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Speaking About San Bernardino County Republican Party Endorsement Policies

The endorsements issue is one thorny issue in our county party and we need a consistent policy that would be fair and respectful of the time of our members and guests. We should have the protocol announced in advance so we don’t deliver surprises to the candidates and our membership. It was unfair that in 2014 we were able to vote for all the races that had candidates interviewed instead of just going on auto pilot in 2016 for the majority of races.

We need to keep the system SIMPLE and FAIR. If we keep it SIMPLE and FAIR people will feel they were treated well even if they did not earn an endorsement and respect the time of campaigns and guests who may of traveled long distances as well. Angela Valles had her campaign manager travel to Ontario and felt annoyed that the establishment just railroaded the endorsement of Lovingood as an example and I also walked out in protest.

We also could consider having the endorsement votes in March and September on the weekends as another idea so we do not rush thru the duty.

Sounding Board for School Board Campaign

Hello residents of the Chaffey Joint Union School District, I am here to run for the governing board in November. The district covers the cities of Montclair, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and portion of Fontana.  I have lived in the area for over 35 years, graduated from Chaffey High School, Chaffey College and UC Riverside.

My goals for the governing board are the following:

  1. Increased trades education and partnerships with organizations and schools to help get our students into these opportunities. Perhaps work with the carpenters union in Ontario, get more guest speakers at our high schools about other various fields such as computer networking, air conditioner repair and cooking to name some other fields. I want our young people successful and productive.
  2. Offer options for students to utilize a digital version of textbooks instead of taking home the book at home depending if the textbook vendors have digital versions available. Students could use the family PC or a tablet to view the books. This is also implemented in the Chino Unified district.
  3. Schools with high traffic congestion should consider staggering their start times so traffic would even out throughout the day. It is one way we can maximize our school sites and make it easier for parents and community members to navigate through the neighborhood. Medical studies have shown that middle and high school students should start school later in the day. Perhaps we could have juniors and seniors start their day at the second period and end with the seventh period as an example. Students who have activities such as marching band would still follow a conventional schedule as well.
  4. Over 60% of the Measure P bond money is still available. I support prudent expenditure of the funds so the money people pay in their property taxes is spent well. This money should last us for the next 16 years at the earliest. Since we borrowed 848 million over 40 years we should not be coming back to property owners unless an earthquake ravages our schools or we have a massive baby boom.

Helping To Improve Health Care

Diabetes is an escalating issue in our society, many of us will unfortunately develop Type 2 Diabetes and it can be prevented if we do it right. Just telling people to be physically fit or watch your diet is not enough. I am thinking we should propose nutrition counseling where people can lean about what foods one should eat to maintain one’s health in that condition.

The idea would be is to have a seminar that would happen twice a week at the health plan offices or a conference center twice a week once on a weekend and once on a week night to teach people about the elements of a good diet and what foods to avoid. People would be served a lunch or dinner from the nutrition program as well. Either a national food service program such as Blue Apron or local retailer such as Sprouts could even offer a take home kit that would provide ingredients so one could make their own meals for the next day to help improve good nutrition habits.

We should have this trialed in our state and see if we actually make some progress in helping to improve health in our region.  We can begin by working with Medi-Cal providers in our state we could help cut costs and improve health outcomes.

Ice Skating in Lake Arrowhead?

I received word that local people in the mountain communities were interested in resurrecting the Ice Castle skating rink in Lake Arrowhead. The proponents did a petition to lobby their county supervisor and the state legislator in their area to advocate for government aid to fix up the place.

I do agree that more recreation facilities are a good idea for communities. However it might take the community to barn storm for their facility. More jobs created directly and indirectly would be a benefit. If we want future figure skaters or hockey players we need a facility that could serve the general public of that community.

Janice Rutherford of the 2nd District San Bernardino County Supervisor did state it would be nice to have that facility re-open, but government financing of this establishment would not be a good idea. However we should use the resources of the county economic development agency to help find investors to jump in. Perhaps we could see the Ducks, Kings and US Figure Skating to provide some sponsorships to help repair the facility and get a group to take it over or manage it for the current owner who re-located to Palm Desert.

This petition has been around for two years, but if the community wants to make it happen they need to band together.

What does it mean to be an Anti-Vaxxer


Many people called anti vaxxers are fully vaccinated and have vaccinated their children. Some of these persons saw regression of skills happen with their children or auto immune issues, eczema, allergies, asthma etc. and decided to opt out of one or more vaccine or slow down/space out the vaccine schedule and they are called anti-vaxxers as well.

Its a phrase used to villify, to instill fear and to create the illusion usually in the media that anyone who does not comply with the vaccine schedule is against vaccines.

Most anti-vaxxers started out being very pro vaccines until their child was injured and then they weren’t.

-Submitted Urban Dictionary entry that was rejected by their editors that was submitted by a vaccine reform activist.

Helping to Retain Volunteers

Most public agencies do ask for a live scan after volunteering for a given amount of hours. Paying money to volunteer ends up reducing the number of volunteers, but I have a proposal that may be a win-win for municipalities and for volunteers.  74 dollars does add up especially if you want to volunteer for more than one agency. People should be able to earn their live scan charges as a volunteer. 150 hours volunteered in a given year would help provide credit towards your live scan fees.

Also if you volunteer for the Ontario library or the Upland Animal Services, your live scan should be good for both agencies. Maybe we can have a centralized live scan certification for the county to save time and money for local agencies.

Omnitrans Route Changes

Yes, there will be significant bus changes to the San Bernardino County bus agency that covers Montclair to Yucaipa starting September 8th. I was mostly pleased with some of the changes, but sadly the social media page only wants cheerleading responses to the announcement of their new bus book.
Ergo this leads towards me writing a blog post on my personal blog about the new changes. As how I am a semi regular user of public transportation in our region this does make some impact for myself.
Even if I do earn my long delayed drivers license there will still be times when I will need to use the bus system. Since I live in Ontario I will be mostly focusing on the west valley changes to the bus system.
The major complaint is that for many people you will not be able to rely on a single ride up or a single ride back for many destinations. It seems like the way the routes were made it led to a design where you will need to transfer to a second route to get to your destination. For me personally I would have to transfer to get to Montclair Plaza or Chaffey College compared to before. This is perceived as an indirect fare increase.

I think some of the problems could be alienated if the frequency in Route 84 was changed. I understand that Omnitrans will be looking at the passenger totals with these new routes to decide if any new realignments or frequencies have to be adjusted.
I was hoping for an expansion to Eastvale where people can transfer to Riverside (RTA Route 29) or Corona/Norco (RTA Route 3) so people can go to work to that part of Riverside easier. I appreciate the new Route 290 to San Bernardino which would be good for county employees and people who are needing to use county services such as the hospital. Hopefully the frequency for the route would be 30 minutes in the prime time and 60 minutes standard in the near future. Perhaps increase the price for that route by 50 cents for standard fare or 25 cents for senior/disabled to help pay for this new service.
Problem is we have limited money for public agencies, but laws such AB 32 (Cap and Trade Tax) and SB 350 (Ration Gasoline) are happening we have to promote comprehensive public transportation. If these two taxes are not able to provide transit funding, then why are we having these taxes on the public? Is it just for environmentalism or is it just to gouge the general public at the same time?

As a practitioner of public policy, it makes me wanting to become a city council member in the next decade.

Late Night Mass Transit Turns Into a Pumpkin at the Late of Night

Agencies such as SCAG and SANBAG want us to get out of our cars and use mass transit such as our local bus system or commuter rail such as Metrolink, but if we want to do activities such as attending a ball game at Dodger Stadium or a concert at the Wiltern people in many communities are stranded when many bus routes end service around 10 or 11 at night.
If we want to adapt the modern vision that many of these organizations want to advocate then they need to practice what they preach and release the Cap and Trade revenues to expand service around the clock. There are third shift workers at distribution centers in Ontario, Fontana and Moreno Valley who would need a ride home just as much as people wanting to do events in Los Angeles.
I am not expecting Metrolink to run rail cars after 10pm, but we could use buses to transport people to the Metrolink stations so we can save money and provide service as demanded. If we end up needing more than 4 buses due to this added service then we have an indicator to the agency that regular rail service would need to be added late at night.
Then for the people who work at the distribution centers perhaps the owners of the companies who have their centers there could help underwrite the routes or neutralize their cap and trade taxes in exchange for doing this for the local bus agencies in their area. This would also allow for more people to be able to be employed and bring forth more opportunity to the people in our region at the same time.

We have to be inventive if we want progress to happen in our society. If you want us not to be using cars, you have to deliver the goods to the people of Southern California.

Omnitrans Route Idea

This is one of the route ideas I would like to propose to Omnitrans.This route serves destinations people value. Ontario Mills, Colony High School, East Ontario Metrolink and connection to Riverside Transit Agency with Routes 3 and 29 so you can go to Corona, Eastvale, Norco or Riverside.


It would take around 25 minutes to go through this route, but with extra stops I could foresee a route like this to be a 45 minute frequency route. Not quite 30 minute nor hourly service.

This would be contingent on funding of course. I sometimes wish I studied transportation planning as my subject in college.

We Deserve a la carte channel pricing

The sentiments I have been stating on the Dish Network Facebook page have been amplified. Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus has promoted the idea of a la carte pricing to help solve the crisis with Viacom and AMC for DirecTV and Dish Network respectively.

Content providers force feed their entire assortment to the programming distributors making the cost of providing the programming more expensive which helps drive our bills up. Viacom is deceiving customers by counting their east coast and west coast feeds and their HD channels as separate channels telling customers they have 26 channels that they could lose when Viacom only has 15 main channels on the DirecTV platform.

Because distributors have to carry the minor channels that have little or no interest, we are kept hostage where AMC has been removed from Dish Network and no Comedy Central for the DirecTV folk. In an a la carte world, we would choose the channels we want to pay for. Unfortunately as what Lazarus states “the typical viewer watches about 17 channels on a regular basis”.

Perhaps there would be incentives for us to add channels like WE which is part of the AMC network family that Dish Network is not really keen to carry or incentives for people to add Logo or Palladia if you are a Viacom customer from DirecTV.

If Canada can try out a la carte pricing, we should be required to offer this to help reduce bill creep where an average programming package and 2 receivers cost almost over 80 dollars now.

I would like to encourage readers to contact your US Congress member and your US Senators to make sure we can get some reform happening. We should not be required to pay for programming that is rarely watched. To update Bruce Springsteen’s song it feels like there are 257 channels and there is nothing on.