not want a restaurant to go out of business or have to face the reality of being on the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible in the next two years, but I feel like speaking out might help the Johnson family improve their business.

Positives: Good ambiance, good fries.

Negatives: Overpriced for the food offered.

Johnson’s Hot Dogs,  813-A W. Foothill Blvd. Upland, CA 91786

Going Through The Archives Open Thread

There is a letter I wrote to the Chaffey Breeze that was never published back in September of last year. I decided to backdate it to the time I sent it to them for our readers to read. This is one of the many issues I would cover in a reform campaign for Chaffey College board member.

Also, is it a good idea to get a second opinion when you go to the dentist? My sister said she needed like 3-4 doses of the deep cleaning medicine when she last went to the dentist I currently go to, but this other dentist she went to said she was in decent dental health. Its hard to trust medical practitioners these days. I know dentists want to make money like anyone else, but there should be a balance between raping their clients pocketbooks and only offering what people honestly need.

Also feel free to visit my twitter account @thinktank79 for any random asides I may be sharing.

Consider this posting an open thread. If you have any suggestions of topics to cover let me know.

New California Ballot Measures for November 2012

Our Secretary of State Debra Bowen has announced that new ballot measures will appear on the ballots for the next election. The first one is the California Right to Know proposition that will require genetically modified food to be labeled so people would know what they are consuming when they shop at the local supermarket.

If crops are genetically engineered, they would be required to label the product to state it was genetically modified. People have the right and freedom to decide if they want to consume products that are genetically modified.

The next ballot measure to qualify is the Three Strikes Reform ballot measure to make sure that the third strike is not going to send someone to life in prison if it is not a severe crime. We are spending so much money we can not afford by supporting life in prison for stealing pizza. However if your prior strikes were for rape, murder or child molestation you will get life in prison for the non violent third strike.  This ballot measure will save around 10 million in the first year and around 100 million in subsequent years. This ballot measure has secured the endorsement of DA Steve Cooley of Los Angeles County.

Aside from these two ballot measures expect to see six more ballot measures.

A water bond measure, which was placed on the ballot by the Legislature.
A political contribution measure, which qualified through the initiative process.
An auto insurance measure sponsored by the founder of Mercury Insurance, which qualified through the initiative process.
A measure to repeal the State Senate District maps, which qualified through the referendum process.
A measure to repeal the death penalty, which qualified through the initiative process.
A measure to increase criminal penalties for human trafficking, which qualified through the initiative process.

Fireworks are NOT ALLOWED in Ontario, California

Just to let people in the community know, FIREWORKS are NOT ALLOWED in our city. Just because you can buy them in Chino or even Upland, they can not be used or possessed in our city.

Individuals can be faced with up to a 1000 dollar fine for possession and or use of them in our city. If you do not have a permit do not bother. Instead, partake in a fireworks show by a licensed pyrotechnician.

As a public service you can also visit the City of Ontario website where the fire department explains why fireworks are not allowed.

Thinking About Leaving Dish Network

As a customer of Dish Network since 2001, I am facing the possibility of leaving Dish Network. For the possibility of not having the AMC channels is one reason why my household is considering the decision. Our contract does not end until August. We are paying $77.94  including taxes. I am going to explore the options of moving to DirecTV or Time Warner Cable.

My contract ends August 6th. Hopefully Dish and AMC can resolve their corporate pissing fights. During the FX and Dish fight we stuck it out, but it seems that Charlie Ergen likes to pick fights often.

Right now my bill is $76 with $1.94 in taxes.

Part 1: DirecTV

DirecTV is America’s leading satellite television provider and they are also hoping that many of Dish’s customers leave for their service.

Problem is DirecTV is more expensive after the promotional period. It is honestly a hassle to switch pay television providers, and it may sound great with their promotions to get the DirecTV package cousin at 94.99 and expect the same amount in taxes where you will likely pay 96.99 as your monthly bill.

DirecTV does sound sexy, but I am not going to bite on their deal. Paying $240 a year more than Dish Network is very high of a price to pay. Sadly doesn’t AMC realize that what Dish Network wants to pay them is better than having their content pirated?

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Buyer Beware of Independent Survey Group

There is another group that will allegedly scam you by using the power of political speech to disguise their marketing of commercial products. I wrote previously about Political Opinions of America on a previous posting, but this is another shell organization that you all should be aware of.

David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times also written about these sales pitches and alleged scams back in 2010 here if anyone wants some perspective.

If it is too good to be true, simply just HANG UP.