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  • I am on the ballot.

    If you have Curt Hagman as your county supervisor in San Bernardino County and you are registered Republican, you can vote for Matthew Munson and the others on this image March 5th. You can share this post to friends and family as well. Thank You

  • Inland Valley Deserves an Alternative

    The mainstream media is the mainstream media no matter if they are the El Segundo Times or any other newspaper that is located in California. This is why I want to re-establish my blog to the general public to share information. I want to write feature articles and opinion content for the readership. Contributing writers…

  • A Quick Recap

    I used to have a blog that had over a hundred posts from 2006-2015, but I ended up retiring the blog for a while. However now is the time for new perspectives to be posted. Some of my best old postings will be re-uploaded, but I am starting on a new slate with new issues…